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I like Carthage College overall. The small class sizes and quality of resources and professors are to be applauded. My main critique is with how hostile most people are - staff and students alike - to certain viewpoints and beliefs. There is often a very clear agenda being pushed and accepted and if you do not fit into those categories you are forced to keep quiet and pretend you are like everyone else.
Since it all came very suddenly, it is no wonder my first experience with online classes at Carthage was pretty rough. I expect that since we have been using hybrid learning now, the online learning experience will get better the longer the pandemic goes on.
I absolutely love Carthage College!! The only downside is that some of the food is a hit or miss. The faculty and staff at Carthage College are all very nice, considerate, and welcoming. The view of the lake is absolutely amazing and helps me focus when studying, it is also an amazing campus to take walks, runs, or relax.
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My professors have been so understanding with having to learn online and have gone above and beyond with the resources and support that they provide every student. Learning online is a challenge for many people, the faculty at Carthage College has made the process go much smoother for many students.
Many classes are online due to Covid-19 and a blend on in-person and online classes will most likely continue for some time. Most faculty were able to switch over to an online format quite effortlessly and they did their best to make online classes as engaging as in-person. A couple faculty members struggled with the online transition, but did not hold that against students when grading assignments.
Overall, beautiful campus and super supportive faculty. Great community. Buildings are a little outdated and food could be improved. Tuition is high, but Carthage is usually pretty good about helping with scholarships and finding loans.
Carthage ended up being my home away from home for sure. Being on campus feels like it's own little world. I met my bestfriends through attending Carthage College and I wouldn't change my decision to attend this college! The lake is the main attraction for sure, the morning sunrises are a sight to see. When living in the dorms, you tend to get very close to your hall mates. That is actually how I met my best friend. People are very kind even if you don't know them. The staff is wonderful as well. very eager to help. The professors and staff members know their students unlike most colleges where the student is just a name and number.
For the nursing department, this was a tough year. We had minimal effective resources to learn our information. Because of COVID, our clinical sites did not allow us to come in and practice our skills. The professors did as much as they could which I applaud and appreciate them for that, but unfortunately our education was compromised. I can not speak for the other programs and majors, but our nursing profession was ineffectively taught due to COVID.
Carthage is a wonderful school! The academics are great, the professors are very nice, and the view is unbeatable! The only thing I would like to see changed is the inclusion of the students' opinion on certain guideline changes, especially during COVID when they are confined to their rooms all day. Their voice deserves to be heard rather than the school just doing what they think will help the school make more money.
The online classes were made easily adjustable thanks to many of the professors at Carthage. However, students were not easily offered the ability to go fully remote at home if they so chose to do. Instead, they had to go through a long process and risked being unable to take certain classes they needed. Also, students were not appropriately refunded by the school for some of the online changes.
Carthage College is an amazing community of students who will be more than willing to help you out on your college career. Since Carthage is a school that encourages people to register for double majors, you'll be given a wide array of options for your future career. If you enjoy working with teachers one-on-one, then Carthage is the school for you!
I took a few college classes online. The structure of the class was really organized. When I was given a 3-week structure for a statistics class, it provided me plenty of study material and practice on my own time. Even when schools were shut down due to the virus, the transition to online classes was very smooth.
The professors are so great and are doing the best they can in this online school situation.
The campus is beautiful. Yes, it is small, but the buildings are so nice and modern. The dorms ARE ACTUALLY NICE. I'm in Denhart Hall and I love it. My roommate and I didn't have to do bunk beds by setting up one of our beds vertical and one of them horizontal. The bathrooms are nice, too. There's no AC, but if you get a fan you'll totally be fine.
The food at the Caf isn't great. They have good days and bad days. And that's why I'm only giving my review 4 stars. The other food is really good, like Baja, Starbucks, Einstein's, but you have only 400 points to spend on those per semester. You can use Caf points only at the Caf and at Lentz during lunch, and Lentz is actually good.
Carthage actually listens to their students. The things that need to change are changing, and they address the problems that need to be talked about.
They're doing the best they can and they're succeeding! The professors are great and they actually care about their students.
So with Carthage the first week of classes were online now all of my classes are in person. Week one we mainly got to know each other and get into what we will be doing over the course of the year.
I've only been at Carthage for a few weeks but I already love it. The teachers are so understanding and whenever I have a problem they always make sure to ask me about it. I love how we have small class sizes so the teachers are able to connect with me more and the campus is so beautiful. Being able to see the lake in the morning everyday is amazing. I was having a lot of doubts before I committed due to financial issues but I'm glad I get to call myself a Carthaginian!
Some of my classes are hybrid right now. The professors do a great job of making sure that everyone online that day understands what is going in class and makes it feel like you are in the classroom with everyone else.
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Carthage is such a beautiful campus and right on Lake Michigan. All the professors and students are very nice and friendly. The professors want all of their students to succeed and be prepaid for their future careers. If a student need help they can go to the tutoring center in the library or get help for their professor during the professor's office hours.
The College is extremely welcoming to anyone of diverse background, and very adjustable to situations involving lower wealth families such as myself. The only dislike to imagine was some controversy regarding students being less than ideal, yet that doesn't necessarily interlock towards the schools raising. As a liberal arts school as well, I recommend those who can make the attempt to gain various scholarships for the education you will gain.
The online side was nothing outstanding, very fitting for a college trying their best in a hard time.
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