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Carteret Community College Reviews

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I am so happy I chose to go to Carteret Community College; the professors are all truly wonderful and I have flourished!
I loved that Carteret community college was all about helping me further my education. They weren't rude, they were patient and willing to get me on the right path towards achieving my goals.
I was enrolled in the GED Program under Diane Matlock. They teachers were very cooperative and helpful with the students who needed assistance. Ms. Matlock even let me " study " by tutoring some the other students. Then when I transferred over to the Core classes all the staff including Financial Aid and Academic Support. My advisor were both extremely helpful although one was a bit less patient. All really just impressed with my age. The janitors even were nice, kept everything perfect and were even fun to talk to.
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The teachers and students here are very nice and active in school events. The Student Government works hard every day to make sure the student's voices are heard and plan amazing events to be active in.
You learn a lot about medical legal issues and also how to code for different types of insurances.
I love taking class here and my teachers are very helpful and make registration easy.
There are multiple clubs here and the college usually had some event going on.
On campus there is a great student center where they have computers and offer tutoring when you need it.
I think the tuition is probably a normal rate for a community college even though everyone would wish is was cheaper. For me I usually get some financial aid but I don't get enough to cover everything so I have to figure something out. Finishing my degree is very important to me.
With the classes I have to take I have either been able to take them online or get most of them on the same day so I wouldn't miss any work.
I love taking online classes. They are very convenient for me considering I also work full time.
We have an alumni program, I believe. I also think they do alumni events sometimes.
Overall I love going to school here. I feel like I can talk to my advisor when I need too, and she gives great advice as to which classes to take and which ones not to so I don't over load myself.
There are resources available to assist with job placement.
Network reliability on campus is amazing. Any building I'm in, I'm able to access the wifi and get school or work related tasks accomplished.
There are resources out of this world at my campus. My ACA class is also a great class for exposing those resources and teaching you how those resources can be used. There was also a thorough outline of the available resources on camps mentioned in the online orientation.
My schedule isn't so demanding, thankfully, I can pretty much work with whatever schedule is given.
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I didn't think I would be good at doing online course but it turned out to be much more engaging than I could have imagined. I learned a lot. It kept my focus. I love being able to access online classes at my own leizure. It's not as leaniant as I thought considering class assignment deadlines. My first online class experience was awesome. If only all of them would be that way.
Its a nice campus. It's 50 years old but overall very clean, well kept older community college on the water. There are a couple of new buildings that are very modern. Campus life is a relaxing place to be especially the student center as it overlooks the water.
They're dedicated and interactive people.
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