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Case Western Reserve University had a very hard time transitioning to online learning. Most professors were not trained or ready for online learning. Additionally, some professors have chosen to cope with online earning by making content 'harder.' In other words making it physically and mentally challenging for students by increasing coursework and testing unknown materials to decrease cheating. Additionally, many have been unresponsive in office hours and working with students on problems. It seems like, with online teaching, the flaws in the education system have come to light where teachers might not always care about what students actually learn.
Case Western Reserve University has a lot of opportunities but also has many aspects that it could improve on. The small size and the hospitals near the school present many opportunities. Additionally, since the school goes through Cleveland city, it has many social and nightlight opportunities. However, within the school, there need to be improvements in food, housing, and mental safety.
Just like everyone says, a lot of people here are passionate and studious. I am a freshman and in the Class of 2024. I will say, with only freshman on campus, its weird. A lot of the athletes party and whatever ppl that like to rush also party. Its hard to find ppl who aren't the partying type, which is weird because the upperclassmen are super chill and the complete opposite. Academics are great and challenging. I am not relearning anything or wasting my time. It is a good school, there is a social scene and people care. If you aren't a big party person, that's okay too. I am not but I'm still finding friends, its weird with COVID tho yk?
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I am living on campus, so I have a hybrid experience. All teachers are super accommodating. I was quarantined for the first two weeks I got here, so that was rough. Yet, my profs were still super nice and checked in with me all the time. I come from a small school and was worried that profs were going to be distant but they are not at all. If you are picking your sages and like civics go with Dr. Busch or Dr. Goldman both great profs!
I'm taking all of my classes online. The professors are very accommodating when it comes to different time zones and if you email them with any concerns/ questions they usually respond in a very helpful and speedy manner.
I'm a current Sophomore and I love it here! The campus is beautiful, class size is great, and I've made great friends here so far.
Case Western is one of the best STEM schools in the country. Known for their academics, this school lives up to their reputation with state of the art facilities. Their diverse student body is a very welcoming one.
Case has done a very good job transitioning all of their classes online. The transition between in person and online classes were seamless.
Case is a great school for academics and research. My professors are absolutely incredible. The party scene is not very good at all. There is also very little school spirit in regards to sports, which is what you expect with a D3 school. I played varsity volleyball here for 2 years which was a great experience. Underclassman housing is joke---there is no AC, buildings are so old, kinda gross tbh. But upperclassmen housing is very nice especially the village and STJ. While Case is expensive (especially housing), it has given me the best four years of my life. I am very grateful for the education I received while at this school and for the people I have met.
Taking my classes online was definitely a struggle. Some of my professors were really good at adjusting to the circumstances; however, for some I didn't hear a word from them for 3 weeks before classes started up again. Overall, I was definitely less motivated taking my classes online. It will be interesting to see how classes are this fall with the hybrid system.
I personally don't like online learning but it wasn't terrible. There were still "office hours" and I actually went to a couple. My French teacher was very still accommodating and supporting through the whole process; other teachers were lenient on assignments. They knew how difficult it was for everyone and they really were thoughtful on how to go about things.
I love pretty much all things Case. It was my number one school that I honestly didn't think I was going to get in and that even if I got in, I wouldn't be able to attend because of cost but to my surprise, I was able to attend. My first-year went great; I met a lot of great people, went to a few events, joined a few clubs, and just overall enjoyed my stay. It's a great school academically and the location is also good - it's right by the Cleveland Clinic and two other hospitals and being a pre-med, that's really fulfilling.
overall, my experience at case so far has been good. i am a nursing major, and i am very much enjoying the program despite the difficulty of some classes and some questionable hires for professors and clinical instructors. on the other hand, i think case could improve on how they handle sexual assault/abuse on campus (especially in greek life), racism/police harassment and accountability, and the mental health of students.
i had to take online classes due to covid-19 and the process went very smoothly. some of my professors were even kind enough to replace final exams with other assignments, such as case studies and short essays.
Case Western Reserve University has beautiful outdoor areas to walk around such as the parks and the walkways. It also has nice places to visit such as the Cleveland Art Museum and the Cleveland Orchestra. Yet, the dormitories are smaller for students.
I did not take any classes online, so I am unable to tell you how the teachers and the classes were carried out at this point in time.
While transitioning to online learning was somewhat difficult, I think most of my professors did a very good of making the transition smooth. I appreciate that they still maintained digital office hours and several of them asked for our input on the changes they wanted to make to how they were running class.
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I love CWRU, I'm very happy that I decided to go here. The student body is very driven and motivated, but more collaborative than competitive towards other students. There's a very diverse range of interests so you can find a club for pretty much any activity you want to do. It is a very ideal school to go to if you are interested in double majoring.
Case Western exceeded my expectations of a college experience in terms of a balanced academic and social life (you'll find the parties if you look for it). Here, you'll meet some of the most intelligent yet humble, creative, and dedicated students and quite frankly, friends for life. The professors truly care about what they teach and make learning, exciting. Almost every professor is open and happy to have a conversation about anything!
The online learning was definitely a transition. Especially as a nursing student, clinicals, lab, and nursing assessments were done differently. Utilizing zoom for clinical meetings and recording ourselves performing health assessment on "patients" were some of the biggest changes in my learning experience as a Case nursing student.
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