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I am an alum of Catawba College and I can say I would not be as successful or as educated had I not gone to Catawba. What they say in their mission statement is true 'an education rich in personal attention'. At Catawba you get personal attention from your professors who care deeply about your success. You get to know your professors personally which I think is something beautiful that you do not get at every institution. Ultimately, I believe the college experience is what you make it at any place you attend, but Catawba grants students’ opportunities to become better in all sense of the word spiritually, academically, physically, and emotionally.
I have always loved the soccer program. I received a soccer scholarship from here and I love the whole sports program. I also like the scholarship program, they give scholarships to every student that comes here. I am pleased with my offer.
Catawba College seems like a great school, the staff was very encouraging and wiling to help with my goals. The school is like a big school shrunken down to a smaller school.
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Catawba is a great school, but the musical theatre department needs better dance facilities and dance teachers.
As a first gen, catawba really helped me thrive. The relationships that were built while I was there have been steadfast. People complain that there's nothing to do b/c they always stay in their dorms. Get out, meet people, have fun, work hard, and you'll come to realize these 4 brick walls titled "Catawba" can change your life like nothing else can. Fair Catawba!
Catawba College is where my 2nd home is. I am here 5 days a week. I do not stay on campus but I do commute. Catawba College is quite small but a great school, a lot of diversity and overall nice people. This college is a very good fit for me. I have met some friends and talk to them often. They have many student activities which I like because it makes me feel involved even though I commute back and forth from home to school.
There are no handicap accessible dorms or facilities. Some professors are not willing to give extra help if asked. It seems that there is more emphasis put on athletics than academics. The campus is small and there is not much to do. T The city that it is located in offers nothing to either. The cost is too high for the little that is offered.
I am in the student evening school and it is wonderful. The schedule works with that of my work schedule and the professors are accommodating. The program is amazing the courses are fast paced and because of that I will be graduating sooner than expected.
This has been a great experience. Meet lots of students who have now become my friends. The professors are extremely intelligent and offer lots of help since your class size is smaller than major colleges. Would love to see the dorms be renivated.
I love the atmosphere. I was very pleased with my roommate except he always has dirty close in the room. The food is good . my professors have all been good and very helpful. I would love to have a bigger dorm. The athletic department is were I spend a lot of my time. Thanks to the sports med group that helped me with my rehabilitation after I had knee surgery. They put in a lot of time getting me ready to get back on the field.
Catawba is amazing! Personally I believe the teacher ed department is amazing. The teachers develop a bond with their students and always make time to discuss anything and everything rather it is school or home related. This place has become my home away from home.
Great Environmental Department, the Center for the Environmental Department is beautiful and the theater department puts on amazing shows.
I enjoy the fact that the school is small. My old high school actually had more members than Catawba does, but I love that because it gives everyone a chance to meet each other. Especially Freshmen meeting other Freshmen. If I could change anything, I would possibly add a Greek Row. It would add so much more to the diversity and campus life with fraternities and sororities.
While, there are many good things that Catawba offers, there are some things (dining services, activities, etc.) that need improvement.
Catawba is a small campus, but still they offer so much to the students. The school as a whole is like a family. Everyone is very accepting of others and that makes it a great environment for anyone who attends the college. Classes are small which makes it easy to learn. Professors are always willing to take the time to make sure you really understand and to help you if needed.
As a first generation college student, I had no idea what I was about to get myself into when I decided to come to Catawba College, but I quickly found out that it would be a very enjoyable experience. I have had a great time in all of my classes and each professor has been wonderful with both their teaching and care for each student. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to get involved in. I decided to join the Student Government Association and was recently elected as student body President, as well as one of the men's organizations on campus that focuses on service to the college and community. There are dozens of other great clubs to be a part of and all welcome new students.
I attended Catawba from 1982-1986. I believe I received a quality education. I had a great experience with faculty, staff and students. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The cost was very reasonable. Of course the cost has gone up throughout the years as to be expected. There is so much to be said for a small private school. You receive so much one on one support if needed. I highly recommend this school. One of my former church members attended recently and had so many praises for Catawba. I believe everyone who chooses to attend will be pleased with the education, atmosphere and people.
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My experience at Catawba College has been tremendously great. The people and teachers are superior here and are willing to help you through academic struggles or even personal struggles; because they really care about their students. Another positive of this college is that the campus is a reasonable size and you will not get lost. On the other hand there are some little things that this college needs to work on, such as having a better wi-fi that will work for everybody and it will not kick you off of the wi-fi. Another thing that could be improved is the food they serve in the cafe, they could use more variety and add flavor to their food. Their are positives and negatives to any college you attend too, although the overview of Catawba College I would strongly recommend enrolling in this four-year college because of their excellent assistance, beautiful small campus, and all of the academic opportunities.
I think the school itself is very good. The professors are great and you will learn a lot more than just your area of study. Since the whole goal of going to college is to further your education, I believe Catawba College is a great place to go. However, there is not much of a party scene at Catawba, which doesn't bother me personally, but I know it is important to some people. Also, the faculty will claim to help you out whenever you need them to, but I don't believe that. They tell you to go to the financial aid office to ask about more scholarships, just so they can tell you the college won't give you anymore money. Overall, the college is very good for academics, but you will feel alone.
What I love about Catawba is the community. Before going there, I never had a support system, but with all the students, professors and staff, I never have that problem.
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