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Took some classes online which were good. Easy to navigate. Knowledgeable, passionate professor. Mix of live zoom meetings, independent work, readings, activities, pre recorded lectures and more.
Safe environment, pretty architecture, culture not 2 liberal or conservative.Small & welcoming.Professors always willing 2 help.Good food.Good variety of clubs & events.Only NC college offering the major I want & the curriculum 4 my minor seems promising.Close 2 downtown with theatres, art galleries, museums, thrift stores & parks.Not 2 far from Charlotte & has a train station close.Still, I'm glad I transferred from a CC because it would get boring if I was here 4 years & it's really expensive. If I wasn’t a trust fund kid, Idk if it’d be worth it. But I like how transparent they were about their requirements, that they had a counselor who made the process go smoothly & that they accepted all of my credits (transfers with associate degrees from NC CC's automatically fulfill gen ed requirements).Housing 4 transfers. Ranked high by esteemed publications & more selective with their acceptance rate than most NC colleges which makes them more impressive 2 potential employers.
My online learning experience has been very nice. My professors have been very great about communicating with me about assignments and new updates through emails and video conferences and have made accessible many resources I can use to help me understand how to use the academic programs that have been made available to me.
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I like Catawba College because I know that my wellbeing and education are always put first. My professors always make time to help me and challenge me to be my best academic self, while also encouraging me to help others and make a positive change in my community. My friends and classmates are reliable and I know I can always count on them when I have a question or need guidance. I also love the beautiful scenery and naturally aesthetic atmosphere that Catawba has to offer, allowing me to feel relaxed and right at home.
Catawba is normally a very face to face based community. Most teachers use blackboard for the classwork and submissions. Have strictly online classes is a different story; not all teachers like that style of learning.
Catawba is a great college to attend. It is a very friendly community with a lot of activities for students to enjoy.
I’m enrolling in an online bachelors degree program and so far it has went smooth and everyone has been so quick to assist me as a returning adult student.
The staff are very interested in my success and have been most helpful with every step by answering questions quickly and providing information I need.
Catawba College has a beautiful campus that makes the students feel like it is home. The people there are very friendly and outgoing, and the teachers really care about their students. While at this school I formed close bonds with professors and students that I will cherish forever. There are a variety of clubs to be actively involved in and on campus activities. I would strongly recommend this school to others.
My experience at Catawba College was my best experience out of all the other schools I have been to. Better than all the D1, D2, D3, and NAIA schools. The campus was beautiful and well kept. Everybody welcomed me in as I walked into the admissions office, even the swim coach came to welcome me in and it wasn't even an unofficial or official visit. Everyone around the campus would wave or say hello no matter what they were doing. And the whole college overall just had a great vibe to it and made me feel like I was at home. I can't wait for this upcoming semester to get the next chapter of my life the right way, as an Indian!
I would like to see improvement with the cafeteria and have more dining options. Housing could improve as well as student life
All the times that I have toured and visited Catawba College have been excellent and so welcoming. It's an unexplainable feeling that I get when I am on campus. The professors and students have made an overall amazing and most welcoming experience for upcoming students like myself.
I enjoyed the small atmosphere in which I got to know people better since we were close together as well as 1 on 1 time with professors.
This school is cleverly disguised. At first you dont see it, but after you've been there for about a month you'll see that its actually just another football/drinking campus. The academics are a joke. The professors don't care. They rely on test scores to get you by and thats not an education: thats a scam. They care very much about sports teams and not enough about academics.
This small school just seems to be getting bigger. We now have too many kids for our space. The dorms aren't the best, and the food is number 8 on the worst college kitchens in america. But the academics are great and we just got certified as a nursing school.
Just from visiting the campus, I felt like I belonged! The students, staff, and community were all very informative and welcoming.
Catawba College has a beautiful campus, and I feel that its faculty and staff are very invested in student success. Of course, it does come with set backs, Catawba is expensive, and it can make school a little stressful when you're hurting for cash. But if you use the resources provided, you can find ways to lower the cost and make it affordable. On top of that, Catawba is a small school in a small city, so the party scene isn't great, however, there are many activities provided on campus that makes your time here worth while.
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Great school that places a priority on the education of its students and allows the students to grow both academically and socially.
It was a good school Catawba is located in the country but it can be entertaining as if you make it , I’m from a very fat place from here and this environment is good but only for those who are good with adjusting to the cold environment and small weather disasters
It was a big life changing move School is located in a small town and I’m used to the big city but I recommend if you and individual that can handle being not occupied 24/7
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