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Love the college. Everything is geared for success. Dorm life is awesome for a freshman . Teachers as well as staff is very helpful and great for responding on questions ya have. Very safe environment and clean. I would recommend to check this college out because of all its possibilities it has to offer and programs .
Casper College is a great college to get you on your feet and started. It was great for me to take my step away from home and experience college. The teachers are great, especially the agriculture department. I played volleyball for my two years at this college and it was a great experience and opportunity to continue my volleyball career at the college level. The residence hall at Casper College is one of the best I have seen and is what drew me more towards this school besides the volleyball.
Casper College may be a small college but the instructors are top notch as well as the campus life. The college offers first-time students a laid-back feel college life without the stress of a big university but all the same great academics.
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Casper College is a great place to start your college journey! The class size is small so you really get to know your professors and vise versa so you can have personalized help and discussion. The Instructors are just as excited to learn as the students which makes for interesting and stimulating material. Great atmosphere in an up and coming town!
I like that the teachers offer a lot of one on one. I think the food could be a little better. I also think the athletics and campus life should be better.
Casper College is a very diverse campus, filled with amazing professors, and overall experience was stunning. Surrounded my a small town people are very friendly
Casper college helped me feel like I really can be anything I want to be. It is a wonderful school. Lots of activities! I only wish they had a college soccer program!
On the surface, its a great school. There are many good programs and teachers leading them. But the Admin never prioritizes students and is far more concerned with saving a buck or time instead of going the extra mile.
It's a good college. The only college I've been to so far but I managed a 3.3 GPA, so it can't be that bad. The teachers always had time to answer my many questions after class.
I was a theatre performance major. Some of the teachers pick "favorites" that sucked, and a few teachers seem to only care about themselves. Cafetertia food was mediocre at best. The nurse was great. The campus is pretty and the living space adequate. The friends I made there, priceless.
Great school. Casper College tries their very best to make the experience free or low cost for every student. Also, instructors are there to teach, rather than do research. So they go out of their way to be there for the student. A lot of times I found myself still going to offices at 6PM with questions. Finally, Their in-house scholarships are well-organized and easy to apply for with ample opportunity to get one.
Incredible! The staff, students, and programs are outstanding. Especially love the agricultural department and everything they have done to prepare me.
Small town but big opportunity. In an open state with endless open space, science programs flourish and an archaeology program claims hundreds of prehistoric animals. The crime rate is near 0 and there aren't enough people for your robber to get away. Very few parties but many bonfires, this campus is laid back but focused on school. The tuition is low and many that go to this college are from Casper. Academics are nationally ranked in the top 25 and teachers truly care about teaching their small classes. They even engage in programs for younger children. There is no greek life and almost no diversity. I strongly encourage a natural science background from this college.
Casper College was my cocoon. I grew here and explored my life aspirations here. I made many good friends and wouldn't take my experiences back for anything. The only reason I didn't give the school five stars is because I had to be a guinea pig test subject for a new instructor and the process was painful. I feel like it affected my education both positively and negatively. Overall, great school that tries to be cultured but it definitely helpful in giving a good push in the right direction. I only wish Wyoming schools had better networking in order to give students internship and job opportunities outside of the state.
Casper has been a great place for me to attend college. There are amazing gyms to join that offer great classes, and the college has been wonderful to work with with getting the classes I need and when I need them!
My overall experience as a freshman at casper college was great! A lot of my professors were very easy going and were willing to help in every way. The class sizes are great especially if you're not comfortable with a huge crowd. However, I'd like to see the admission staff, and the registrar staff be more helpfull with everything.
I really enjoyed the class online and the instructors were super helpful throughout the course. Meeting new people and touring the campus was one way to know your way through and making new friends. The diversity was a great combination of everyone from different background to get to know each other and build a community as one.
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This school is awesome. I've been out of school for 23 years and they have. Even so helpful in getting me back into the swing of studying. They are encouraging, helpful, and exited with me and for me. It's the best experience I could have ever asked for.
I love how much the teachers care about your success, and go out of their way to help you learn difficult topics.
Flexibility is always very convenient just difficult to schedule classes at specific times due to being a small college.
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