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Im not satisfied because of the lack of enthusiastic professors im having difficulty because of not many resources
There are a few restaurants around to eat at in but not many to choose from
we eat in a small café area that feeds about 10 people so eats difficult to seat people
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My specific major is biblical studies
Carver provides no kind of transportation due to all the lack of resources and if you are early you may catch the marta buses driving around
I came to Carver Bible College because of its nature to fill people with word of God the professors are truly educated in theology.
The campus is very in order not a lot is tolerated due to the stereotype of our school so they are great people and very friendly but they do correct wrong doing
Cascade is surrounded by a lot of run down buildings so the view are not all that great but going down few miles you will find the city of Atlanta
Because our school is old the weather truly affects like the weather is so up and down its difficult to prepare for any type of storm but it really is unpredictable
Currently we're in a old school facility that was recently bought from a denominational church in the local area. It's certainly a learning evironment, but state of the art it's not.
At Carver, we have the oppurtunity to be around great preaching from former students to seasoned preachers. This exposure is crucial to the success of handling the Word of God properly for the pastoral ministry major. The courses are setup chronologically trhoughout the life of the program, which will give you the peak right at graduation. On an ongoing basis, outside churches contact the school for potential leads of strong leaders available for service.
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