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I chose the school to continue my athletic career and did not actually look at the school itself. It is not the right fit for me.
The nursing staff is outstanding. I can't say enough about it. They have encouraged me through difficult times and they truly care about their students.
Carson-Newman offers a wide range of opportunities to explore. The university is rapidly growing and changing. It may be a small campus, but everything within it is moving at a fast pace. If you enjoy interacting with people I highly recommend giving this university a chance. It is incredibly easy to network with people. You are given plenty of leadership opportunities. The environment is suitable for learning. Just remember to try to get involved! The best time to get out of your comfort zone is in college.
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I have only just started my first year here, but they strive to help new students adapt to college life. The Orientation activities and leaders, as well as the Welcome Week activities help immensely in the transition. The teachers are amazing with students and seem to always be open to help.
The Butler residence hall should be condemned.... Water damage and mold present, peeling paint, not properly maintained or updated to current standards- beds for full grown young men are twin size. Even the windows in the back are rotted and most all of them dirty and covered in spider webs.
I have only completed one year at Carson-Newman University and I really like it. Campus Community is a big thing there and it really shows. I knew the moment I stepped on campus that it was the place I was going to go. It is an older school and because of that I would like to see the dorms in a little better condition but they could be worse. Overall I really enjoy being at Carson-Newman.
I love Carson-Newman I thought college was going to be very difficult for me but with the smaller classes the professors are able to connect and help more
The school itself it a great school. I absolutely love it. It is a small community and our are not just a number. All of the teachers are willing to talk to you. Everything about this school is great.
It is an amazing University. Everyone is is so friendly and helpful. The cookies that they serve in the Cafeteria are amazing.
Since it is a smaller university, the professors have more one on one time and can give every student ample attention. The baptist aspect of the college keeps everyone sturdy in their faith and helps others follow the correct path. Great college with awesome faculty!
Carson-Newman is a fine school for liberal arts, but their STEM majors are lacking. That said, the STEM professors are very good in their field and do a fantastic job conveying the information.
I like the small class sizes and the student success center was helpful, they had a a lot of resources and they are easy to talk to.
It was a great choice for me to attend CN. It is a small campus with caring faculty and great student life. My one major concern/area that needs improving would be the dorms and living area for students.
Carson-Newman University is a small, private Christian school. One of the main things that I like about it is how people will grow in their faith at Carson-Newman. The entire atmosphere of the school is positive. I am going to be swimming on the swim team next year. Even though I am not on the team right know, all of the athletes already treat me like family. I love that it is only a thirty minute drive to Knoxville and Gatlingburg. One thing that could change about the school is the cafeteria. The cafeteria could be update to meet the standards of other college cafeterias. Also, the school could be sponsored more throughout high schools.
Carson Newman University is an amazing school. My professors here were always willing to work one on one with me and accommodate my children when I didn't have a babysitter. They put their students first. The teachers genuinely care about what happens to their students after they graduate. Carson Newman is a great university to build life long connections. They provide lots of activities for students living on or off campus. They provide for their students. This school helped me get through a lot!
As a freshman in college, I expected a little more out of college. It is a conservative school with hard classes. The food isn't bad, they just seem to serve the same stuff over and over again. The art department is wonderful and I look forward to finishing my degree with them. The dorms aren't great but there is a chance you'll meet your new best friend. Overall Carson-Newman is a good still but might not be the perfect fit for everyone.
I like the fact that it is a Christian based college. When I went to tour the college, they were so welcoming and they made it feel like home. Everyone is very nice there and it seems to be easy to make new friends. The dorms are very nice and the church they have there seems very big but beautiful. They mentioned to me that you get to talk to whoever you get paired with to room with ahead of time and I think that's very wonderful. It seems like a great college to attend and I'm very excited I get the chance to attend there.
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I am a transfer student, who came to Carson Newman in the fall of 2018. My experience so far has been very good. All of the faculty and staff are very invested in seeing every student succeed. When I first started here, I was worried that I would have a problem finding a community or group of friends but that was no issue, given the size of the college. It has been great so far and I'm sure it will continue to be.
Carson-Newman is such a special place; you could not choose a better institution! I have grown so much as a person during my time at CN. Carson-Newman professors and faculty are incredible and they prioritize your overall growth, your academic achievement, and your future success!
The school is not too big which in turn makes going to school less overwhelming. The teachers there really care about you and your performance in their classes! DO try and get involved around the school: athletics, clubs, programs anything is fun.
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