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I had to take online classes for when cover-19 happened and I had a easy and great experience I passed all of my classes and would do online over again if I had to.
I love Carson-Newman University for millions of reasons they taught me to be a better person, reach for my dreams, succeed in ways I thought I could never and receive education from the bests professors in the world!
I really enjoy how if you ever get lonely at the creek, there is always someone who is willing to be your friend. The scenery is gorgeous everytime I step foot on campus.
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Most of my professors did not know what they were doing, or they did not really teach, they just gave the assignment and that was it.
Excellent school, excellent advisors and support system, all employees assist students to the best of their abilities.
Outstanding school, great support system! The advisors genuinely care about their students and will do whatever they need to help them succeed.
Online was awful, but not due to the school. The professors seemed to assign more work now that we wasn’t on campus. They asked for students to act as if they was still there even though we was not. Some students had to come back home and work farms, jobs, and babysit family.
Is a very religion based school. The school is not as nice as I thought it was be. Very strict and is kind of like still living with parents. The cafe is not the best and food tastes bland. Teachers are caring and help you get through.
I didn’t take online classes but they online system wasn’t that great. I think they changed it after I left but I’m not 100% sure.
If you want to go to a school where everyone knows everyone, C-N is for you. I went to a small high school & thought I wanted that in a college but I was wrong. Stayed for my freshman year then transferred to a much larger university. At most you’ll have five people who are in your year &share your major, so you feel alone w your studies/ experiences. The required events (CLWs) are terrible. College is supposed to be a time where you’re free to do as you want/ make your own decisions &CLWs are just one way they take that from you. Some CLWs can be fun but it’s really just a way to make you sit through a church service once a week at 9am. If you’re Christian and don’t want college to challenge your beliefs/ make you grow, this is also the school for you. Finally, the dorms and their restrictions are atrocious. All of the buildings are outdated & falling apart. You’re treated like a child & have to check any guests in/ have them leave by a certain time & leave your door open.
I came to Carson Newman university in the summer of last year for football, As a freshman in college. My experience here kind of felt like back home, From high school. I went to a boarding military school eight minutes from my house. I was a day student though. I’ve had friends from all over the world. Kind of like at Carson Newman university. Both small schools. I chose Carson Newman because I didn’t want to be just a number. I wanted to be known. I am from Florida so the weather is a lot different my first year as a freshman in college I got to see snow! It is a little colder here but it wasn’t too bad. I missed my family, I was also busy with football, friends, class work and homework. The time when by fast. My overall experience Was great! I will be back in July for football and my sophomore year!
During COVID-19, I took the remainder of my classes online. Me personally I was able to get all of my work done, On my own time, Which was great. Being in the classroom I will say is better overall, Having that hands-on experience. To having to do my work online wasn’t much of a change for me, in my grades..I was able to keep them up. The professors helped me if needed. Being at home is a plus.. Because I miss my family, being a-freshman, I keep busy with sports, Classwork and homework, also with team sports as well, there is always something to do here. The experience at Carson Newman University, Felt like home. The staff, coaches, Professors, Everyone that is on campus makes it such a great experience to be here. When I First came to Carson Newman it was in the summer, for football. I flew up there from Florida. I will be back in July for football, I’m coming back for my sophomore year..
As far as education goes Carson-Newman University is a great school. There is great campus activities and something for everyone to do. But it is in the middle of nowhere and it's very small campus.
Carson Newman is a great places to really focus on your work. There aren't as many distractions on this campus rather than being on other campuses. Even though it seems to be in the middle of nowhere there is plenty to do. I have found my life long best friend here and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.
I love the welcoming Christian environment at Carson-Newman. I have not yet attended Carson-Newman therefore I do not think they need to change anything from the outside looking in.
One of things I like most about Carson-Newman is the atmosphere. Every person there is encouraging and supportive of your academic and overall success. I also like the classes, They have exceptional professors instructing material that is most helpful in pursuing your career or degree.
Carson-Newman is a very well rounded college that focuses on the student, the professors focus on the students as well work with them to improve there academic journey. The facility's are up to date and clean, the students all have a close relation ship to one another all in a very safe environment.
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I absolutely love Carson-Newman University primarily because of how friendly the professors and staff are. At Carson-Newman you're treated as an individuals as opposed to a bigger college which fills hundreds of students in one class.

There is also a good number of side activities or clubs to participate in.
Awful school. Terrible dependence. People will not support if you are an international in trouble, professor are racist with people without noticing. It was a terrible experience spend a semester in here. Think it twice if you want to come over and waste your time. If you ask for something they will take months on answer whatever you ask! Food is bad. Athletics are decent. Academics, to many useless classes with no meaning. School is to expensive for what it offers. In my personal experience, i can just feel regret about spending a semester in here
I chose the school to continue my athletic career and did not actually look at the school itself. It is not the right fit for me.
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