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I enrolled at Carthage spring semester of 2016. I enrolled in the school because, it was a small university with an amazing view. The faculty here are amazing and helpful. I am a senior now and I will be graduating in 2018 with my bachelors degree. It took me forever to find a school that was right for me and once I found this school I knew with the support of my family, adviser, staff, and peers I could make it.
What I would like to see changed is lower tuition cost for out of state students and in state students. I believe that education should not be expensive and keep you in debt after graduation.
I currently am employed and will attend classes in February. The campus is wonderful along with the staff. This is a school I feel very safe and welcomed at and can't wait to start here!
Carthage is a great school with a wide variety of programs for all sorts of majors! Their new science center building offers a brand new learning environment and the school's location near the lake and the city make it a school with so many unique learning and research opportunities!
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I went to Carthage for one year and after the first semester I decided to transfer. I went to Carthage initially because I really liked how small the classes would be. I got involved with sports but it turned out that Carthage wasn't for me. The shuttle taking you to your car takes forever. There aren't a lot of choices of food on campus so be ready to order take out. If you don't have a car or have a friend with a car you'll be bored. Literally half the campus goes home on the weekends. There is honestly no diversity. Classes were fairly easy as well. I stayed in Madrigano Dorm building. There's no air conditioning so the summers are super hot and the elevator broke every once in the while. Campus security SUCKS. It's not worth the money. If you have the chance to change and go to a community college please do and try to go to another school. The lake views aren't worth it in the winter. Half the class of 2020 left so save yourself.
Student life is very present on campus. Something I would like to change is the old furniture in some of the dorms.
The people at Carthage are honestly some of the best people I've ever met. Everyone is welcoming, friendly, and helpful - especially the professors. They will go out of their way to make sure students have everything they need to succeed - even so far as to help them secure financial help. Some problems with the college is the music building and the theatre. The practice rooms are so small with so little sound dampening technology that instrumentalists require ear plugs wile practicing and vocalists can't belt without hurting their own ears. Beyond that, one can hear everyone clear as day outside the practice rooms which doesn't encourage practicing something at which you know you'll fail. The theatre is terribly constructed and the students deserve better - especially considering they have sent a show to the ACTF (American College Theatre Festival) the last 8 out of 9 years which is better than any other program in the state. Food is TERRIBLE. View is BEAUTIFUL.
The teachers and staff are very invested in seeing students do well. There are a lot of diverse classes you can take (which doesn't really make up for the lack of diversity in the school body) and the campus is beautiful. There are a lot of clubs you can join but most have a small attendance rate. The nearby town isn't much but it has enough to keep you satisfied until you can hit up a bigger city like Chicago or Milwaukee.
Good school overall. Best D3 program around. Some professors do seem a bit arrogant, but nevertheless great campus
Carthage's location, just an hour away from both Chicago and Milwaukee and on Lake Michigan, offers a beautiful and practical setting. However, it is not a college town by any means and the party scene is lame.

The campus is not very diverse, though there is a growing population of minority and international students. I've never been to a sporting event, but we're a D-3 school.

Carthage has a host of capable, friendly, helpful, and inspiring faculty members. The college boasts about small class sizes (and they have every right to) because students build intimate partnerships with their peers and professors.

The food is iffy at best. And the security team is often hiring new employees, which means almost no one ever knows what they're doing, which is a bit of a hazard when it comes to safety. But the campus itself is quiet, small, and well-lit. All in all, Carthage offers a good education, but it is a bit overpriced. (At least they offer a decent amount of financial aid)!
In my time at Carthage, I would say I feel that I have grown as a person, and I have made many valuable lessons. However, I would also say that I am attending at a time in which the school wants to make changes happen. Diversity is a major priority at the moment, but is still facing an uphill battle. Sodexo catering is doing a better job serving the needs of students, but some of the food options for those who are gluten free are up there in price. Residence Life makes it a point to make sure the Halls are home to everyone who lives on campus. There have been controversial issues that have occurred on campus, but Carthage security is also making an effort to help students in need. There i also always a way for students to be involved on campus through an org, on an athletics team, or an honors society.
Although I haven't yet attended Carthage College and will be attending in the fall, I chose Carthage, because of it's beautiful campus, great academic programs, wonderful staff, and their strong communication with me. They are easy to contact with any questions and truly want their students to feel comfortable and at home at Carthage.
Carthage College is a beautiful campus that sits right next to lake Michigan. What I enjoy the most about Carthage is the class size, no class is bigger than twenty students. It gives the students, as well as the professor, the chance to connect and really get to know each other. Something you couldn't get on a bigger campus. The dorms come with a lake view, and weather is almost always perfect.
Carthage is an overall academically rigorous school with it's main focus in Academics even if the money is spent on sports. Many students find that Carthage offers them a diverse range of academic opportunities and club involvement however sports are limited.
The academic aspects of the school are good, many of the professors are very knowledgeable. Since it is a smaller school, they do not have a lot of food options or meal plans. I would like to see the quality of the food change for the better as well. The athletic teams and facilities are well respected. There are parties, but many of them are off campus. In my opinion, the dorms could be a little bit cleaner. Finally, the predominant attraction of this campus is the lake view. Carthage College sits right on Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Very pretty and serene campus. Professors are very helpful and there are so many resources here. Dorm life is clean enough to be acceptable and I was able to join the golf team.
Carthage has a very positive environment. The population of students is very nice and easy to make friends. There are quiet areas in most of the buildings that are designed for studying. The campus is small, but very beautiful because of the view of Lake Michigan it offers. The class size is like an average class, with about 20-30 students, and it gives the students and professors more time to interact with one another. This helps students fully understand the content and have questions answered. Overall, Carthage is a great place to study and there are many great advantages that they have to offer to students.
My overall experience at Carthage College has been an extraordinary institution with staff and faculty who excel at their professions. The class sizes, and one - on - one relationships with staff and faculty really help to engage me in my studies, and help me focus and stay active in the campus community
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I love Carthage College because it's such a small campus that when you're on campus, you feel like you matter, and it feels like you're apart of a community. Everyone there that I've talked to is genuinely nice, helpful, and extremely intelligent. Their music program is really strong. They have many professors that have played all around the world and who come from different countries. Also, 91% of professors hold a PhD in the subject that they teach. They also have a lot of ways to get involved. They have over 120 clubs that you can join, and they encourage people to make new clubs. Also, the campus is very beautiful. It's right on Lake Michigan.
Carthage College is a small liberal arts college with tons of charm.
The professors are awesome and outgoing, the students are involved and spirited, and the alumni are very generous.
On top of that, Carthage is dedicated to improving its future as well as its students' through investment in new facilities. All of Carthage's facilities are state of the art and brand spankin' new.
Everyone I've met in the community is incredibly nice and the view of Lake Michigan is gorgeous.
Carthage College is a good school, however, you should be prepared to fully embrace campus life in all ways. Your life outside of campus is very limited unless you are able to pay for a $1000 parking pass to have your car on campus with you. I was quick to learn that this was not the environment that I wanted for myself, as I enjoy my life off campus just as much as I enjoy on campus student life.
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