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I did not take any online classes but they did offer zoom options for most of all of their classes and they were willing to work for an online option for students.
I liked that the campus was quite small and every building seemed to have sufficient parking or closeness to the residence hall to walk. The staff was more than willing to work one on one with the students and ensure support.
I would like to see the school change there academic learning page called moodle. The software really likes efficiency in some places and can be improved. But the campus is always clean and the dorms are incredibly nice to live in.
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My online experience with Casper has been alright so far. The system called noodle that the school uses kind of sucks but other than that Teachers are always available to help you. Even if it is a online class.
Since I have been taking College courses while still being in high school I had to take a lot of online courses. I don't learn very well over a computer screen, but my college professor worked very closely with all of her students. If there was a misconception my orofessors made it easy to get ahold of other students in the class and ahold of them for any questions or conserns I had. The platforms that they had were easy to understand and ease to check off and make sure that I had all the assignments done on time. There were a few little kinks here and there that prevented me from turning assignments in correctly or ontime and getting ahold of a commuputer for long periods of time was a stuggle. However, Casper College Libary and staff helped me fix any issues with my computer and had free access to computers as well. Over all I think that online learning is made easy and efficent.
I have been taking college classes through a BOCES program with the Casper College for over 5 years now, it has been a blast. I get a lot of help from professors and staff and both my high school and college in order to get free creidts while still being enrolled at my highschool. Now I am going into Casper College knowing what degree I want and what kind of class that I haven't yet taken in order to graduate with an associates in Hospitality and Tourism. The staff help me find schoolarships based on who I am as a person, and how to properly enroll for my first year at the college. I have gotten to know my advisor well throughout the years and she has been very understanding of certain situations that could impede my grades. They offer a lot of scholarships through the school and an easy way to enter to the scholarships as well. Overall I sugest Casper College. They give each and every student or soon-to-be students go through the proess with as little ease as possible.
Casper College is a great 2-year college, especially if you are tight on cash. There are many degree options to choose from, and you can also apply for the university through Casper program (for a limited number of 4-year degrees.) Most associates degrees transfer to the University of Wyoming.
Online courses just really aren't my thing for the most part, but I would say the instructors here can adapt effectively to online courses if need be.
I did not take online classes at Casper, so I cannot really rate this. I know that the theatre department did an amazing job transitioning to zoom classes.
For being in Rural WY, Casper College has an AMAZING theatre program. They put on great productions and have a lot of wonderful Performing Arts programs.
I love the small campus! The professors are always willing to help and they love to see the students succeed.
I have taken several courses online at Casper College. All of my experiences have been great! The professors are always willing to help the students be successful.
I'm not afraid to take my classes online. I am able to work full time and still get 16 credit hours in because of this. The platform that is used is intuitive and user friendly. The presentation of the online format by Casper College is not intimidating whatsoever.
I've had an amazing experience at Casper College. The professors are amazing. Many of them still work in the field that they choose to teach. The class sizes are small and you have amazing access to the help and resources you need.
They are kind of disorganized depending on your advisor but other than that it was a pretty decent community college
More homework online but I prefer it much more, the tests were all online. Most of the teachers were helpful when they were emailed. Many of them were open to suggestions as well.
Casper College is an excellent community college, featuring a diverse set of degrees as well as very professional teachers. The school has handled the COVID-19 situation very well and the school is very accommodating for its students.
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Small class sizes are really great, still, trying to meet with teachers can be a challenge. There are limited office hours and some professors don’t exactly instill a want to go. The buildings are fairly old, but i’m really good condition. New dormitories were just built: two to a room with their own bathroom.
Casper College does a great job of making the students feel at home! There are so many opportunities and activities to dive into, and the Casper College faculty is there to make the entire journey through Junior College that much better. For a community College/ two year school I am beyond impressed at how professional and yet comfortable Casper College is.
I love that I can go to my college that is local to me and has the classes I want to successed in my degree. The staff their are very nice and the food is amazing, the professers are very understanding and will help out when they can answering online questions and walk-in appointments. They offer a lot of classes that can be online or off and having the option to work on college from home has made it so much easier to work twords my passions in hospitality.
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