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I went into Carthage thinking I was going for 5 years to get a BA and an MA but I only got my BA. But I got in three and a half years so I guess that kind of makes up for it. I had professors who helped me find the real me and learn about my strengthens and weaknesses.
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Carthage has a severe problem with its student body. I cannot in good conscious recommend this college to anyone attending college primarily for an education, which a significant part of comes from one's interaction with their peers, so it is essential to make sure the student body (in addition to the courses) challenges and inspires you.
The friendly, accessible, and highly qualified faculty are forced by economic necessity to dumb down classes so enough students can pass to sustain the college's finances (based on off-the-record conversations with over a dozen faculty members from a number of departments). A number of the classes are complete jokes, total blowoff classes (most likely to increase GPAs). Some, usually the smaller niche ones, can be great.
The campus is isolated from the local community. The campus's walkability with Kenosha is properly poor. If you plan on frequenting the downtown, get a bike or skateboard.
Great nursing lab, best I've seen. The skills lab has so many mannequins
To practice all sorts of different skills from tracheostomies to urinary catheterization to if lines, including adults, pediatric patients and newborns. Facilities are newer, as it is not an older campus. The sports facility is awesome for all the sports. I was impressed with the swimming pool, basketball gym, and golf simulator. The dorm rooms are average size of colleges. The dining room has so many different variety of foods available. The campus is smaller, located on the Lake Michigan and is beautiful. Classroom sizes are also small and professors are more readily available than a larger school.
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I am a junior and so far I have had a great experience at Carthage. I am a science major and all of the different professors have greatly helped me in figuring out what classes I need to graduate school and truly care about your overall well being.
Carthage has given me a great academic experience. Teachers are usually very involved and are seeking to help students improve and learn. Dorms are not the best, but they are very close to everything. Sports are a huge part of campus, not very good but fun to play in.
I like the small classes, the beautiful campus and the science program. I would change the cost of tuition for all schools.
Carthage is a wonderful college with wonderful experiences. Coming from a small town and a school of just 300 students, Carthage is welcoming with open arms. It is easy to fit it here. People are friendly and professors are easy to connect to.
Being completely honest, I would not be filling out for grants if I went to this school. I was trapped into going and lied to and being held accountable for more years than I need. Attending an expensive school because of baseball was not enough.
Carthage College is a beautiful campus, but very overpriced. Staff is not very friendly or helpful. Professors and curriculum are wonderful, but not worth the $50,000+ a year. Dorms are small and very old. My dorm had no heat in the winter and I put in a request to have it fixed MULTIPLE times and never had the issue resolved.
Your class sizes are super small so you get to know your professors really well and are able to get a lot of help.
I love Carthage for its small classroom sizes. There are about twenty students to a classroom on average, and this makes it very easy for students to make a connection with the professor and receive the personal, detailed help on assignments and classwork that they deserve. However, Carthage has slim options when it comes to the food served on campus, which many students (myself included) wish to see changed.
My overall college experience has been great so far. I am finally able to study things that are of interest to me, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful new people, and transition into college life was almost completely painless.
Carthage is located on Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful location. It’s located between Milwaukee and Chicago, so there are opportunities to see the things major cities have to offer. The student body is friendly. Most of my classes are in the business building. It’s a great building. The business teachers have real world experience and I really appreciate that. I do feel some of the professors in general classes play favorites. The cost has risen quite a bit, but I feel stuck at this point as transferring would just delay graduation and force me to take more in loans than I already have. I don’t feel I have gotten the assistance from the finance department or my advisor that I need. I’ve asked for help on numerous occasions, but often get directed to another department that doesn’t help me. Overall, I feel I’m getting a good education. I’m just concerned that I won’t get back my investment.
I love the small classes, the small campus and the lake view, but i wish it was more inclusive and the food could be better
It is a really good collage. Professors really help you when you need it the most. Its a small school so you can develop a good relationship with everyone.
What I really liked about Carthage was the small class sizes, which allowed you to develop a personal relationship with professors. All of the Carthage professors are genuinely invested in the success of their students both in the classroom and in life. Furthermore, the campus is beautiful year round as it sits directly on the shores of Lake Michigan. Carthage is a close knit campus and its small size allows the fostering of friendships that one wouldn't have come across or expected at a large university. I truly believe Carthage gave me a one of a kind experience and provided a phenomenal learning environment.
Carthage College is a great liberal arts college with really great professors. I am really enjoying my time here. The views are great and so are the people. The only things to complain about are the attitudes of security but we are getting a new team. As long as the fellow residents in the hall all have the same concepts they want to live in the dorm life is really great. 7
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I like the small class sizes and being able to create connections with professors. The dorms are old and need an uplift, but we still pay around the second highest room and board in Wisconsin. Only one food plan instead of providing different options. The food is cafeteria is very poor but we still pay for an average of 17 meals a week.
nice small liberal arts college, in a small town so little to do, great athletics facility, nice academic program and staff, dorms are average nothing special for the price students pay to attend the school, high tuition but overall nice school.
The lake is pretty and the classes are okay. The professors can be really helpful. Living on campus is a must to get the full college experience.
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