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Castleton University is a great school for anyone looking for a small and close knit community. Since each department is so small, you really get to know everybody and it creates a sense of belonging. The academics are quite good and the professors seem like they want to be there. The only real complaint is the food. I personally, have had some bad luck with food not being palatable in the main dining hall, but there are different options on campus that make up for it. Other then that slight complication, Castleton University is a great school.
Castleton has a big heart. The food needs much improvement, the dorms depending on where you stay are ok, the older ones require maintenance. The facilities overall need maintenance. Classes may not happen due to low enrollment.
Small school with a big heart is what it is. Professors are great and classes aren't too big. But there are a few problems with the school: The dining hall is terrible and this year we are stuck here till the 23rd, also professors are easy on work until finals then they give you so much work that you won't sleep for a whole week
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The classes are very small and so enjoyable to be in, and if your'e an athlete it is awesome to work around your schedule and spend a lot of time playing. The school is incredibly small and takes a total of 5 min to walk to our furthest class. There is nothing to do in a walking distance, you definitely need a car to get to Rutland or to anything really.
I am receiving an awesome education so far, and I am sure I will continue to do so. The professors are all very competent and are always available to answer any questions that one may have. I would definitely recommend coming here if you're looking for great academics.
I'm an international student, and this year there's 30 of us. There is not a whole lot of diversity on campus but we are all accepted and loved, and people are very curious about our countries and want to know more. Castleton is trying to raise the number of international students every year and I think that's an awesome idea.
Yeah, people drink and do drugs, we're in college. I have a medical condition that prevents me from doing both and I have never felt judged or compelled to take part in any of that. The parties are either out of campus or in the farthest places available (Hockey house, I've heard), so they do not make any difference in the life of people that do not take part in them. If you wanna go, cool, if you don't, nobody cares.
I am in love with Castleton! It's a beautiful campus where you can get a top quality education in an amazing place (Vermont is so gorgeous) and everybody is so friendly there. The professors are great and they care so much about your personal success. Would 100% recommend.
I'm only a freshman so I haven't really been on the lookout yet, however I feel very confident in my opportunities of getting a job that I love after completing an education at Castleton.
Our Wellness Center is amazing, the people there are extremely qualified and helpful and will be ready to help you out with just about anything. We have free counseling available without any limits, meaning that you can go in once a week, or more if you need to, without paying. I'm an international student and this really surprised me, there is no such thing as free counseling where I'm from (and it's good quality counseling, too).

Public Safety is amazing. They are open 24/7 and they are so good at what they do, they have cars and vans and they will pick you up from just about anywhere if you're in trouble. I feel extremely safe on campus.
I love living on campus. I live in South House (the wellness/substance free housing) and it's a great option. I'm in a very spacious suite, in a room that would be a triple but is used as a double. I know some buildings are pretty old but ours is one of the newest and I would 100% recommend living here.
I am not an athlete, or a sports person for that matter, but some of my friends are and I only hear great things about athletics. The teams are very strongly bound and the school loves them. We all love attending the games and have a lot of Spartan pride! The facilities are great, and all the students are welcome to use them.
I am an international student and I think I could not have made a better choice. The professors are amazing, the students are really welcoming and friendly and whenever you are in trouble there is always someone to help. Castleton is making me fall in love with the United States!
I've never had a professor who is rude or disrespectful. They are all kind and care about their students
Castleton is a small school so employers who haven't heard of it or who farm from top tier schools may not hire, but anyone who knows Castleton professors or students would absolutely hire.
Public safety and the Wellness Center are very active on campus
I love living on campus. The rooms could be bigger but the suites have ample space and the balconies are great
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We have no organized Greek life
The sports on campus have great coaches and talented, committed athletes. The facilities are great for athletes and non-athletes
I love Castleton! I decided to go to a small school since I want to move to a city when o graduate and Castleton was the perfect pick. Though being small has its downfalls, the professors are always experts in their feilds.
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