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What I like most about Case Western Reserve University is the passion of the faculty, students, and staff. I visited Case Western Reserve during the Fall Open House and immediately felt right at home on campus.
I have experienced a personal and tailored orientation process. The faculty and staff have been incredibly accommodating.
I like having the association of going to Case. It's just not a very safe school to attend. The public safety department gives me a hard time when I call them for SafeRide early in the morning, despite the fact that there has been a shooting and attempted carjacking in the past semester.
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My second year here at Case has been great! Classes have remained hard but everyone is in it together creating a "community feeling". The social scene is also surprisingly good, the split in the student body is about 60-50, 60 being socially able students. There are parties almost every weekend as students now like to refer to here as "Case State". If you want to work hard, get a good degree, and have a college experience with a moderate state school feel, you should definitely come.
I have been a graduate student at this university for about a year and a half. The buildings are older, and I appreciate the history. However, for the amount of tuition I am paying I wish the classrooms better accommodated the class size, the desks are tiny and I really think parking is overpriced compared to other colleges I have attended. Some of the teachers are sub-par to average at best. There have been some outstanding teachers but those aren't the norm so far.
It's been a month since I moved in and I feel right at home. The food is surprisingly good with a LOT of variety (including special meal swipes that work at Dunkin' Donuts and Denny's). Even the healthier options are great. I've found the community to be a very welcoming environment, composed of people from all over America (and a good few international students as well). It's very easy to get involved and meet new people. As for parties, they exist but they're not integral to campus life. You can walk around frat houses until you find one on a Saturday night. They're not too wild though. Great variety of academics, competent professors, strong research scene, nice gyms, scenic campus. There's long walks to class but they're pleasant. Dope architecture. Free museum access and public transport. Big fan of all that. REALLY PRETTY AREA AROUND CAMPUS.
This university is the perfect size. It is located in a great area of Cleveland and the professors are some of the top notch instructors you can find.
CWRU offers an experience unlike many of the other colleges I toured and visited. It has an incredible focus on student success and offers so many resources--like your own personal librarian and a 50,000-square-foot maker space with 3D printers and laser cutters--you just can't find time in the day to use them all! We're all huge nerds here, so it makes for a tiny party scene with a bunch of socially awkward kids, but that's not why we go to school.

If you've ever wondered where all the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, and UChicago rejects go to school, this is the place. SO if you're an engineering student who's a little socially awkward and hella smart, this is definitely the place for you!

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Great challenging education, professors are truly experts in their field and able to connect students with endless opportunities. The school has so many extras for students, it is worth the investment.
It's incredibly expensive, but that affords a lot of great opportunity and connection. The food is terrible and there's a horrible monopoly on catered food from a horrendous company called "Bon Appetit." There's great art and a vibrant scene for artistic creation, especially for a majorly STEM school.
The classes are certainly challenging, and I am fond of the faculty here. The student population could benefit from more social activities. The administration has its flaws, but they can definitely be a helpful resource. The campus overall is pleasant and inviting.
CWRU might not be perfect, but what I love about it is that the administration actually listens to the students and we see the changes which makes it a good learning environment.
They make us feel they're working with us for our best interest
If you're looking for a place to receive a quality STEM education and a degree that packs a punch, CWRU is a great school. Despite its sub-par food, lacking social atmosphere, dorms that are only decent once you're an upperclassman, and dis-appreciation for the social science and humanities, CWRU is actually a stimulating place to learn. Classes are challenging, innovative, and very focused on team work.
Studied chemical engineering and environmental studies at CWRU. Did an engineering co-op through the university, so I lived in Cleveland for about 5 years. Lots of great professors, resources, and hardworking students. It's a big university, so your experience can depend a lot on which department you are in (which major you select).
I love the location and the professors at this school, and the atmosphere of students really wasn't too competitive. However, sometimes it could be an unhealthy environment that relentlessly values work over health and safety. In addition, the administration did not really listen to student wants, and could be very superficial in their gestures to student demands.
The people I've met here have become lifelong friends. But other than that, it kind of sucks. Course load is very large and can be quite difficult to handle. Also, a lot of the people here suck. As a black female, I often feel lost at the school.
Overall I am very happy with my experience at Case Western Reserve University. It is a school for a very particular kind of student. The classes will challenge you and push you farther in academics than you ever thought you could go. That being said it is up to each student to meet the challenge of the rigorous coursework . There is a certain amount of competition between students particularly in the pre-health fields but close friendships are formed through collaborative work.
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I like how open the campus is. I wish the eateries nearby honored the campus currency. Also I wish there was better transportation
Case Western has the best professors and they actually get to know you. The diversity and intelligence on the campus is incredible.
Case is a great school with great people. However, the school has no school spirit and everyone always talks down on the school
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