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Carroll University offers students a "home-like" feel once you take your first step on campus. CU offered a variety of majors, minors, and activities to accommodate students' needs, wants, and desires. As a Not-for-profit school, Carroll University offers multiple scholarships for students in need for financial aid. As a final review, Carroll University gives and will continue to give students the adequate education and college experience.
This is a small school with a high school mentality. The dorms are expensive and it's hard to get into the new suite-style dorms. There is NO off campus living available and the college makes its hard for you to get save money and live off campus. It's ridiculously hard to keep a car there too. No activities on the weekend, the summers and breaks are dead. Many commuters go here.
Small class sizes allow for individual attention to be met. However, the admission process is overambitious and is allowing too many people to be accepted into the school when there is not enough room to house them.
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The campus is absolutely beautiful. All of their staff are so nice and easy to talk to, plus extremely helpful. Cannot wait to be back in the fall and make memories!!
Carroll University is the perfect school for me! Everyone is friendly, the landscape is beautiful, and the teachers are amazing. Truly blessed to go to Carroll.
After my freshman, year I am very happy with my choice to attend Carroll University. Their classes, student organizations, and campus all make it a great place to live and learn.
I enjoy the small town feel of the Waukesha/Carroll area. You will always see someone you know while walking around campus. I also enjoy how small campus is. The furthest walk you'll have take is ten minutes.
Carroll University has given me a great college experience for many reasons. The administration is very friendly and helpful, there are many resources for academic help, the campus feels like a community, and there are always social activities held on campus. It's a nice environment for making friends as well as studying hard.
I enjoy that the teachers are extremely helpful. The students are very welcoming and the food is of great quality. I can't wait to start this upcoming fall.
Carroll University has the best nursing program in the state. The small class sizes are amazing and allow you to connect with professors, which definitely gets you a head start. Gorgeous campus with relatively nice dorms.
I have not been on the campus for long but I love it already. The people are very friendly and always open for conversation. The professors truly care about their students and help each one to make sure they pass. The housing and food are not the best as I would like to see changes on that.
Although I am only a freshman at Carroll University, I have already gained so much from this university. I have gained the small, caring environment that Carroll provides. Any of the faculty and staff make themselves available at all times, whenever you may need them. The small class sizes and no TA's is a blessing because you are not a number, you are a fellow. A lot of the professors make it known that that they do not want to be a superior, just a leader or facilitator of our education. The campus offers many events that make staying on campus easy and makes the home sickness dwindle. The surrounding community supports Carroll students and is very friendly. The downtown area, just a 5 minute walk off campus, provides local shops and restaurants for a new experience. Thus far, Carroll has been the right choice not just academically but in all aspects because of the various high quality environment they provide.
First, Carroll University has an outstanding campus! It has beautiful white stone buildings and a great main lawn where you can lay to relax, play football, soccer,etc. or even do your school work. Second, they have so many organizations to get involved in. From sororities and fraternities to political and diversity organizations, they have it all. Lastly, the professors want you to succeed and encourage you to do better and encourage you to come to their office hours if you need help. Because of the small class sizes, the professors know you and are willing to help you with anything you need. I would highly recommend Carroll University to anyone!
Carroll University is a great school if you are looking to focus on academics. The diversity of the school isn't that great but if we have more minorities apply it'll make the campus even better. Professors are always helpful and are always there. The resources Carroll offered is fantastic. The many places to study and eat is great as well.
As a freshman, Carroll didn't waste any time making sure students felt connected or apart of something that the campus had to offer right away. I personally love the small school and welcoming atmosphere. I wish there was more guidance, however, for undecided students.
Still halfway through. Undeclared yet, but lots of help available. Beautiful campus, wish there was slightly more diversity. Good sized school for me.
Carroll is a school that you have to know or at least have an idea what you want to do before you enter. Unlike some other schools, Carroll starts you on your major classes right away with gen eds taken where ever you have room throughout the years. Its difficult for transfer students because a lot of classes do not transfer and part of Carroll's gen ed program is going on a trip to learn about culture which must be done before your last semester. And the trip is an extra expense, not included in.
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The professors are able to help students one-on-one due to it being such a small class which is amazing. But I wish there were more gen-ed classes to choose from.
There is hardly any crime on campus. I feel relatively safe but I wish there were more public safety shuttles around.
The traditional dorms don't have A/C which isn't that great but otherwise, everything is nice and neat.
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