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Carson-Newman is such a special place; you could not choose a better institution! I have grown so much as a person during my time at CN. Carson-Newman professors and faculty are incredible and they prioritize your overall growth, your academic achievement, and your future success!
The school is not too big which in turn makes going to school less overwhelming. The teachers there really care about you and your performance in their classes! DO try and get involved around the school: athletics, clubs, programs anything is fun.
I like that the teachers & staff are very supportive & flexible with their students; however, I would like to see more options for clubs & organizations for students to be involved.
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Carson Newman University is the best college I could ever imagine attending. The professors are amazing and genuinely care about you and your school work. With it being a christian college, it makes me feel at home
Carson-Newman is a wonderful Christian school that is like being surrounded by family. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. There is no other place I would rather be! The only thing I wish that could change is that they would offer the upper-level undergraduate classes more frequently so that the times would be more convenient. Other than that, it's great!
I love Carson-Newman the hometown feel and the family I've created there is something that will stay will me forever.
This college allowed me to push myself and reach the goals that I have set forth. I am currently in the Masters program here and when I graduate I will be able to give back to the community and support my family fully. I love the faculty and how they really allow you to be yourself yet make sure that you know God loves you.
I really enjoy attending Carson-Newman University. The environment is very friendly and everyone treats you like family. Professors are always available when help is needed! They will never turn you away! I look forward to my remaining years at Carson-Newman.
I liked the professors and how they truly cared for their students. I feel as though every professor would take the time out of their day to help us succeed. The food could use some work tho.
Carson-Newman University is a college that appreciates the voices of the students, faculty, and staff. Every since I started at Carson-Newman I immediately felt accepted into the community. I was a second year transfer and was very nervous because I did not start here, however, I immediately made friends and got involved in campus clubs and activities. I am very happy with my decision to attend Carson-Newman University.
The campus it’s at Carson-Newman is very small but that’s what makes it so great! Your classes usually have about 20-30 students in them so you won’t be that student that the professor doesn’t know. All the professors are there to help you and make sure you get your degree.
I am not yet an official student of Carson-Newman University but I am committed. When visiting the campus I got to eat with students and tour every building. The university felt like home. I knew right then, that Carson-Newman was the place for me. The students and professor were willing to go out of their way to show me around and telling me everything I needed to know about the campus. Many of the student even prayed for God to show me the way he wants me to go. That particular moment meant so much to me because as a high school senior I was having a difficult time trying to figure out where God wants me. After being there for a few hours, doors began to open and God was showing me everything that i needed to see.
Carson-Newman is a warm and inviting school with professors who genuinely care about your success. I know I can count on being pushed to my full potential with support all the way to the end. You will never go unnoticed or uncared for. I am crazy about this campus and the beauty it possesses especially in the fall when the colors fill campus. I am crazy about the people I met and have been surprised to see just how different people are once you enter college. I am compassionate about Carson-Newman and would recommend it to anyone.
I truly love this school and everything about it! Carson-Newman makes me feel like I am at home. This school has become one of my favorite places to be. The campus is beautiful with lots of wonderful people. The professors are engaging and kind. They genuinely care and want you to succeed in the process called college. The campus life is great especially for a small school. There is always an event or something to go to. Also it is super easy to get involved and be apart of groups and/or organizations.
I absolutely love this school. I have grown so much mentally since starting my career here in August 2016. My two favorite things are it is a small campus, and the professors care.
Carson-Newman University has a lot to offer. Whether concerning classes or extracurriculars, there is something for everyone. Every day is new and fresh which is hard to find in rural areas. The people you spend your time with will easily become the most interesting and best people you know. As you learn from extremely talented professors, you will make memories to last a lifetime.
I love Carson-Newman! I have made great connections with staff and with students here! Everyone there is kind and helpful. I enjoy being a student there.
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It’s honestly not that good. It’s easy to say it’s a good school if your not a diverse student. The lifestyle at this school is depressing and feels like it’s holding me back from learning as much as other students are. The education curriculum is the same every year and the equipment is outdated. Please do not waste your time here it is expensive
It a place where if your looking for fun you can find it but it also has a silmple quietness to it to help you focus on school work
I have been at Carson Newman for two years now and it has been nothing short of amazing. The professors are so helpful and strive for your success
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