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I loved my Carroll experience! I always enjoy visiting the campus whenever I have the chance. The classes I took and people I met changed my life---- my only regret is that none of my children went to Carroll.
Carroll College will forever hold a special place in my heart. My experiences with faculty, peers, and the greater Helena community instilled a devotion for critical thinking and international travel that remain important aspects of my life today. I am presently an assistant professor of history at a regional college in South Dakota. I owe my four years at Carroll College for all of my professional accomplishments.
Carroll College provided me the opportunity to continue playing sports at the collegiate level. I am very thankful for that opportunity and enjoyed playing sports at Carroll thoroughly. Over the four years I attended Carroll, I witnessed a dramatic change on the campus. School administrators, like Maureen Ward, became so anti-alcohol that previously enjoyable CC-related activities (e.g. Softball Weekend) lost their luster. Don't get me wrong, alcohol undoubtedly causes many problems on college campuses, but the efforts that Student Life has taken over the previous couple years border on the absurd.
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Carroll College has excellent academic programs and helps young adults to grow in their faith. There are so many different opportunities for community engagement that there is a niche for everyone! I will be forever grateful for the mentors I had at Carroll College.
Carroll allowed me to stretch my mind to the possibilities of what could be - my economics professor brought the world to our minds - in class and out of class. He pushed me to look at what I wanted to do not what I "should" do. I applied to graduate school and attended and that was my entry into sales, sales management and international finance.
It was the BEST College opportunity from the Admission Office to the Pioneer Pit and every class and activity in between. My college life from the classroom to the dorm events helped me to form my approach with people in my church, workplace, and community. My investment of time, energy, and money at Carroll has paid off a hundredfold in all walks of my life. I was Blessed by having been given the opportunity to attend Carroll and the Blessings have never ceased to continue.
I've worked at several colleges after attending Carroll, and I can genuinely say that the quality of the faculty here matches or exceeds schools that are larger, more urban, more well-known, and with better academic reputations. I can also say that the sense of community, a vague ideal, is tangible every day at Carroll.

There are certain restrictions associated with attending a small, regional institution - almost every student is from Montana, Washington, Idaho, or Oregon, and almost all are white - but in spite of that I felt exposed to a broader way of thinking about the world at Carroll, mostly through the great faculty.

The Catholic element waxes and wanes - there are eras when a very conservative Catholic dogma takes hold, and those aren't the best years at Carroll. But if you happen to attend when a more social-justice oriented, communal, and inclusive aspect of the Catholic identity is in ascendance (and it really all depends on leadership), it's a very positive environment.
I loved my Carroll experience. The community is so welcoming. Despite being a Catholic college, you are in no way pressured to be religious. Most students and all of the faculty I came across were open-minded and thoughtful. The diversity is somewhat poor, being in rural Montana. However, the few people from diverse cultures were celebrated rather than judged. The community around the college is excellent.
Carroll gives students an amazing, wholesome college experience. It is a well-rounded school with an investment in Catholic values. While it is a small school with limited courses, Carroll is rich with other opportunities with study abroad being widely available, multiple college clubs, intramural teams, and activities to get involved in the community. The goal of success is not just placed on you as a student, but on the whole of the school, with everyone invested in ensuring you are provided the education and experience that will get you where you need to be. While the school certainly isn't cheap, it gives a valuable education, and I have never doubted my time at Carroll.
My experience was amazing. I received a great education and learned things I wouldn't have at a larger institution. The atmosphere and community on the Carroll College campus is very welcoming. The town of Helena is amazing as well. The tuition is rather high, but tuition assistance is pretty good. I'd highly recommend Carroll College to anyone.
Carroll College is an excellent small school, with a great ratio of students to professors, who were always willing to help. It was a wonderful atmosphere for college. I wouldn't change my college choice for anything!
I absolutely loved my time at Carroll. The small class sizes were exactly what I needed to stay focused in my studies. I built life-long friendships, and made amazing memories. I was well prepared, after graduating, for success in my graduate program.
Carroll College is incredibly unique not only because of the size or Catholic identity, but because of the people here. The Carroll family welcomes everyone with many different interests and beliefs. The students and faculty help each other out and are exceptionally friendly. With the combination of the community and the small size, I was not just a number here getting lost in a crowd of people. This, in conjunction with the academic rigor, is how Carroll prepares its students extremely well for after graduation.
I have loved my experience at Carroll College so far. The professors take interest in there students' and want them to succeed. Going to class and having your professor know who you are is great. Carroll also has many resources to help succeed in and after college that are extremely helpful. The campus is very welcoming and accepting of all which is a great thing to be a part of. The only bad thing I have to say is they require students to live on campus the first two years which is frustrating.
I really love Carroll College. The atmosphere is great and everyone here really does act like a big family. If you need help with anything, there is always someone excited to get you what you need. The academics are exquisite and the area is beatiful!
Love Carroll! I even transferred from another college to attend this one because it's so much better. Great teachers and classes. Sadly the parking isn't great and you get ticketed for anything!
Carroll College is an excellent school if you are serious about your academics and career plan. Carroll is one of those colleges that will make you jump through all the hoops out there if you are not on top of your own career. The teachers are passionate about their studies and all in all a great variety of human beings. Carroll does have a pretentious and religious atmosphere, but that comes from its rich heritage in both. There is a plethora of options for outside activities, sports and clubs. Carroll has excellent outreach and volunteer opportunities.
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Staff is very rude. They lie about their academics, food, housing, and much more. I had a 4.0 while I was there and that wasn't good enough for them so they "suggested" I leave. All the students do is party and drugs and weapons on campus is a huge issue. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.
I greatly enjoy the smaller student population and class sizes. This allows us to be closer as a community and be on a personal basis with our professors. The academia isn't too hard, but classes definitely keep you busy. Most of the teachers have office hours that they are more than happy to have students use whenever we need help.
The tuition is fairly high, but many scholarships are available. I am receiving assistance with more than half of the tuition.
There are also many opportunities to study abroad at Carroll, I am hoping to do so a year from now and study in Japan.
A few of the cons are with the cafeteria and dorms. The cafeteria staff are pleasant and the food is decent. The problem is that, overall, we don't have a lot of times we can go in to eat, especially on the weekends.
The dorms are older so there are problems occasionally, but when reported things are fixed in a timely manner.
Overall, I have enjoyed my stay at Carroll and look forward to the rest of my time here.
I enjoy the experiences that are offered and the comradery that is shown through peers and professors. Everyone is friendly and willing to help in any way so the campus is given the spirit of family. There are great programs and great professors
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