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I visited in person Casa Loma College during this social distancing and was so impressed by all the safety precautions they were taking to ensure their students and employees safety. Totally know that if I go there I will be safe. Friends of mine have been through the DMS program and have loved it - they are all now working in the field. Went in to talk about the program and admissions and have an appointment to test.
I have not taken any classes yet. I am in the process of applying to start in the DMS program. I was informed the DMS program has their lecture classes online right now until the pandemic is over but are doing their labs on campus.
casa loma is a small school. It feels more like a family. this school is for serious students who want to get though school quickly and graduate with your medical degree.
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Overall, Casa Loma College's PTA program is very practical, will provide you the skills for your profession, and their instructors are knowledgeable. My issues with the skill mainly focus on some of the instructors being disorganized, the focus on one particular training philosophy, and certain people in the financial aid office that are not approachable.
What I like about this college is that there is the ability to take classes online as well as attend campus. As well as while you are in school it is very easy to hold a job. Currently I am working a job where I average 50 hours a week for work and I am able to easily maintain high grades in my classes. It is a great opportunity to pursue the field and still be able to pay for school along the way.
The school was timely with distributing needed materials such as online curriculum and textbooks. The professors and professional resource officers are very knowledgeable and experienced, and their insights have been a tremendous help.
Ive worked with this school for approx. 7 years. I have never met a more dedicated group of people. We truly are student focused and not money focused. You can call other colleges and they give the run around. We are straight forward and upfront about the school and services we provide. We are more of a family environment and there is no where else I would rather be
Casa Loma College is dedicated to providing the highest standard of education, service, and excellence in the disciplines of allied health. Our programs are designed to respond to the changing needs of our students by creating effective means of instruction that expand access to learning and provide opportunities for adults to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals.
A little disorganized. But overall good.......................................................................................................!
What is great about this school is it allows me to get my associates in ultrasound. I do not have to do 2 years of prerequisites and still be put on a waiting list that can take up to 5 years or maybe more depending on how competitive the program is. Since I have a bachelors already, I can take the national exam after I graduate and become certified without having to work a full year in that field and then I can take the national exam for accreditation. The school over all is affordable due to the loans I received but I was not able to get any free grants and I am currently under temporary work but due to my last year which focuses on getting ready for my 6 month externship, working part time is impossible and therefor money will be tight.
The learning experience is great, but the staff, students and teachers can be biased and sometimes it shows in front of the students.
There is one person in charge of trying to find a job for each student in that program. However, the chances of a student receiving a job from an externship is fairly high.
I love having a different experience of online learning because it allows for more anonymity with the other students, which can put off the pressure of messing up. The teacher communicated well with emails and if necessary phone conferences.
After the program is complete, there is a placement coordinator who will work with the students to fix resumes and to try and search for jobs available to them.
The professors are professional and well versed in their specialties. I do feel like the lab tests that are graded subjectively, with certain students getting better grades than others.
This is a specialized school for certain medical professions. Each program is accelerated so the courses are all preset, which makes the scheduling easy.
I have learned all sorts of diseases about how the body works. I have a strict 2 days lab and 2 days of lecture for each semester. There is no homework, besides studying, but there are quizzes weekly and tests quite often that can prove challenging with a busy schedule. After the school work is done I will be attending clinicals set up by the school to experience real life work.
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Most of the administration is not considerate of the students, however there are a select few who truly make the experience at the school worth it.
The school has a strict schedule because it is a medical school and very challenging courses.
There are cliques that form, like any normal group setting, but sometimes it can inhibit learning a certain subject. However, most of the students are considerate of others.
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