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The art program is an accredited program with lots of extremely qualified teachers, and dedicated students.
I liked the academics and the athletics. The dorms were super nice, however the cafeteria left a bit to be desired. The hours didn't work with our practice schedule and we often times didn't even get to eat at the cafeteria. I did like the online classes and how they were ran, as well as the professors on campus.
Liked most things. Didn't like the slowness of the financial aid office. I could barely pay for tuition and financial aid did very little
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The machining program at Casper college is second to none. The instructors are always there to help and make you a better machinist. The college has a home feel as does the wntire campus.
It has amazing programs with a small town feel. You learn things from professors that are being currently updated in their field of study. Those same professors care deeply about your knowledge and understanding and do their best to help you. Whether that be meeting you after school, their office hours, or utilizing some form of communication. Casper College has been such an amazing steppingstone to better my future in the long run.
I liked the small classroom environments that enabled more Individual time with teachers. I would like to see more parking spaces at the college (haha)!
I love going to school at Casper College. It is small enough that you can interact with your teachers and get help when ever you need to and it is also big enough that there is a wide variety of people to meet. You never get bored cause there is always something to do. I would like to see more clubs a this college.
For a junior college, Casper College is underestimated. It has a wonderful staff to student ratios with additional overqualified professors that constitute a cheap, wonderfully expanding, and fulfilling college experience. It is laid back and one can take the experience as far as they want it to go.
I like the small environment. I am finding it hard to do the online classes as there is too much left unsaid and unlearned without the interaction of fellow students and professors. I think fewer classes should be online and more students should be in the classroom setting.
I love Casper College because I grew up here in Casper so it is close to home. The good thing about Casper College is that the tuition is low and affordable, the buildings are pretty close together and easy to walk from class to class, the teachers are really nice and care if you pass or if you show up to class, and it is such a comfortable and welcoming place.
Casper College was a great base to start at as an Engineering major, however the school made a poor choice with how they handled how the engineering classes during the 2017-2018 school year. The main professor was doing admin work for the school year, and so the school hired on a new professor, however due to the fact that this professor is not an American citizen. The new professor's work visa expired about a month before the end of the semester, and the college just had him accelerate the entire program and gave the students four weeks less than a full semester to get through the courses. Not a great way to have handled the situation.
I loved specifically how small the classes were and how interactive most of the professors were. They were willing to help each of their students and were generally enthusiastic. There are very nice campus buildings with at least one great restaurant on campus. The student body is almost completely from the immediate area in Wyoming. Risks or reasons not to go include extreme winters, there do tend to be many drunk drivers and it does not have a strong national reputation, but I would still recommend it to anyone interested. The geology program is especially strong and attracts great teachers because Wyoming is known for its geology.
Casper College was a great junior college, the instructors were all very polite, friendly and helpful when asked. There are options for more challenging classes or easier ones, but no matter which ones you choose nobody makes fun of you for choosing them. Students in general seemed to be nice as well. The cafeteria at Casper College had some serious issues. After working there I can attest to the fact that their dietary food products were not kept separate from other foods and thus crosscontact happened. They had a mouse in the kitchen at least once. I found a bandaid in the broccoli. Ultimately, the staff did not want to put forth the effort do their best with food quality. This should be corrected.
So far I have had a wonderful experience and I'm ready for next semester. I have a wonderful professor who has made my college experience that much better.
Love the college. Everything is geared for success. Dorm life is awesome for a freshman . Teachers as well as staff is very helpful and great for responding on questions ya have. Very safe environment and clean. I would recommend to check this college out because of all its possibilities it has to offer and programs .
Casper College is a great college to get you on your feet and started. It was great for me to take my step away from home and experience college. The teachers are great, especially the agriculture department. I played volleyball for my two years at this college and it was a great experience and opportunity to continue my volleyball career at the college level. The residence hall at Casper College is one of the best I have seen and is what drew me more towards this school besides the volleyball.
Casper College may be a small college but the instructors are top notch as well as the campus life. The college offers first-time students a laid-back feel college life without the stress of a big university but all the same great academics.
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Casper College is a great place to start your college journey! The class size is small so you really get to know your professors and vise versa so you can have personalized help and discussion. The Instructors are just as excited to learn as the students which makes for interesting and stimulating material. Great atmosphere in an up and coming town!
I like that the teachers offer a lot of one on one. I think the food could be a little better. I also think the athletics and campus life should be better.
Casper College is a very diverse campus, filled with amazing professors, and overall experience was stunning. Surrounded my a small town people are very friendly
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