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I would like to see the Kodiak Korner changed a bit, if you are a running start student it is hard to get your questions answered. The people in there are also somewhat rude and bad at answering questions. They made me feel really stupid for having a question that I needed answered very badly. I liked my English 101 prof though.
I really love Cascadia so far. I'm currently a freshman at the school and I've loved all the cool classes offered, how helpful they are, and all the events on campus. It's been really fun going to school here and I hope to continue to be able to. You should be prepared for taking three classes if you plan to be a full time student and get your associate's in two years. There are two coffee shops on campus and a number of food trucks come through, my personal favorite being beanfish. There are three main buildings to the college. Parking can be really difficult, taking up to half an hour on some days. Fridays are the easiest days to park on. Overall, I love the campus and all the people there.
At Cascadia, I fell in love with the campus and much I love being there. It feels like a 4 year university by how much care they give to students and the amount of respect you get as a student. The classes are unique and useful, and the teachers are great. Before class I love to just sit in a study and look out the big windows at beautiful view of the pnw that surrounds the campus.
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Professors are helpful and easy going. Attentive to their students.
Cascadia was a good introduction to what it takes to succeed in a college setting. I’m now ready to move on to bigger and better activities at the Seattle Film Institute.
It is okay because classes are only two days a week but there are so few classes to choose from.
It is difficult to get into see anybody and they mixed up my transcripts when I transferred here and I have to take an extra quarter. When I asked what I could do to fix this because it is their fault they said "don't worry, this happens all the time" which is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • 11 months ago
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This school is very academic focused and wants their students to succeed they are just working out some kinks because they are so young.
  • 11 months ago
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There are lots of different classes offered but because the school is so small and classes aren't offered often. It is hard putting together a schedule because there are so few classes and I have to work around my work schedule.
It is a combination of teachers. They are all very focused on group work which does hold you accountable and relates to working in the real world.
I have had lots of issues with people being disorganized and not knowing what is going on. If you have anything that needs to be fixed it will take weeks because nothing gets done and everything is slow. I do like the classes
Lots of online classes, which is convenient to my current schedule
Very rigid and goal-oriented; not a lot of student/teacher interaction
I haven't taken a lot of the courses yet, but I've enjoyed what I've experienced.
It's a good community school that wants students to succeed
It depends on the major you are taking. But for practicing specific major, it is not so good
The school was great. You can get help from everywhere.
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Since it is only my second quarter, I haven't quite gotten that deep into the business program yet. I am currently taking business 101 and Econ 201 and the teachers do a good job on connecting it to real world ideas. I also had the opportunity to apply for a business leadership program that includes the UW Bothell students. I currently don't know if I got in but if I do, I will comment about it in a couple of months. There's no specific business clubs but there's a lot of programs that allow students to make connections with current business leaders, I find this amazing and very helpful.
For a community college, Cascadia is one of the best. Since it is on the same campus as UW Bothell, I get almost all of the same resources as someone going to UW. As for classes, all of my profs. have been very helpful and willing to help me individually if needed. One on one time with teachers is really easy to get here since the class sizes are about 30 kids. Some things that have been a bit rough is the textbook process. A couple of times, I have wasted money by buying a book beforehand and then day of class the teacher tells us we don't need it. Or we will only use a couple pages out of the book the whole quarter.
Class times were great. Several classes for one subject were offered so you had options. It's easy to consolidate your classes just as long as you sign up as soon as possible.
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