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Overall, Castleton is a nice place to be. It is a nice small community. It is a great size for people that want something small, but not too small. Most professors are really personable and care.
I haven't started classes at Castleton yet, as I am a freshman and begin this fall. I had a rough registration process when signing up for classes, which made me very wary of college in general. I'm thankful for the helpfulness of staff at Castleton, and the way they worked with me to solve the problems.
I really love castleton! I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to such a small campus, but I ended up liking it so much. The people there are so nice and always willing to help you and be there for you. While the students are the same way. I made so many new friends so quickly, it was incredible. The food was great, the work load wasn't to bad either. Overall, I would recommend Castleton University
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I enjoy the campus, and the professors are very friendly in the math department. On campus there is free therapy sessions and a nurse. Food at the main dining hall is meh, but there is the fireside cafe and coffee cottage which are pretty good.
Very friendly college, easy access to resources and professors. The university makes an effort to immerse all students in different experiences outside of their degree program.
Always find your way into a group. Classes are great and professor's are amazing. They are there to help you if needed!
Castleton University has a wonderful music instructor, as well as a music program. Their campus is very student friendly and they really want to make you feel welcomed. If I had to recommend this college to anyone else, I would tell them that their admissions office is has a great, friendly, and non-intimidating experience. Compared to other colleges I have been to, theirs is the most friendly.
My daughter is thriving at this college. I am glad she is going however it can be expensive. And just because we make above a $$ amount she gets very little for financial aid.
I like the people here, the professors are great. They really care about the students. It's a small school in a small town so you get to recognize people and feel at home pretty quickly.
Castleton is a small university, where you can become close with your professors. The professors want you to succeed and will help you in anyway possible. Castleton has great athletic teams, and a variety of classes to choose from. If you like to grow relationships and feel like family, Castleton is the right place for you.
I am a high school senior and committed to attend Castleton University in the fall. My visits to Castleton were great, the campus is beautiful and everyone there was helpful and friendly.
I love being a student at Castleton! Everyone is very friendly and the professors are generally very helpful. The classes are small so you are more than just a number in the class.
I loved the small school with hard academics. The Professors get to you and take the time to help you succeed. The small classroom size helped me thrive as a student and truly fall in love with learning.
As an alum of Castleton University, I am proud to tell others about where I went to school. Castleton is a school where you know your professors, know the staff, and even know the president. While the school may be small, it has a big heart and has only improved and grown since I graduated. I'm always happy to recommend Castleton!
Castleton is truly “the small university with a big heart”. In my time at Castleton, I had the opportunity to be part of the Spartan family in many ways. I graduated in the Spring of 2017 with a B.S. in Biology. The science department, like other departments, was a close-knit group. The small classroom sizes allowed each student to get the individual attention they needed to succeed. At Castleton, you’re not just a number, you’re a person. Professors know your name, have conversations with you, and even go to sporting events to show their support.
Castleton offers numerous majors, athletics, and clubs, making it appealing to those who want to do it all.
Castleton gave me an great college experience. I was able to participate in clubs, meet many friends, and build lasting relationships with my professors. I value the education I received at CU and the opportunities it gave me. It allowed me to reach my goal of getting into graduate school and receiving a graduate degree.
Castleton University is a small school located in central Vermont. Surrounded by mountains, this institution combines the beauty of Vermont scenery with advanced technologies throughout campus. As an alum of the Natural Sciences Department, the small student-faculty ratio allowed me to easily get to know both the faculty and my peers, while presenting opportunities such as undergraduate research. The commitment to the students is overwhelmingly evident, fostering an environment fit for success. I would not change a thing about my undergraduate years, other than I wish I could have stayed longer.
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I loved this school. Despite being a small school, it offers everything that you would want or expect from a school triple the size. The faculty in every department cares and clearly loves what they are doing. They get to know you on a personal level. The professors care if you are doing well and want to see you succeed in their class. The campus is beautiful.
Castleton is a wonderful school, especially if you're looking to be more than just a number. Class sizes are small and professors are always willing to meet and get to know students. If you are looking for a huge school with a crazy social scene and lots of bars and restaurants close by, this may not be the place for you. If you are looking for a lot of outdoor opportunities such as hiking, swimming, skiing; Castleton is perfect. The campus is small, quiet, and easy to navigate. Faculty and staff are kind and always willing to help. Overall a really wonderful school.
Castleton University is a great school for anyone looking for a small and close knit community. Since each department is so small, you really get to know everybody and it creates a sense of belonging. The academics are quite good and the professors seem like they want to be there. The only real complaint is the food. I personally, have had some bad luck with food not being palatable in the main dining hall, but there are different options on campus that make up for it. Other then that slight complication, Castleton University is a great school.
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