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As a freshman, I have had a great first year at Carroll. It has a wonderful learning environment, lots of academic resources, and countless ways to get involved and have fun on campus. I am very satisfied with my education so far and can't wait to continue through my time here.
I like all the professors I've had so far, along with the quick walks to classes. Everything is close by and easy to find. I'm a student athlete and I work on campus and it's really easy to balance everything out here.
Carroll University is a good school to go to if you are entering the medical field. The campus is really nice and the side walks are always shoveled in the winter before you have to go to classes. Carroll is a very clean school with a lot of diversity. I recommend going to Carroll if you are going into the medical field.
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They have many resources available to their students to provide help. The professors are knowledgeable and care about what they're teaching.
I have not attended yet but I intend to. Their tutoring opportunities are incredible and plentiful. Their campus is beautiful and the professors are lovely and helpful.
I have had a fantastic experience here. With the small class sizes I have had countless opportunities that I never would have had at a state University. As an Art Education Major, Carroll allowed me to be working in classrooms since my freshman year. Also allowing for countless extra curriculars, professional opportunities and development. The professional staff here is so friendly and you are more than just a number to your professors here. It feels like home.
I am so pleased with their nursing program so far. It is direct admission, so I won't have to reapply my sophomore year and hope I get in. I keep my credentials, and I am already working so much farther into the depth of nursing than many other programs. Last year, 30 students from carroll took the NCLEX nursing licensure exam, and every student passed. This boosts my confidence for my program so much, and its because of how phenomenal my professors are. They aren't rude when you need help, they take the time to help you perform a skill with you, rather than just verbally instruct you or get frustrated. I can say that Carroll is wonderful, its quaint, quiet, yet such a blast.
Super nice to not have to walk too far to get to class in winter. Also love how clean campus is all of the time. Definitely would recommend to others
Carroll is a small school with a large university look. Classes are small and personal with great professors. There are a lot of university housing types from your typical double dorm room with a community bathroom, to apartment suites. Everything is well kept and clean. There are many offering for socializing and sporting events. At Carroll you are a name with your professors and among administrators - not a number. The cost of the school, being private, is higher than your public universities. However, the school has scholarship opportunities and grants and can help find financial aid. Payment plans are offered and many textbooks can be bought online.
I love that it's a small campus so it doesn't take more than a 10 minute walk to get to class. Also, I love the small classroom size. It's so great to get that extra help from a professor who actually cares about your success. You're not just a number to them, you're a student. THEIR student.
Carroll is a small university but the professors and academics are top notch! The smaller class sizes allow for a more personalized learning experience with easy access to extra help if needed. Speaking of extra help, Carroll offers a variety of studying assistance such as peer led study groups and easy to access online library. The classes can be tough, but at least you'll know you're paying for a great education.
It is a very small college which I like because that was how my high school was. We learn about diversity in our studies, but the majority of the students who go there are not diverse ethnically. Carroll offers cultural courses and a Cross-Cultural Experience trip that all students must go on. You can travel all over the globe. Carroll has a lot of adjunct professors, some who were very great and some who were terrible. The professors who have been there the longest know how to teach and are very smart. I graduated early due to credits and so far it has been hard to find a job. It has been a month and I applied to 40 jobs. So the "return on investment" is lacking right now. I'm going to graduate school for OT. So, later my return will be much greater. Making friends and having consistent friends is easier when living on campus. I lived on campus for one year and commuted the rest. Thus, I have many acquaintances.
I love Carroll, the people are amazing, the classes are engaging, the atmosphere is perfect, and you feel safe and at home when you are here. They could improve on some teachers.
I love everything about Carroll University, couldn't be happier about pick a great University. I can't wait to call Carroll my home for the next six years.
Carroll University was unlike anything I expected. Academically, it reminded me of high school, where anyone could cheat to pass. If you want an easy A, then this would be a good school to attend but keep in mind that it will not benefit you in the real world. Socially, this school was terrible. With it being a small school, there were many cliques and the people were not really open to change. Again, reminiscent of high school. The school has no diversity aside from the foreign exchange students. The Waukesha area is dirty and there happens to be a heroin epidemic in the community. There really is no party scene because there are cops and public safety patrolling the areas where parties would be thrown, especially on the weekends. The only thing good about Carroll University is their food. Overall, I was very disappointed in attending Carroll University.
It has been a gratifying experience up until now with the campus being small it allows one reach their classes relatively easy and if one were to be lost the students would be willing to help you out. That being said class sizes are relatively small allowing for easier student to teacher interaction granted the teacher knows what s/he is doing. One thing I would like to say is that the food being served in the MDR could be better since its usually a hit or miss and that's probably one of the reasons I'm happy I'm a commuter. On the topic of being a commuter your first year will be tough on forming connections since you do not have the privilege of being on campus, so I would recommend joining a club/sport or going to the events they host for commuters to at least know people on campus. But I'm guessing that's not just a Carroll thing. Either way I do not regret the years I have put in so far at Carroll.
Carroll has been a wonderful experience for me. I've met many people here, and all of the professors were more than helpful.
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I currently am a student at the university and I believe it is an exceptional school. The physical therapy program is very well set up and one of the best ones out there.
I chose Carroll for their small campus and Physical Therapy program. I am so very glad I did because I really got to know my professors. The most important thing to me was that my professors knew me by name; I did not want to be a number among thousands in a bigger university. That being said, the faculty and staff are so friendly, helpful, and supportive (at least the professors I have encountered so far.) There is always anyone willing to help you with anything, all you have to do is ask.
I am receiving a satisfactory education as well as first-hand job experience. I have an on-campus job that is directly related to my major. I could not ask for more... well, I could.
Better food and cheaper textbooks.
First Carroll has a beautiful campus and downtown Waukesha is picturesque and just the right size. The public library and dozens of restaurants anr a five minute walk and the campus is small enough that you can get from one end to the other in just ten minutes on foot. The food options are pretty decent with the main dinning room, ABP (a bread and sandwich shop open whenever campus is open) and the coffee shop in the library. I am in the choir program whitch unlike most colleges is open to all students, so I can be a Computer Science major and still be in the top choir. The program is growing rapidly and is too much fun to pass up. Also the small school community makes class sizes supper small and teachers really dedicated. The largest lecture hall holds 150 but the average class size is like 15-20. I love my professors and every single professor I have had knew me by name.
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