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The classes are certainly challenging, and I am fond of the faculty here. The student population could benefit from more social activities. The administration has its flaws, but they can definitely be a helpful resource. The campus overall is pleasant and inviting.
CWRU might not be perfect, but what I love about it is that the administration actually listens to the students and we see the changes which makes it a good learning environment.
They make us feel they're working with us for our best interest
If you're looking for a place to receive a quality STEM education and a degree that packs a punch, CWRU is a great school. Despite its sub-par food, lacking social atmosphere, dorms that are only decent once you're an upperclassman, and dis-appreciation for the social science and humanities, CWRU is actually a stimulating place to learn. Classes are challenging, innovative, and very focused on team work.
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Studied chemical engineering and environmental studies at CWRU. Did an engineering co-op through the university, so I lived in Cleveland for about 5 years. Lots of great professors, resources, and hardworking students. It's a big university, so your experience can depend a lot on which department you are in (which major you select).
I love the location and the professors at this school, and the atmosphere of students really wasn't too competitive. However, sometimes it could be an unhealthy environment that relentlessly values work over health and safety. In addition, the administration did not really listen to student wants, and could be very superficial in their gestures to student demands.
The people I've met here have become lifelong friends. But other than that, it kind of sucks. Course load is very large and can be quite difficult to handle. Also, a lot of the people here suck. As a black female, I often feel lost at the school.
Overall I am very happy with my experience at Case Western Reserve University. It is a school for a very particular kind of student. The classes will challenge you and push you farther in academics than you ever thought you could go. That being said it is up to each student to meet the challenge of the rigorous coursework . There is a certain amount of competition between students particularly in the pre-health fields but close friendships are formed through collaborative work.
I like how open the campus is. I wish the eateries nearby honored the campus currency. Also I wish there was better transportation
Case Western has the best professors and they actually get to know you. The diversity and intelligence on the campus is incredible.
Case is a great school with great people. However, the school has no school spirit and everyone always talks down on the school
I chose Case Western for my undergraduate education to pursue nursing, as the Frances Payne Bolton Nursing School is in the Top 10 in the country. When I visited the campus for the first time in snowy January 2015 from Phoenix, Arizona, my mind had a culture shock. Despite the weather (which I am now used to), I fell in love with Case and the nursing school because of the commitment to intelligence and hands-on learning. When I was in my second week of college ever, I was in the hospital interacting with patients. I even helped save someone's life before my first semester ended. Case shows so much dedication to its students and professors take the time to work with every individual. I have never regretted my decision coming here, and found so many opportunities-- such as working at the Cleveland Clinic and as a camp counselor-- along the way.
Wide range of course and extracurricular opportunities. It was great to be able to try new activities and new educational experiences, while finding the career path for me.
Most of the classes I've taken here are high quality and the professors are generally good at what they do (this is from a student who's taking mostly language and literature-type courses). However, I feel like that the cost for room and board are way overpriced for what they offer.
Overall, Case is an excellent research-based university. Professors are passionate in both teachings and in their research.
Case Western Reserve University provides students with endless opportunities. Their motto, "Think Beyond the Possible" stands true in every aspect. The university brings actors and famous individuals who have made a difference in the community along with producing shows, novels, etc. There are events and clubs for every type of student to participate in while achieving academic success.
Case is a great school for academic reasons; however, the food is TERRIBLE, it is not safe at all (East Cleveland is similar to Detroit), and it is not organized in any fashion whatsoever.
I loved the think box and the beautiful campus. I also like that it is in the city of Cleveland because it gives me access to many important resources and opportunities.
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Houston AA Campus is very welcoming and homey. Such a close knit group, who wouldn't want to be apart of it.
Very smart people hear. My previous high school teacher went to this school and told me that there is a lot of opportunities, academically, for research and otherwise.
Coming into Case has been a great experience. Overall the school is a great place to learn, and though difficult there is always a person or resource to turn to. Life is full of activities, and people are not all stuck in their books, at least on weekends. The school feels very much like a community of its own at times, but I can also feel like a part of Cleveland and enjoy downtown with ease.
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