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I've enjoyed the classes that I've taken, along with my program and advisors. I do wish that there was a stronger sense of community on campus, particularly for older students, but other than that I would recommend Cascadia.
It was an absolute hit and miss between quality, engaging and amazing professors and dry, awful and unorganized professors with no in between. Depending on the teacher, your class and grade can go up or down. I would say most teachers I had were truly amazing but the bad ones were so very awful. Class content-wise, they were really good classes and I actually learned a lot. I will say there was a definite screw towards liberal ideology and if you had differing opinions you won't feel comfortable expressing them there. The campus is pretty cute with a public food garden, a couple of cafes and a subway with a huge library. It has a nice grass field and a wooded area with a cemetery up the hill which is cool. The nice thing about sharing a campus with UW Bothel is the resources like the library, sports and UW bookstore.
Parking is absolutely awful and most professors are jerks but you get what you pay for. As long as you work somewhat hard then you're going to get your degree and get out of there.
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I liked how the professors treated me like I was a person and not just a student. It was a friendly campus and I always felt like I was part of the community even though I was still in high school.
For a college, it has a very safe campus with 24/7 security, as it shares campus with the University of Washington in Bothell. That is something I liked because it gives you the feeling of what life is like to be around a university.
Great campus, leadership is very involved. Many clubs and events offered throughout the year. Academic and persoanl assistance offered to all students.
Counselors are wonderful at helping you make an education plan for when you trasnfer. Their classes get full fast and not alot of options for science students. small campus but shared with UW
I had a good experience at Cascadia College mainly because I didn't know what direction I wanted to go in yet in terms of a major or career, but having the different course options in their integrated studies degree, I was able to try out different things to find out what I liked. I saved a lot of money going to a community college first and then transferring to a university.
I like it because it not too big of a school; they also offer so many classes with multiple proffesors. I love the amount of support I receive from my academic counselor. This is my 3rd quarter and I am seriously thinking about staying and get my AA deg here.
Cascadia Community College has many enthusiastic and caring professors, great clubs and a close-knit community. It is also locate right in downtown Bothell, walking distance from many small shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes!
I really enjoyed the way Cascadia was concerned for the environment, and they made huge efforts to show that in the 2 and a half years I spent there. The class sizes were small, never more than 30 students, and I felt that my instructors knew me. Campus is within walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants affordable for students!
I loved the small community aspect of Cascadia. All the professors were really nice and willing to help all the time. I enjoyed the occasion events that were held on campus, they were a lot of fun to attend.
I love Cascadia Community College. Everyone is so friendly and kind. As an immigrant, CCC welcomes me and I am so happy that I could be part of this college. I love all the activities that the CAB runs, truly makes my day. But with that I also love the TPT in the toilet, genius idea. But also I love the resources they CCC provides me as a student, Bock Learning Center, events, movie nights, Cafe, free WiFi. I could go on and on about how much I love this college. CCC welcomes me and I don’t feel discriminated based on the color of my skin. Last thing, the professors, all my professors are amazing and fabulous. They truly care about the students and are willing to help. With that I am going to wrap it up and say that thank you so much CCC for giving me everything!!!
I like how welcoming all the students are. While starting over at the bottom of the food chain being a freshman making new friends and having to navigate through hallways is a little challenging. The one really thing about Cascadia is hands down the people.
Lackluster overall experience at Cascadia. All required classes fill up extremely quick due to lack of available classes. Teachers are a shot in the dark like with every school: either really great or pretty bad. Commuter school so it lacks real character, activities, or even friendship among students that didn't go to high school together. I wouldn't recommend going here if you've been out of school a while as you'll be as frustrated as I am from the lack of helpfulness of the staff.
The teachers are very supportive, and knowledgable in what they are teaching. I have always found answers to my questions. The campus is small, so it is easy to get around between classes. You will have trouble finding parking, and it passes can be quite expensive. Other transportation is highly reccomended.
I think the classes offered are great. There are a wide variety of options and degrees to choose from. Many great teachers that teach both on campus and online. It is a bit similar to high school, in that, many professors take attendance and participation is a major part of your grade rather than just the work but again, depends on the professor.
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I think Cascadia College is a good college that feels more like a precursor before an individual enters one of the more prestigious Universities like UW. The campus itself isn't very interesting and comes off as plain.
It's a simple but well-organized institution, with people from diverse ages and backgrounds. I'm enjoying my first quarter at Cascadia so far.
A good community college where people are friendly and there's a lot to do, bot in class as well as out.
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