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I think Cascadia College is a good college that feels more like a precursor before an individual enters one of the more prestigious Universities like UW. The campus itself isn't very interesting and comes off as plain.
It's a simple but well-organized institution, with people from diverse ages and backgrounds. I'm enjoying my first quarter at Cascadia so far.
A good community college where people are friendly and there's a lot to do, bot in class as well as out.
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After being at Cascadia College for nearly 5 years, taking some breaks and less classes on some quarters, I have watched the college grow and know that it will continue to grow. Sharing the campus with University of Washington Bothell has allowed me access to great resources such as the library and online research database. Since the bachelor’s degrees have been added, the impact of their work is seen on campus and the city of Bothell. Cascadia college had phenomenal chemistry and biology departments where the professors were clearly invested in their students, making sure that we are not simply memorizing out of a textbook, but thinking critically on how this might apply to our future studies and careers. Through them, my love for science has grown immensely and I wish for more students to have the same relationships with their professors as I have.
Overall my experience at Cascadia has been really well. The professors have been really great the the administration staff are really awesome! They do their best to really help you out to the best of their ability and if they they don't know the answer they try their hardest to find it! 10/10 would recommend if you plan on taking some classes.
If you like a small campus with dedicated professors and access to plenty of extremely helpful resources Cascadia College is right for you. Although Cascadia is small, the population is growing and with that comes more campus activities and options for students to become involved with the school and meet their fellows. With top of the line instructors and academic resources for everyone, Cascadia College offers a unique experience perfect for Running Start students, those wishing to eventually transfer to a four year university, and returning adult students.
Cascadia has provided me with a fairly good education with passionate people in a fairly good campus environment. With the exception of some difficult advising, I find most of the faculty to be incredibly helpful, kind, and interested in their work.
It is such a welcoming and accepting place that, from what I have experienced so far, is very student friendly and everyone there is always trying their level best to ensure that you have a very positive, benefical learning and college experience.
Cascadia College is a great college for those who are interested in broadening their horizons and expanding their viewpoints on a variety of topics. Cascadia's environment is student first and continues to exceed standards in academics and faculty. There are many club and services offered to enhance the college experience as well!
Cascadia is a lovely local college that offers many resources to it's students. Learning is truly valued at Cascadia and most classes set you up to really learn the content. There is a strong sense of community and collaboration here that is very distinct.
I really enjoyed my time at Cascadia college. The professors are a hit or miss like in many other places but I definitely found most of them to be great. Cascadia has a great student body and they have many small events throughout the year where you can meet new people or grab some free goodies. The school overall has many resources like free tutoring (online and in person), little scratch paper and pencils in every study room for the students, animal petting de-stress events, and more. The professors and counselors are also very easy to get a hold of (:
Cascadia was a great place to start my college experience. It's affordable, it's beautiful, the teachers are impassioned and willing to help, there are lots of resources available... I could go on. It was a great experience for me, and I appreciate just how many resources were available to help me.
Cascadia is a beautiful campus with excellent class choices and teachers. There is plenty of space to study in the library, which is shared with the University of Washington Bothell. The science programs are wonderful and there are many resources to assist you with your education, including tutoring centers, supplemental instruction study groups and professor office hours. All the facilities are very nice since the school is not very old.
The college tries to help out the students as much as possible with announcement boards all around campus alerting the students of places nearby that are hiring. Along with event notifications for the students to partake in.
I am a Running Start student at Cascadia. Almost all of my professors have been wonderful -- extremely willing to help students succeed and passionate about their subject. However I carefully pick my professors each quarter so I can't speak for all of them. Cascadia also has a good selection of food but it is overpriced.
Cascadia has many amenities for students. They offer a lot of help in the student learning center. Cascadia student government also sets up plenty of fun activities for other students to distress from all the hard work!
Most of the instructors are awesome ans super helpful. There is a large variety of classes offered. There is always something going on around campus.
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I like how small and peaceful the campus is. It's neat, and the staff is very friendly. I have only taken two classes so far, but both professors I've gotten are great at communicating with their students and very understanding towards students who are falling behind due to life problems, etc.
As being a Running Start student I was afraid to attend college at such a young age but with welcoming arms Cascadia felt like home. Cascadia is very organized in plaining events for students as well as incoming students. Their academic advisors are great in helping you plan your future and there are many opportunities to learn about writing your personal essay as well as many transfer fairs. I would recommend this college to anyone who wants to invest in there future!
It was a very nice place to attend college to easily transition to a University. I received an Associate Degree with a "Direct Transfer Agreement" and had no issues transferring to a University as Junior. Small class sizes make learning easy, however, the large amount of group work they do is just not for me!
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