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I just finished my first year at carteret community college and can honestly say it’s the best school I’ve attended. The campus is filled with such friendly faculty and students. Truly a school like no other.
Even though when I took the online classes, most of those professors were new to the idea, they handled it very well. My coursework still got done and was managed well by my professors.
I learned very well depending on the instructors, some of them are very biased. They have a southern stigma where they guard their ways and will put people down for non traditional and southern innovating.
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I like how they will help you to find a path or program of study to work through but sometimes. Thay are very pushy if you choose against a program that they want you to be in.
Carteret Community College is a great school!
So happy I applied - life changing!
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The program I am enrolled in is called massage therapy. The facilities and equipment are wonderful. My instructors provide the knowledge and experiences I will need to be a successful therapist
If I could have chosen any other school, I would have. If you are interested in psychology, I strongly suggest you stay away from this school. Professors are unfair, and do not describe anything well, especially with online classes. There have only been three teachers I have loved having, Mrs. Rawls, Mr. Underwood, and Mr. Bowen, other than that, everyone has pretty much been trash. Not to mention, the advising sucks. Good luck to everyone who will go here, its a complete joke and was the biggest waste of money I think I have ever spent.
It is a nice college. Safe and pretty big. No local sports teams but they do that a lot of different things to do and a killer view looking towards the ocean.
do not trust anything the business office says these people are just for the money and always have everything in writing or they will make you pay for classes you never took these people are thieves stay away
The teachers are very friendly and what to see you succeed in life. They help me in everything, not only about when I transfer, but the credits I should take and extra activities I should do to help me succeed.
I am a student from out of town. It has been extremely difficult for me to fit in on campus. It seems there is mostly military, married men or very young but married men who don't want to make new friends. The professors seem to favor the local and military men and that leaves me out in the cold. I have struggled with my studies and feel I'm very much alone. However, I have had great support from the support center on campus. I live off campus so that makes it difficult to be involved in anything happening on campus. I would say to other students that they should be prepared to be on your own and don't miss a class period if you don't have a buddy.
Carteret Community College is a great place to get the degree you need at a lower cost. There are courses for anyone that want to pursue a career that can help build up your income and experience on the job that you seek. Being near the ocean is a bonus!
Nice community college with a beautiful view on the water. Very friendly staffing and professors. The area has currently experience a hurricane and the college has been very flexible and efficient in lending a helping hand with supplies, food, etc. They are always holding events and offering food free for students. Class room sizes are also small for more personal and one-on-one with the professor for a better learning experience.
Small class sizes mean lots of opportunity for one-to-one discussion with professors. The faculty are well-qualified educators and the advisers truly care. The personal attention means you will get that 'kick-in-the-****' you need when you are flailing. It also means, if you let staff know you need help, you WILL GET help. I rely on grant money, but the cost of education here is super LOW, and the value of the education received is super HIGH! I enjoy coming to classes. All this, and a beautiful campus on the water.
Great college and the only college to my knowledge that is located waterfront, it is a very good atmosphere.
This community college has an excellent location, it’s right next to the intracoastal water way so it makes for very scenic strolls to and from class. Small, yet nationally accredited programs such as CNA 1 & 2, paramedic, and nursing. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff to accommodate your needs and questions
I am so happy I chose to go to Carteret Community College; the professors are all truly wonderful and I have flourished!
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I loved that Carteret community college was all about helping me further my education. They weren't rude, they were patient and willing to get me on the right path towards achieving my goals.
I was enrolled in the GED Program under Diane Matlock. They teachers were very cooperative and helpful with the students who needed assistance. Ms. Matlock even let me " study " by tutoring some the other students. Then when I transferred over to the Core classes all the staff including Financial Aid and Academic Support. My advisor were both extremely helpful although one was a bit less patient. All really just impressed with my age. The janitors even were nice, kept everything perfect and were even fun to talk to.
The teachers and students here are very nice and active in school events. The Student Government works hard every day to make sure the student's voices are heard and plan amazing events to be active in.
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