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I transferred to Case Western Reserve University after my freshman year. While I found it difficult to fit in at first, I soon began to call this place my home and found my college family. Go Material Science!
Case Western is such a great school. Case is very focused on academics, and the professors are very devoted to helping students learn. The atmosphere of the campus is great as well. Everyone is very friendly, and it blows me away. The campus is also extremely diverse, which I love. Case is very proud of its diverse campus and continually works hard to ensure that it remains a safe campus for students from any background. It is a great school, and I always feel safe. I would recommend it to anyone.
I loved the campus feel of the University yet it is surrounded by the city. So many opportunities with Case Western. The people I came in contact with were probably the friendliest of all my 20+ college tours.
Review Case Western Reserve University
Amazing academics and very friendly students. This is a small and rigorous school and is much like you would expect it to be. If you want a quiet environment just for school work you can have that and if you want to be involved in a bunch of clubs and party you can do that too.
Overall great university - professors are really helpful and staff is friendly. location is in a bad neighborhood but okay if you are careful in your daily life. Students are not so friendly to international peers. As an international students I loved my time spent in CASE.
What i liked about case westeren reserve university is the campus was amazingly big. The dorms were awsome and cozy.
Honestly, this school is entirely what you make of it. I walked in so nervous my first day because of all the stigma surrounding this school, but right away I knew I had made the right choice. As a nursing student, the classes are so challenging and stimulating, I've already met lifelong friends, and the social scene is great. Despite the rumors, there ARE parties every weekend, and they ARE really fun. I would recommend this school to ANYONE considering an extremely high level education in a vibrant, growing city.
Case Western is a near-perfect mix of a small and big school. There are always new people to meet, but I can't walk across campus without seeing at least a few people I know. School spirit isn't Case Western's strong suit, but the school's prestige makes up for it. I haven't met many people who would say Case Western is their top choice, but it's definitely a great place to be!
love this college! This college was my first choice and I am so grateful I am able to attend. My major at the moment is Biochemistry and I love it. The professors and classes are ideal for me.
Case western reserve university is one of the best universities in the world. It has great academic programs, great professors, nice campus, and great students. It's a lovely place to educate yourself and other leaders of the world.
We are a very academically driven university. The academics are great and there are many opportunities for students. Campus life, is eh because of the type of students attracted here, but everyone is very focused and driven.
Nice research facilities. A lot of undergraduate research opportunities. The social scenes are very weak.
Biggest pros: This is an elite university across all majors. If difficulty is your KPI, it outclasses any other school in the state. Biggest cons: Career center is completely worthless; good luck.
Case Western Reserve University is a great place for anyone interested in engineering or have a pre med track in mind. There are so many opportunities around the area for students to get involved in. Cleveland is also a very nice area to be around as well.
I'm learning much concerning Mechanical Engineering as the courses are detailed and interesting. The schools campus is nice and diversified.
Overall I really do love Case, I'm a first year here and everything is great except for one big issue. I have mental disorders such as Bipolar and anxiety, part of the reason I came here was because they emphasized how they care for each students' health and well being. Well apparently that isn't true. It took them almost 2 months to move me out of the room where my roommate was tormenting me due to my mental illnesses, and then they forced ME to move out to be "fair to all parties" even though she was the one who perpetrated everything. Besides that its great, but if you have mental illness, don't expect much help if a problem arises.
This is my second year going to CWRU, and honestly I'm having a blast. The atmosphere is exactly what I was looking for, and the opportunities that are available to me honestly seem limitless sometimes.
Review Case Western Reserve University
This school is fantastic, academics wise and social wise. It offers a wide variety of opportunities to please all kinds of students and what they're looking for.
The career prospect is very promising. This school has a great name and great reputation, and great education of course.
Safety is the number one priority at this school. I feel very safe and protected
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