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I very much enjoyed the dedication on behalf of faculty, advisors, and professors. The college really cares about the success of its students.
Carthage College is a small, private, midwest institution that focuses on their student/ professor ratio. The campus overlooks Lake Michigan and is sandwiched in-between Chicago and Milwaukee.
They were amazing working with me about different opportunities at the school and affording it as well.
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I like how Carthage is so close knit. For a smaller school, it still feels like there are multiple opportunities. I enjoy being able to speak with professors very often and have a good relationship with them (they know your name, you aren't just another student). The community is great and you'll always know at least one person walking down campus drive.
I like the opportunities that it offers to students and the amazing connections and resources that are available to us.
What I liked about Carthage College was that it was very nice and neat. The area was beautiful and the campus was as well. For the most part the whole campus was pretty much clean which is a great thing.
I loved how everyone was so friendly. The campus was clean, the building were newer, and it has a beautiful view of the lake.
The worst school I have ever been to. They are inflexible. So don’t count on ever getting sick, and definitely don’t have a preexisting medical condition because the teachers won’t work with you. The theatre department is awful. If they don’t deem you worth their time they won’t teach you. I learned much more and felt appreciated at my community college. You’d think when you’re paying overboard $40,000 a year that they’d work with you a little more but no. Very difficult to work outside of campus because of the way that they have the classes scheduled. So basically don’t have a medical condition, don’t get sick and don’t have a life outside of classes. The absolute worst school. The campus is beautiful but when that’s the only thing that you have going for you you might want to do some renovations on the culture.
The professors and all of the staff is very friendly and they make it clear that the students’ success is their main priority, and they willingly make sacrifices so that can happen. The location is convenient and the work load is manageable. Unfortunately, the cost of attendance is very expensive, however many graduates say it was worth every penny. I’m hoping to say the same once I graduate in 2022, but so far I see that becoming true.
It's a small campus with a lot of great and supportive people. The professor to student ratio is small enough that professors have the means to get to know you and the classroom, and cater to specific students needs. Very unique area and community. It can feel a bit isolated from the rest of society at times- but a quick drive downtown will show you what Kenosha has to offer!
I loved the classes, facilities, and lake view. However, the food, dorms, and inclusion of students in organizations are poor.
Carthage is an amazing and inviting place. People are nice and professors are willing to help. Challenging but rewarding, you are pushed to be your best self.
Great community, and plenty of ways to be involved and keep busy throughout the school year. Quite a variety in academics as well.
Love the campus, and small class size. Great teachers, caring staff. It would be great to have more parking for commuter students.
Carthage excels academically and athletically. As a D3 school, the athletics are competitive and not too much of a commitment to disrupt school work. Small class sizes result in close student-teacher relationships. Carthage winters are very cold and windy because of the lake. Carthage will also find any way to charge students extra money, such as charging more for a dorm with a lake view.
Although Carthage College is a small private college in Kenosha, Wisconsin there is plenty of activities and stuff to do. Everything is what you make out of it, so make sure to get involved, this school offers a variety of sports, clubs, and Greek life. It's a given that all my professors truly care about me and teaching.For me I not only loved the location of the school, the beautiful out Lake Michigan but also the convenience of being so close to Chicago and Milwaukee.
The professors here are great and all willing to help outside of class! Carthage is right on the lake so you can stare out into the lake while you do homework. Lots of great places to eat. Although the Caf isn't the best.
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I currently transferred to this school due to the faculty is great. They encourage and inspire their students to have a happy and successful future.
The lake view is beautiful! I like the small class sizes. They allow me to connect with my professors and classmates. I enjoy being on a small campus, especially in the winter. The athletic programs are strong and the athletic facilities are great!
Carthage College boasts a large number of qualified professors who are ready to help you when you need it most. They take pride in making sure no student is left behind.
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