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I really enjoy Carroll. Its right inside a community which gives it a home like feeling. The faculty here are also amazing and they always put students needs first.
Carroll is a beautiful campus filled with opportunity to learn and be successful. The university goes out of it's way to make sure that the students are diversified. As a student I am able to engage myself in other cultures besides my own because of the emphasis on culture that the university provides. Here I am able to engage with peers who are different from me and I am able to learn about them as they are of me. Without going to Carroll I wouldn't get the cultural experience that I believe is beneficial to have in today's society.
I like how small the campus is and the professors are amazing. There are plenty of activities to do and the university is good at telling everyone about their activities. The activities are typically free and a lot of fun. Also, public safety is amazing we all have their number in case we have an emergency. The service is open 24 hour seven days a week to ensure our safety.
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I really like the small campus community, one thing I would like to change is their residency requirements.
I am a Transfer student at Carroll University. I had a tour when I was on the search for a new college to attend. My tour guide was very personable and made me feel like I was one of her friends. I felt so welcomed and comfortable there. I am also a commuter so I can't say much about the dorm life, or the party scene. However what I can comment about is the Academics and Student life. It really an incredible community of students coming together to better each others lives. They have free tutoring and Supplemental Instruction groups that will help you understand the class discussions and apply the course content. I feel as though the local area is also very welcoming. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance if you live on campus and there are also fun things to do in the area like taking pottery classes, or yoga classes as well as local gyms in the area.
I am a junior nursing student and so far I've loved Carroll. We have AMAZING health science programs, whether it be physical therapy, rad tech, sonogrophy, athletic training, etc. All the programs are highly ranked and I feel the rigor they put us through, especially in the nursing program, will have prepared me well for the NCLEX and real nursing experiences.
One thing I like about Carroll University is the academics and professors. While I have had a mostly unsatisfying time dealing with academics, the class sizes are small and you can get a one-on-one time with the professors. The professors are nice and most take an interest in you personally. I do love the campus itself, and the only bad thing I will say is the parking.
Carroll is a small school, to the point where you see the same faces a lot even if you know them or not. The benefits of this are that classes are smaller and can be more beneficial as there is more opportunity for one on one with professors. There are also students helpers offered in many of the classes to help assist you with topics and subjects. Sports here are okay, but nothing special, just a way to get involved. If you like greek life or are interested Carroll does offer that and there are many different frats and sororities to choose from. The food here is okay but after a while, it is nothing to be excited about. It certainly could be better. There are also many clubs to choose from making it easy for anyone to get involved and meet people here. Carroll is what you make of it, it's a small school but does offer great opportunity from social life to academic endeavors.
I love the small campus and friendly environment! There isn’t much I’d change about Carroll, it was a perfect fit for me and I’m sure many others can speak to the same standards.
Although it took me time to adjust to the culture Carroll is a beautiful campus filled with many friendly students and staff. there is something for everyone to do whether its through a sport or club.
Carroll University does an excellent job at being a rigorous, but very fun school. All staff works hard to make a relationship with their students and the small class sizes are very welcoming. The only down-side to CU is the price, but you do get your money's worth with the education received.
Carroll University is the perfect place for any student who wants a smaller school environment than big public schools. Carroll provides students with an excellent learning environment with smaller class sizes so that students have the ability to ask questions and receive hands on learning. Carroll University is home to intelligent and giving student and staff that take pride in being a pioneer.
Carroll offers a lot of academic support to help all students be successful in their toughest courses. Additionally, Carroll provides many opportunities for students to give back to the community through volunteer work. The campus is beautiful, cozy, and safe.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first year at Carroll University. Carroll is filled with the most helpful and insightful professors and faculty. The campus is beautiful and filled with plenty of areas to sit and study. The only thing that Carroll could improve is by installing air conditioning throughout the dorms.
I transferred here my second semester of freshman year and it has already been proven to be the right move to make. This school really focuses on hands on learning and I already feel confident going into and pursuing my major.
I felt like Carroll was my home away from home. It is a small school so you get to know people and see them around. All the professors I have had want the best for you and take the time to make sure you understand the material.
There are a decent amount of food options and are all pretty good. The dorms were a good size, definitely not too small. There is always something to do on the weekends and about a mile down the road there are a lot of stores and restaurants.
the campus is beautiful and has such a great atmosphere, the waukesha area is amazing and always buzzing with activity
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Carroll was the best choice for me academically. I love the small class sizes and every single professor I have ever had knows me by name.
Phenomenal campus with professors who care deeply about student success. Both students and professors have resources to accomplish what they need, and there is a great respect between teacher/student.
I love this school. great nursing program. great environment and people. staff is great and helpful. all over the great place to study.
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