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Carroll Community College is a great bang-for-your-buck school. The tuition rates are low, however, the teacher selection here is touch and go. I’ve personally had horrible experiences with their chemistry department but a wonderful experience with Anatomy and Physiology. It all depends on the teacher you get, look at rate my before choosing.
Awesome 2 year college. Inexpensive and high quality professors. Have yet to come across a professor I didn't like and I'm in my final semester. For those who have a tight budget, I highly recommend this college.
Awesome school. Small class sizes, accessible campus, wonderfully attentive professors, and a variety of clubs to choose from to get involved.
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I love Carroll !!!! Everyone is free to express themselves, no one questions you for bveing different. Everyone is there because they want to, the whole atmosphere at carroll is just so homey. Honestly if Carroll offered a four year degree/ masters I would stay there forever. Prices are sooo reasonable and the professors are AMAZING. LOVE IT there :)
It's a decent school for students who don't know what they want to major in yet. it offers a lot of opportunities, but would recommend a four year school over this one
I love the enviornment. It is very welcoming and the professors and faculty are very helpful. The teachers are always willing to help no matter what your having trouble with.
all the teachers are extremely friendly and they are there for you! questions and suggestions are always supported by the older students and the faculty. you can also join clubs where you become oart of something bigger than yourself.
a nice quiet school. class times are flexible, lots of on campus resources. recently lots of not so great adjunct teachers.
Most of the teachers i had were very nice and very helpful. the school is full of fun activities and people.
Carroll Community College is a great two year school. It is a great school to start at because of the variety of degree choices they offer. Highly recommend.
Very casual enviroment that allowed me to easily attend part time and work around my schedule. Offers help if you know where to find it.
This college has exceeded my expectations. The professors were always friendly and willing to help. Faculty and advisers were knowledgeable for the most part, however, not always helpful with transfer questions. I attended this college in order to save money on my prerequisite courses. However, it was still pretty costly compared to other community colleges.
I loved the school. Everyone is very welcoming and there is always something to do. Some of their proffesors are not the best, but they are good enough for a community college.
I did my CNA/GNA class here and had a great experience. The teacher and staff were so helpful and I knew I could always count on them.
Carroll Community college brings in a lot of the community businesses and programs for students to sign up for.
The workload is overwhelming in the Bio and sciences classes but the professors are willing to help you learn ways to study to become a better student.
Carroll Community college is an amazing starting point for anyone seeking a higher education. The sciences at Carroll are very vigorous and competitive, however the tutors and professors are willing to put in the effort to help you succeed. You can go to Carroll earn credits and transfer to any other college of your choice.
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I have really appreciated most of my professors. They have been extremely helpful and understanding. They want what is best for you. The courses are good, and I enjoy my classes. The class classes are smaller which is very nice. I have been able to find specific courses that I need for my major.
I believe the career prospects are good. There are opportunities for internships and on campus recruiting.
I have been able to, for the most part, have a very good experience with my schedule at Carroll. I usually have to change my work schedule each semester to comply with my class schedule. At the beginning of the semester, scheduling can be frustrating, but once it is figured out, everything usually works well. I have not transferred credits yet,but it doesn't seem like it will be difficult.
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