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I love Carthage College because it's such a small campus that when you're on campus, you feel like you matter, and it feels like you're apart of a community. Everyone there that I've talked to is genuinely nice, helpful, and extremely intelligent. Their music program is really strong. They have many professors that have played all around the world and who come from different countries. Also, 91% of professors hold a PhD in the subject that they teach. They also have a lot of ways to get involved. They have over 120 clubs that you can join, and they encourage people to make new clubs. Also, the campus is very beautiful. It's right on Lake Michigan.
Carthage College is a small liberal arts college with tons of charm.
The professors are awesome and outgoing, the students are involved and spirited, and the alumni are very generous.
On top of that, Carthage is dedicated to improving its future as well as its students' through investment in new facilities. All of Carthage's facilities are state of the art and brand spankin' new.
Everyone I've met in the community is incredibly nice and the view of Lake Michigan is gorgeous.
Carthage College is a good school, however, you should be prepared to fully embrace campus life in all ways. Your life outside of campus is very limited unless you are able to pay for a $1000 parking pass to have your car on campus with you. I was quick to learn that this was not the environment that I wanted for myself, as I enjoy my life off campus just as much as I enjoy on campus student life.
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As a freshman I am currently enjoying the school's academics, sports, and several activities and organizations. Even though this school is very expensive, it has great academics and will get you out of here in 4yrs with an entry-level job in the career of your choice. The only thing for me is the diversity. They try their best to be diverse; we are currently celebrating Black History Month here with different events, and we have several students from different countries, but at the same time as an African-American woman I don't see a lot of people who look like me, and I am most of the time the only black female in my classes. They have organizations for minority groups like BSU (Black Student Union), which makes it a little better; however, sometimes I wish I could be around more people that look like me in my classes that I can relate to.
Carthage College is a beautiful, small campus with a heavy focus on expanding the Liberal Arts education experience. They provide a wide variety of courses for students to choose from with great professors and thousands of advancement opportunities. The school is improving quality on campus every year and is attempting to modernize, which is especially impressive. However, it would be nice to see more diversity on campus, increased Asian and Hispanic populations would be nice. It would also be a great addition to have a Political and Social Science Center on campus so the non-natural science and language departments would have a place to call home for classes. Student activism and organizations on campus are plentiful and there are plenty of options for both Greek Life and other clubs, student life is really what this school prides itself in.
Food is amazing. Dorms are really good. Professors are well qualified. All athletes are super nice and fun. Athletic center is amazing. Everyone is very intelligent there. lots of clubs to get involved into. It is right on the lake, so it is a gorgeous campus.
The campus is beautiful and since it's small it's very personal and easy to walk to classes. The classes are small which is wonderful if you need help from professors. Dorm life is interesting sometimes but not too bad.
Carthage College is a wonderful school. The students are very nice and inviting to new students. They have many majors and minors to pick from, and the professors are very open to helping students if they are confused.
Overall, it's pretty amazing. Lots of things to do, small campus, and for the most part, the people are very friendly and open as well.
My experience thus far has been very good. The community in this college is diverse and friendly no matter who you are. Everyone is welcoming and are willing to help with anything. It is a small school with ambitious professors and hard-working students. The campus is lovingly small and the lake is the best scenery anyone can ask for.
Carthage College is a great campus. Its a small community and makes you feel right at home. Each staff member is really helpful and will reply to emails right away. There is almost no wait for any professor or office. The campus if beautiful and right on the lake. Recently they have renovated all of the buildings and they all high tech equipment. This campus is so wonderful.
At first I was hesitant on going to a small school, but I can confidently say that I absolutely love Carthage. My experience here has been so unique and life changing that I feel like it is unreal. Going to a small school means that you are instantly a part of a community that is accepting and open minded. I feel welcomed to Carthage in every aspect, whether it is my on campus job, my classes, the floor I live on, or any clubs I decide to join. There is always something to join and I absolutely love it. My classes are all hands on and manageable. My professors all know me and will help me with any questions I have. I feel like if I ever need any help, there are faculty members willing to assist me in any way possible. Denhart is always clean and it is easy to make friends on your floor. Kenosha is a beautiful city and I love to go explore as much as possible. There are always parties happening, and they’re always great. Carthage was definitely the best fit for me.
I like the professors, they care about their students and are always there for them. The campus is small and there is not a lot to do there. It is isolated and the beach is covered with rocks which makes it hard to enjoy it. The food is not the best and the meal plan is terrible. Many students would love to see them provide more points.
Carthage is great in the academic range, could use upgrades on student life on campus, this is the reason I moved off campus. The resident halls need upgrading as well as the food they provide. Sodexo needs to go.
The dorms and food both could use improvement. Academically Carthage is awesome and being right on the lake the view is amazing.
The learning experience is wonderful, and that should be all that matters, but there are many things that are disappointing about this school. The tuition is too high for a student to attend unless the school's academic programs are exactly what you are looking for. Most of the professors are passionate about their course subject and are fairly open to helping schools out of class. The food is unfortunately of poor quality and there are few places to buy a lot of healthy food. Help with living conditions is poor, it often takes weeks and multiple requests to get response from maintenance.
Carthage College, located next to Lake Michigan in Kenosha WI , offers a great academic experience. The college is a liberal arts college and although it is expensive, students become well rounded individuals from taking a variety of courses. The professors are helpful and are willing to sit down with you to answer questions or to give helpful support. There are many clubs and activities as well as sports, intramural or on the varsity team.
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I have not yet graduated so I am not completely aware of the job situation. My friends have generally had good luck while applying for jobs and getting them.
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I think the quality of my classes have been nothing but positive and very good. The professors are all very good at their jobs and are knowledgeable in their fields. The class sizes are a blessing for someone like me who needs one on one attention in order to completely understand the subject. I am a big fan of Carthage.
I have had nothing but positive interactions with the campus nurses and health services. I also have never felt unsafe on campus.
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