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I think the school itself is very good. The professors are great and you will learn a lot more than just your area of study. Since the whole goal of going to college is to further your education, I believe Catawba College is a great place to go. However, there is not much of a party scene at Catawba, which doesn't bother me personally, but I know it is important to some people. Also, the faculty will claim to help you out whenever you need them to, but I don't believe that. They tell you to go to the financial aid office to ask about more scholarships, just so they can tell you the college won't give you anymore money. Overall, the college is very good for academics, but you will feel alone.
What I love about Catawba is the community. Before going there, I never had a support system, but with all the students, professors and staff, I never have that problem.
I love Catawba. It is a small, private, liberal arts college. It has small class sizes and they are personal. The campus has a home- Like feeling and truly you get to know everyone really quickly. However, this can sometimes be a downside as there aren't tons of people to meet. And the caf food isn't that great at all.
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I love how the professors make it their priority to know every student they have. They want every student to be the best they can be without any other side bar thoughts.
If you want a small schools and catawba offers your major, it is the perfect place for you. All individuals whether the faculty, the staff, or the students want you to succeed. Catawba is a home where one learns, challenge themselves and expands their world in and outside of the classroom.
Catawba College is a great small college that fit me. If you like small intimate classes with professors who are dedicated and care about their students academic success, then this is the school for you. I had a great experience at Catawba and I recommend it to anyone interested in a small private school. You become like family with students and faculty. The professors are very nice and always willing to help you gain understanding and knowledge in whatever subject you are taking. Blacks were the minority, but it did not matter, because race was not an issue with students or faculty. We all got along and helped each other in times of need. When schools are small you appreciate the closeness and individual attention from the professors. I highly recommend this great school.
Participating in college athletics takes a lot of time from you so you really cant give a good review when you still know only so little about the school.
I loved the landscape of Catawba College: the cathedral, the library, and the Environmental Building. All of the staff and students were very welcoming. There is a plethora of activities and courses to explore on a regular basis.
This is my first year attending Catawba, I can honestly say so far my experience has been great! Although I do wish professors should communicate with their students more, I understand it is our responsibility to go to the professors for any questions. There is a great amount of diversity, I already have a couple friends from parts of around the world, from Mexico, India, to Brazil and etc. I do not stay on campus, but I do have have who stay in dorms. Dorms are pretty big, and look comfy. Because Catawba is a private school, it is quite expensive, but by applying quick, they do give many scholarships!
So far I am enjoying the school! The professors are involved and the campus is beautiful. The party scene is a little slow and the caf isn't the best food, but overall a nice school with nice people.
Security constantly patrols t he campus
The school has many job contacts from alumni
  • 10 months ago
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It easy access to classes
  • 10 months ago
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I am not involved in the Greek life.
There is not much support from students for women
I have found that most professors don't care about the students. They don't seem concerned with student success.
Public safety is less than a phone call away and you can always count on them to be around campus or close by when you need help.
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I lack the experience when it comes to dealing with this topic at hand.
  • Mar 14 2016
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I had a pretty rough start to the year, especially where I live far from home and my mother had just been diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer that doesn't have a cure. Dealing with all of these personal setbacks really made my first semester harder than it should have been, including making it difficult for me and my relationships with other professors at that time.
The dorm building I am staying in myself has had it's ups and downs. However, you'll find that in almost every college. After all, it is considered the freshman party dorm.
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