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I have been in touch with my college professors and am prepared for the upcoming school year. The instructions that my professors and advisors have given me are thorough and well understood.
As a senior in high school, Castleton University gave me the opportunity to start college a year early. I plan to have 38 college credits completed by the end of my senior year.
I first graduated from Castleton University in 2015, with a Bachelor's of Science in Communications. But I had always secretly had a passion for medicine and working with the people. I continued my education, obtaining an Associate of Science in Medical Assisting, and I fell in love! Being able to perform vitals, different diagnostics, and making people feel comfortable, made my days worth while. Although I did not pursue a career in the Communications field, my background and frequent patient interaction came in handy.

But since working as a medical assistant for about two years, I decided to go back to my alma mater, to pursue a career in nursing. Castleton University has been known to not only have a tough program, but an overall rewarding experience. Our nursing professors are very tough and understanding people, who only want to see us, as the future of nurses, succeed and change lives for the better. I hope when I graduate, I will be well prepared as a future nurse!
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Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, Castleton University took the right precautions when it came to finishing out our spring semester. Although such video classroom platforms, such as Zoom, were already established within this institution, Zoom was finally put to good use! After the announcement that classes would remain in an online platform, the faculty and staff were very communicative about how the remainder of the semester would look in an online format, giving all of us a week off to test out the online platform, and to be able to receive updates in a timely fashion.
I have not taken a full online course at Castleton, however, this spring we transitioned to online courses and it was a quite smooth transition.
I love being at Castleton because there is a great connection as a community between the campus, students, teachers, and the surrounding areas. Being at Castleton gives me the best opportunities to learn in my style.
Castleton is amazing! Food is not great though. The people are so nice and the campus is small yet beautiful. You know a lot of people however its to a bad thing!
It was great! Professors were very on it and active! The professors are always willing to help you no matter what and are great when it comes to your needs! They are very nice and help keep you on track while learning a lot! Overall great experience how ever I prefer inverse learning.
Not for everyone. you either love it or hate it. not the best personal experience, but many people i met there were in love with the school
I did not take online courses here, I was a student before the pandemic started. However students that I am in contact with said it was as good as it could be given the circumstances
Castleton University focuses on diversity among the students and faculty, but it has to be a certain type of diversity. They do not want religious diversity, instead they want cultural diversity.
I love Castleton University. The staff is definitely devoted to making your time there very successful. All of the nursing teachers I have had are amazing at what they do. As soon as I got my first call from the registrars the staff was so friendly and helpful, it's an amazing school!
It is what you make of it. If you don't have a car or know people that do you are stuck on campus because there isn't anything to do in the town. It is very small and you have to speak up for what you want. Though the school says they listen it is hard to have people of power listen to you unless you keep up with pushing it. If you play a sport then you will know a lot of people otherwise you will know other people in your major and in your grade well during orientation. I suggest joining the many different clubs we have there are a lot.
The food is terrible and always cold. Being able to ski all the time and graduating in three years makes it worth it. Teachers and classes are a hit or miss, some are great!
Don't go here if the following applys to you. Your a single parent, a parent, you took nursing classes out of order, you can't handle discrimination or being called vulgar names by the nursing staff for no reason (countless reports make no difference only when one of their staff members faces charges), if you have an inflexable schedule, you want to take summer classes or desire to take online classes. Expect zero sympathy and to be looked at as a dollar sign. A small college with no heart. In fact one nursing professor gave a coarse on compassion then bashed all her patients and some of the students. They are behind on the times. One advisors laughed at me when I asked as a sr. If I could take classes over the summer. He said tough luck they dont offer those classes only on their campus and no they won't work then. If you want to graduate you have a better chance at another University.
Overall, Castleton is a nice place to be. It is a nice small community. It is a great size for people that want something small, but not too small. Most professors are really personable and care.
I haven't started classes at Castleton yet, as I am a freshman and begin this fall. I had a rough registration process when signing up for classes, which made me very wary of college in general. I'm thankful for the helpfulness of staff at Castleton, and the way they worked with me to solve the problems.
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I really love castleton! I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to such a small campus, but I ended up liking it so much. The people there are so nice and always willing to help you and be there for you. While the students are the same way. I made so many new friends so quickly, it was incredible. The food was great, the work load wasn't to bad either. Overall, I would recommend Castleton University
I enjoy the campus, and the professors are very friendly in the math department. On campus there is free therapy sessions and a nurse. Food at the main dining hall is meh, but there is the fireside cafe and coffee cottage which are pretty good.
Very friendly college, easy access to resources and professors. The university makes an effort to immerse all students in different experiences outside of their degree program.
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