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Carroll provides good technological support and materials. They have done an excellent job with online learning an adjusting with every student. they provide a whole unit of workers to help you accommodate to the best possibility.
Carroll University provides excellent resources and continuous help for your college journey. If you ever need anything you just have to ask. Everyone is guaranteed success as long as you use your resources. Also very good usage of technology as well. you can even rent materials such as laptops, rooms, and exercise equipment as well.
I just recently moved all the way from Wyoming to Wisconsin to attend Carroll University. I was drawn in by their amazing marine biology program that they offer! When I made the transition to Carroll, I was welcomed like family and felt to safe and included. I was greeted by a wonderful amount of diversity and culture that I was not exposed to before my transition to Carroll University, which I have been enjoying so much. This University has been so uplifting to all of their students, and also making us feel safe in context of COVID-19 by taking extra steps to ensure our health. Although I am not far into the school year, I am already in love with everything this University has to offer.
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The professors here at Carroll have been doing an amazing job when it came down to online classes. Currently, the university is doing hybrid classes to make sure classrooms allow social distancing, but also allow students to have valued in-class time to improve their education. So far, I am enjoying how smoothly everything is going.
Great school with a homey feel and professors that don't just treat you like a number! The small feel ensures each student gets individual help and the attention they deserve
All of my professors did everything they could to provide me with the amazing education that I was expecting as I applied as a freshman. The whole process was organized well
Classes online were a challenge because it took away fact to face aspect, obviously. It was hard because students were taken away from their friends. However, Carroll worked really hard to try and make the experience the best they could.
Carroll bring together a great community and has an awesome orientation planned for incoming students. This school also has a lot of opportunities for students to get involved. It’s also right by downtown Waukesha, so perfect location!
My online learning experience with Carroll was good. I felt that I could engage more easily and not get as distracted as I would if I were in a room with other people.
Overall, my experience with Carroll is pretty good. I am provided with great education for my major, however, the way some policies and procedures are carried out for students can be questionable. Otherwise, Carroll is pretty good.
Online learning was facilitated with many new recources professors presented us with. We used Microsoft Teams along with countless other online resources to make our adjustment to online learning as easy as possible. As everyone knows, online learning is a big adjustment and they did not have the best circumstances to change us to online learning. Under the current world situation, Carroll did they best they could to streamline classes!
Excellent staff and a wonderful welcoming campus. Always new activities to keep students interested. Full of resources to help students achieve their best academically.
Carroll University is a great college. They adminstration and teachers there prepare you for your future career and are very helpful is you are still figuring that out. Things that still need to worked on is the overall diversity of staff and students and also in the culture of the school.
My online expierence was good. My professors adjusted quickly and were also available to answer questions.
Love carroll great college to attend! So far experience has been better than the best! I don’t think anything needs to change when it comes to Carroll University!
I did not take any courses online. Half way through the semester all courses went online due to the virus and Carroll did a great job transitioning and attending to those in need!
I have taken many online courses through Carroll University and highly recommend. CU's online courses allowed me to accelerate my learning process and graduate a full academic year early.
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I have had a wonderful experience as a Carroll University student and would recommend to any upcoming college students in search of a university with small class sizes, great opportunities, and professors who go above and beyond.
Almost 100% of homework is done online, with the only exceptions being math/diagram related. Quizzes and Exams were taken online for some classes, while others were scantron. The move to completely online schooling due to COVID-19 hindered learning to a degree, but it was still manageable.
Carroll community is one where you will always see people you recognize, and some people you don't. Campus is small enough to the point that it is hard to be late to classes, and many classes may reside in the same building depending on the major/minor.
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