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I love Carroll University so much mostly because of their excellent communication skills. During my college search, they have easily been the best at responding to my emails and questions, even over the weekend. They also have the top nursing program in the country at the moment because of their 100% passing rate on the NCLEX exam. Finally, they offer so many scholarships that attending Carroll is easily affordable.
The students are all really nice. The teachers are friendly and easy to talk to. They really care about each student in the class and want everyone to be successful.
The school is small, which allows for a lot of one-on-one time between faculty and students. The professors are kind and always ready to help. However, there isn't much diversity in the school and the school is very expensive.
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I don't think I've been on a campus that felt more like home than Carroll. The small class sizes and the personable professors make it more tolerable to want to show up to class.
I liked the atmosphere and environment along with the feeling of diversity and creativity present all around. It is a very sophisticated and prestigious school with lots of opportunities. It is also close to home and I have been able to tour it multiple times.
I love the location! It gives you the big city feeling but at the same time still gives you a small city home feeling.
I love that it’s small, and that the professors take a personal interest in your future, and really care about your success. As a campus, they are also very cognizant of the environment. The Eco club in campus is very active, and have raised lots of money to put towards awareness and various eco friendly equipment. They have also implemented many changes on campus including a plastic straw ban, reusable to go containers for the cafeteria, and solar panels that have allowed at least one of our buildings to be self-sustaining.

Unfortunately, I have often noticed that communication between departments is not always good, and I have had to do some running around in regards to some administrative stuff.
Overall, Carroll is a great school! The entire staff from professors to advisors to counselors etc. are so focused on the well-being of the students. Everyone there wants to see you succeed, and there are so many resources to help you! Because it is a smaller school, students get that one on one connection with their professor, and there's tutors and sessions for every class to help. The only thing I don't like at Carroll is that there is not a lot to do on campus. When I'm not studying or in class, I find myself constantly bored and at a loss of what activities I could go do. If you have a car on campus though, there's great options in nearby areas. Milwaukee is pretty close. Overall, I love the atmosphere and student focus on Carroll University!
Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin is an excellent school for students serious about obtaining a quality education. The professors are superb and the small class sizes assure attention is paid to each student. The campus is beautiful and full of history. I would not trade the education for anything. The location is great: a one mile walk to downtown Waukesha and a close drive to Milwaukee and Chicago. I would definitely recommend that you check out Carroll University!
Class sizes are small, with great teaching and invested professors. Greek life on campus is disappointing due to its diminutive size.
Carroll has a very good DPT program and their undergrad exercise science major is also very well. The professors are invested in the field and want to do what they can to help. They are very eager to share their knowledge and work with you on various projects.
The campus is super chill. There's a lot of really cool people that attend. The dorms are bigger than most colleges, which is amazing so you're able to have more room.
Carroll feels like a home away from home. I enjoy my classes and the professors. There is always something to do on campus and there are multiple places to eat. There are recent changes on campus and buildings being built/restored.
I loved the Science Buildings for both PT and Nursing Students and how much the teachers push us to do our best to be the best DPTs and Nurses! Also how Carroll requires a Cultural Experience and courses related to Culture! Incredible experiences created :-)
I haven't spent much time in Carroll University, but from my first year here, I think it's a great college. It's small, which I like, but it's expensive. All my teachers were good. I live locally, so I commute to save money. I can't really tell how the dorms are, but I'd imagine it to be decent. Downtown is pretty fun, too. I like the parks here. The food that is served in campus is amazing. I'm an introvert, and I can't really say much about student life or the party scene.
It’s crazy, obviously being a first year college student it’s hard to know if you’re actually going to like a colleg or not and if you want to put so much money in it, I’ve looked at hundreds of colleges, taken tours in many in and out of state and carroll is honestly the best choice for me. Everyone who know someone me says the same thing! Its small and hands on teachers and help everywhere you look it’s amazing! I’m excited to start and end my 4 years at this school.
I really enjoy the atmosphere in this college. All of my current professors and advisers aim to help me succeed and will help me in any way possible. The campus is small, making it easy to get from building to building in a timely matter, and is always clean. I am a commuter so I have to drive from my house and Carroll everyday. I save money this way, but I would enjoy being a commuter much more if the parking lots were larger, included more parking space, and if all of the major pot holes were filled. I am tired of trying to find parking on the streets and having to avoid pot holes in the parking lots when my tuition is $29,000 a year.
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I would like to see a higher diversity rate among the student population. I believe that it will create a much more educational environment outside of the classroom. Some departments of the school seem to be unorganized and I believe that betterment of the communication skills between faculty will help certain programs run much smoother.
I just finished my freshman year at Carroll University. I really enjoy this school so far. The classes for both my major and the gen-eds are very interesting, engaging, and informative. The faculty that I have interacted with are very approachable and helpful, and it is clear they know what they are doing in their respective fields. I would like to see a bit more diversity and campus-wide events and activities that cater to a larger variety of students.
I really enjoy that Carroll University is a smaller college and allows for one-on-one student and professor interaction. I believe I have greatly benefited from this opportunity to get to know my professors on a personal level. Each of my professors has always encouraged and pushed me to achieve greatness. I would not be where I am today without the help and knowledge of the faculty at Carroll University.
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