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This small school just seems to be getting bigger. We now have too many kids for our space. The dorms aren't the best, and the food is number 8 on the worst college kitchens in america. But the academics are great and we just got certified as a nursing school.
Just from visiting the campus, I felt like I belonged! The students, staff, and community were all very informative and welcoming.
Catawba College has a beautiful campus, and I feel that its faculty and staff are very invested in student success. Of course, it does come with set backs, Catawba is expensive, and it can make school a little stressful when you're hurting for cash. But if you use the resources provided, you can find ways to lower the cost and make it affordable. On top of that, Catawba is a small school in a small city, so the party scene isn't great, however, there are many activities provided on campus that makes your time here worth while.
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Great school that places a priority on the education of its students and allows the students to grow both academically and socially.
It was a good school Catawba is located in the country but it can be entertaining as if you make it , I’m from a very fat place from here and this environment is good but only for those who are good with adjusting to the cold environment and small weather disasters
It was a big life changing move School is located in a small town and I’m used to the big city but I recommend if you and individual that can handle being not occupied 24/7
Everyone is very helpful and friendly. When you go on campus you feel like family. I am playing football and they have a great program for that. I am excited to get there and get started. The freshman retreat was great and I will now know some people when I arrive.
Catawba has given a start to a great education. I love my professors and the campus is just the right size for me. My freshman year was made easy due to all the things they have setup for freshman.
Small college with big personality! Staff and faculty are passionately helpful and resourceful. Very diverse and involved community.
I’m an incoming freshman at Catawba College and from the start of our journey to Catawba the entire community has been so open and welcoming.
I would like to see the tuition for all students decrease drastically. They should really consider helping first year students to fully understand their scholarships and loans. I had no help with what my financial aid consisted of or how any of that works. I am the first in my house to go to college and nobody at Catawba wanted to help me understand it all. They need to have better food available in the cafe. Some of the food was cold, moldy, and not cooked properly.
They are very personable. They concentrate on you to succeed in college. They seem to respect every as an individual and try to help.
Catawba college welcome me with open arms of love.I am so happy I chose Catawba where I am able to study without distraction. All the students are friendly and we help each other. Administration are very caring and helpful.
I love that’s it a very small school which allows you to be more connected with teachers and students. Students help each other just like teachers would !
Every staff member I have encountered thus far have been extremely friendly and ready to help with student needs. The campus is beautiful and the students are welcoming.
advising is terrible, instructors are not knowledgeable in their subject, very little disability services. The whole idea of a private college is smaller class size for more one on one time with instructors but the instructors don't provide it.
I enjoy the diversity of Catawba College, and the usual cleanliness of the dorms. Some of the classes, however, could be more goal-oriented.
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The campus is small and compact. They are extremely friendly and willing to help. They went out of their way to make you feel like part of the family. The professors are willing to assist when needed.
Wish it was less expensive. Loved majoring in music here. Some professors were amazing, others harder to learn from. Loved having a small community.
I am an alum of Catawba College and I can say I would not be as successful or as educated had I not gone to Catawba. What they say in their mission statement is true 'an education rich in personal attention'. At Catawba you get personal attention from your professors who care deeply about your success. You get to know your professors personally which I think is something beautiful that you do not get at every institution. Ultimately, I believe the college experience is what you make it at any place you attend, but Catawba grants students’ opportunities to become better in all sense of the word spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally.
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