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I like the environment it is small but not too small. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Although it isn't a 4 year college they still have a lot of options and programs for you.
I have had a great experience at Casper College. They offer mental health awareness and help you to have a place for peace and quiet. The library and writing center have helped me with getting A’s on my papers. The student planning have helped me plan for my success.
Casper College was a great place to start my college experience. Though the town is smaller than what I am used to, I love the people and the community.
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I love casper the diversity in the school is amazing. I love all my teachers and the stuff that I’m learning. I think what needs change is the way my professors act towards each other
At Casper College, they have very helpful people that help you when you are lost and they are very informative as well. The staff is very kind and friendly and they care about their student's success rate.
Casper College is a great college! It's cheap and efficient. I have had all great experiences. They have helped me through rough times and walked me through mistakes and helped me find my major. They offer all kinds of help with tutoring counseling, academics. They offer help for just about anything! they even have a free nurse! I would not change a thing!
Casper College is one of the best junior colleges in the nation in my opinion. They have excellent professors that care about your success and education. The professors there are more than willing to work with students to help them succeed and help them understand the material as well as teach them in a way they can understand it the best. The campus is nice and the student body is great, I have met some of my lifelong friends there. Everyone there from the students to the staff are all great. It has been one of the best college experiences ever.
I’ve had many family members go to Casper College and they’ve all had an amazing experience. I would recommend going to Casper College to anyone who is interested.
When I was first out of high school starting college I felt that I had fallen through the cracks at Casper College because I was never notified who my advisor was or if I even had an advisor. Now I am much more satisfied with the process of returning to college and all the staff I have had the privilege of encountering.
So far it has been very good. They do a lot of activities so students don't feel like they only do classwork but are able to take a break and have fun on a Friday night.
I've heard it was a good college to go to. I personally have no been to this college yet but I've had friends that have gone over the past few years and they absolutely loved it. I'm excited to continue my education through Casper College to hopefully get where I want to be in life.
Casper College is wonderful for if you want a school that truly cares about your success. They have a multitude of programs that guide you into passing classes, signing up for the classes you need, and your career. The staff is always there if you need help in class or advising. They are also incredibly kind and well achieved. You never feel like you have to figure it all out on your own. Not to mention, the campus is beautiful! It definitely played a part in why I chose the college. They have a greenhouse, a museum, and so much more. Casper College also has so many fun activities to enjoy when you’re not in class. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
The only downside is the lack of four year programs that are provided at Casper College through the University of Wyoming. I would love to stay at Casper college to achieve a four year degree for my major.
What I love about Casper College is that the college provides opportunities for the citizens of Casper, who come from humble or poor circumstances, to be able to attend a college without moving to Laramie just for a degree. The college also helps students who struggle to financially, like me to help them achieve multiple scholarships. Casper College also provides students, who wish to extend their degree to a bachelor's or master's in the University of Wyoming by helping through the college's UW'S extension program. I love Casper College because the college offers a wide variety of activities and exhibits that is worth dying to see.
The teachers at Casper College top notch, and most of them genuinely care about their students. The smaller classrooms make one on one time with the teacher more accessible and the environment is encouraging.
Casper College is an awesome college, they have lots of activities for the students to participate in. I love that they are so interactive with the students. The dorms here are also amazing. Each dorm has their own bathroom, not having to share a bathroom with that whole floor or anything. I also love Casper College because they have many different living options.
I enjoyed the campus and the professors greatly. They have lovely student gathering halls and food services and the staff around those facilities is always friendly, helpful, and an excellent source of conversation. The campus itself is well kept and goes above and beyond for a community college in terms of available learning environments. The professors were always reasonably available and helpful. The classes they taught were often well thought out and taught information far beyond what is part of the syllabus, while of course still teaching the necessary material. My time at Casper College was undoubtedly an enjoyable and enriching experience.
I've enjoyed my first semester at CC. It was tough for a bit but I got through it and can't wait to get my degree and develop a better understanding of my chosen field. The faculty is amazing and always looking out for the students. I've had a wonderful experience at the college and I would encourage any body in Casper to get their degree from this school. It's not perfect but it's a pretty good school and it has wonderful programs for all walks of life and paths. Its flexible enough for parents and kids so I highly recommend it.
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I am very excited to be attending Casper College. I was able to work my schedule around my job. The student success office was very helpful getting my schedule figured out.
All in all Casper College is a great place to get your education, especially your first couple years. They have connects with four year institutions that they can help you transfer to as well. The professors I have had so far have been awesome and if you put in the work they are willing to help you out in any way they can. They have some fun programs and Casper, WY is not a bad place to be. The crime rate is relatively low, the people are nice, and the college tries to keep its students involved in the community if they choose to be.
The art program is an accredited program with lots of extremely qualified teachers, and dedicated students.
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