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Many of the professors are really good and really help you to enjoy learning. The advisers are a different story. They are all very nice but they aren't very good at communication and don't make courses very clear at all. Just research courses, majors etc for yourself because it will save you a lot of time.
I absolutely loved my time at CCC. One of my favorite aspects about CCC is the level of importance that they put on getting students involved. There are always events going on and people are always hanging out and connecting. The feeling of welcomeness is tangible in the school. The faculty and staff mostly seem to enjoy their jobs and wish to help students as much as possible. Carroll provided me a quality education at a low cost and I will never regret my decision to attend.
I would like to meet teachers that are willing to help me a bit in college and I want to feel welcome there while I study my major there.
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Throughout my time at Carroll Community College so far I have had an excellent experience! The staff is awesome and the work environment is phenomenal.
I liked easing into college classes. Many of the professors are absolute angels and only want to see you earn your associate's degree.
Definitely a great opportunity for High School students doing dual enrollment, and it usually guarantees transfer for students in their junior college.
Very positive atmosphere, growing moral for a small community college, a great place to earn basic transferable credits, and a growing STEM program.
I really enjoyed the amount of extra help Carroll offers to its students. They set up several college and job fairs to help students find jobs in there field and help find them a college to peruse there careers. I would like to see more opportunities for internships.
Professors and staff are nice as well as helpful. Small campus setting where everyone is nice. The library is great for studying and the staff inside are super resourceful!
I really enjoyed my time at Carroll Community College. I am a senior in high school, so I took classes there as part of their dual enrollment program. I have been able to knock out a couple classes which are required to be taken by Millersville University, the school I plan to attend next year. Overall, it was a great experience.
The teachers are very nice and help me with whatever I need. All my professors have been great with responding to emails and answering al my questions. They also have many events to include students.
Small classes affordable, a good place to start your college career and figure out what you want to do without bankrupting you.
Carroll Comunity College is a great campus to start your college career. There are so many career pathways you can take because so much is offered! The staff is incredible and the classrooms are great too!
The teachers create a really fun learning environment, everyone who works there is very polite and helpful when you ask them questions.
I enjoyed going to Carroll Community, but the school lacks student life activities. There are only a couple clubs. Most of the professors were nice and helpful. The class sizes are great because they are only 15-20 people and sometimes even smaller. The campus is a good size so you don’t get lost, but there isn’t much to do at Carroll. It is definitely a commuter school. The tuition is a good price and they offer a lot of scholarships if you apply for them.
The professors are all knowledgeable in their fields and share a common goal of enlightening their students with information crucial to development in their careers. With a welcoming community and few expenses, Carroll Community provides an incredible experience that will never be forgotten.
Carroll Community College has actually helped me since being in my freshman year of high school. They offered concurrent enrollment based on my GPA and the fact I had already accrued all necessary credit in high school. They talked to me about my future goals and plan, and discussed with me the importance of maintaining a 3.0 GPA or higher, especially since I am planning to become a Criminal Journalist and attaining a masters degree. Carroll Community College is also well equipped with personable staff who work with each individual student to ensure they attain nothing short of excellence.
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The professors in the cybersecurity program really have the knowledge and enthusiasm to promote this field and make it as interesting as possible. I had a great time here.
Carroll Community College has given me a great introduction to the college workload and has prepared me to move on to a four year university. Because the classes are made up of 30 people or less, there is a lot of opportunity to interact with your teachers and get help with material if you need it.
Carroll Community is a very safe campus located in Carroll County. It’s location is far enough away from the city, while being close enough too. It’s very clean and kept. The advising department is phenomenal, as well as student life.
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