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Rigorous academics, not a huge party school, but there is stuff if you’re looking for it. Students aren’t competitive, help each other. Plenty of extracurriculars to choose from, something for everyone.
The environment of Case Western seemed very inclusive. It also seems like a place to find your passion and thrive while pursuing your passion.
It's an alright school. The classes for freshmen are annoyingly far from the dorms and even though we had a whole week to get used to the school, they don't teach you about the RTA system. Even though I took a ride during my orientation week, I still have no idea how the RTA works. Honestly, if you anything in professional studies, medicine, or hard sciences, this is the school, but beyond the name, classes, and great academics, there's really nothing too special about it.
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Case Western Reserve University has a nice campus and fantastic academics. The diversity could be better, but there definitely seem to be efforts to improve it.
Its a great institution with so many opportunities and such helpful professors. Cleveland weather sucks but other than that, truly all good things to say about this institution!
Case offers a great education and a great community for students dedicated to service and learning. The food is it’s biggest downfall, and the dorms are just OK, but these are things that most CWRU students easily joke about and look past when considering our experience at Case. I would say that I’m very happy overall with my experience and would recommend students interested in engineering/medicine/the environment/anything really give this place a good look, the opportunities are boundless.
Case Western Reserve University was a small school with not much going on. I attended on scholarship but ultimately it wasn't for me so I left to attend another institution. The area it is located is not in a great part of Cleveland.
it's a good school. the academics are there, although a lot of the professors are kinda mediocre and some need to be educated about racial sensitivity. people talk up the school a lot more than it deserves. social scene and spirit are dead. a lot of the students are generally unhappy. the weather sucks. the food is awful. but it is a good school and the opportunities are wonderful. greek life is also a great part of campus life. going greek made my semester bearable.
Personally, I consider that professors in CWRU are very motivated and engaged in assisting the students in their future career. Furthermore, CWRU also provides many research opportunities for students. Although full-year tuition is high, CWRU does provide the necessary amount of university scholarship or grants that are needed to meet your financial circumstances.
I love the challenge that the school provides. Many of the students that go there were the top in their class so you know that you are surrounded by people who are going to be doing great things in life. That being said this allows you to make connections with people that can later help you to advance in life. One thing that I would love to see is more diversity on campus.
The school puts the majority of its effort towards those in STEM majors. As a non-STEM major, career/internship fairs were laughable. However, I did enjoy all of my classes and I am grateful for all of my professors.
Case Western allows students to build a major purely based off of their passions and does not follow strict guidelines to achieving goals. Students are able to choose classes from Dance to Physics and have double or triple majors across various fields. Their student assistants, called Navigators, are available 24/7 to help guide students to their intended major and can help them switch majors if need be. The campus is 16 minutes from Cleveland, but their University Circle feels like a small city. It is a great place for someone who wants to be close to urban life but not fully immersed.
Case ranks as on of the top national research universities and is for good reason. Its proximity to Cleveland Clinic Headquarters, University Hospitals, and a host of research complexes is perfect for students who are interested in conducting research and volunteering to build a strong resume for medical school.
I really love it here! There are so many ways to get involved on campus and gain meaningful experience. The work is hard, but it is worth the effort, as grads get great jobs after graduating. In my experience as an undergrad business major, professors are easy to access for help and are passionate about what they do.
CWRU is an incredible school when it comes to the abundant amount of resources available to students and the clear passion all students have for learning. It is definitely a tough school though and time management is key to succeeding here.
What I like most about Case Western Reserve University is the passion of the faculty, students, and staff. I visited Case Western Reserve during the Fall Open House and immediately felt right at home on campus.
I have experienced a personal and tailored orientation process. The faculty and staff have been incredibly accommodating.
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I like having the association of going to Case. It's just not a very safe school to attend. The public safety department gives me a hard time when I call them for SafeRide early in the morning, despite the fact that there has been a shooting and attempted carjacking in the past semester.
My second year here at Case has been great! Classes have remained hard but everyone is in it together creating a "community feeling". The social scene is also surprisingly good, the split in the student body is about 60-50, 60 being socially able students. There are parties almost every weekend as students now like to refer to here as "Case State". If you want to work hard, get a good degree, and have a college experience with a moderate state school feel, you should definitely come.
I have been a graduate student at this university for about a year and a half. The buildings are older, and I appreciate the history. However, for the amount of tuition I am paying I wish the classrooms better accommodated the class size, the desks are tiny and I really think parking is overpriced compared to other colleges I have attended. Some of the teachers are sub-par to average at best. There have been some outstanding teachers but those aren't the norm so far.
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