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Overall it was a great experience. I was raised in LA so I wasn't sure what to expect but was blessed w/the opportunity to play college basketball here.
The faculty&advisors truly care and want you to succeed. Academics are taken very seriously and teachers will hold you accountable regardless of if you play a sport, have a job, etc. But that's why they are ranked nationally and regionally.
Dorms, classrooms, dining hall, and a grocery store are within walking distance. The athletic teams are generally solid with a variety of options. (Humbly: I graduated as part of the winningest bball class in school history.)
Now, it starts to snow late fall to early to mid-spring. There aren't a ton of food options off of campus and CC doesn't have a busy downtown in terms of bars and clubs.
A place for ppl who like the outdoors and mountain range.
I love the welcoming atmosphere of Carroll College. There is definitely a sense of kinship among the students, which only grows stronger as you advance in your degree. The professors are willing to bend over backwards to assist students, and love to get to know you.

However, it is pricey. Close to 40,000 a year, though students usually receive upwards of 20, 000 in merit scholarships each year. It is academically minded, so if you are not in this for the education but the college experience go some where else
I really like the size of Carroll College!! All the staff are very helpful and are always willing to offer assistant. I really enjoy going to office hours and getting one on one help with the professors.
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I love the small school vibe. The professors are incredible and very personalized. The food is terrible and some of the buildings are....unique. Overall I have liked my time at Carroll so far.
I was very excited to go to carroll college, and despite the fact that I met one of my best friends there, it just wasn't the school for me. The school provides excellent adademic oppurtunities, however, I felt extremely unsafe while on campus for a variety of reasons.
Carroll College has an amazing sense of community. There are many student activities and clubs to get involved with and the overall community is very welcoming to all types of people.
I attended Carroll College for my undergraduate studies in Health Sciences on my pursuit to become an occupational therapist. I am incredibly grateful that I chose to spend four years in Helena, Montana and I cannot imagine having a better college experience. The relationships that I have established with my peers will last a lifetime, and the majority of people attending Carroll College are genuinely good people. The academic curriculum is advanced, and you will receive a top notch education from the best professors. With the small class sizes I was able to get to know my professors on a personal level, which was a huge advantage to learning. The campus of Carroll College is unbelievably beautiful, and there is ample opportunities for student involvement. Overall, Carroll College provided me with the best four years of my life (so far) and was the most positive experience I have had.
Very good college, great professors who care about you not just see you as a number. Although it is a very great institution it has its drawbacks as it is a very small school.
Carroll is a fantastic school but the pre med program is overrated and outdated. Come to this school if you want a great education, but do not come solely for the pre med program. The advisor is not helpful and the statistics are inflated/not entirely true. The professors here are great, but you will earn your way into medical school entirely on your own and do not expect to receive the help the school advertises in the process. I would come here again in a heartbeat but wish I had known this before starting college.
Carroll has outstanding professors and academic programs. I would suggest not living on campus, if possible.
Carroll College is located in Helena, MT. The location offers students with lot of outdoor recreation opportunities. The community is great. Professors are great and invested in helping students achieve academic success in their area(s) of study. The school does a good job of representing their Catholic identity.
It takes a very specific kind of person to succeed at Carroll, and I found that it was not for me. If you are not from Helena (or somewhere else in Montana), it can be very difficult to fit in. Many of the school’s alumni (most of whom are from Helena) all still live and work in town and/or have kids attending and are very involved on campus, so it can be tough to fit into that crowd. Good academics and professors overall, but not worth the price of tuition. Helena has nice scenery, but if you’re not outdoorsy or if you aren’t into going to the same bar every night, then it isn’t for you. Also, it’s fairly conservative (which could be good or bad depending on your beliefs).
Carroll College is wonderful becuase it is small which allows personal interactions with all classes, students, professors. One of the most unique aspects of Carroll College is they have a wonderful verteran represnetative and are also very supportive of global and abroad experiances.
I am a non traditional college student because I am a military veteran and Carroll college has a great veterans advisor. Carroll also has a great nursing program if you are interested in becoming a nursing student. As get as other diverse classes there is quite a selection but it is a small private college so the options can only branch out so much. There is a lot of theology, psychology, literature, history, and sociology options as well as language and secondary education courses...
I have never attended Carroll College, but on my campus visit all the students were very friendly. As I walked around, everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. The campus is beautiful, and the new renovations are amazing.
I love the community on campus and how the professors all try to get to know you as a person. However, some of the buildings are a little rundown and the food isn't the best. It sometimes feels a bit too small for me.
Carroll College, there isnt a place quite like it. The community vibe is awesome and the professors really get to know each and every student. The classes are difficult but that is expected from a school of this caliber. Carroll provides each student with the tools to succeed in life.
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The professors and administration at Carroll have been extremely welcoming to our incoming class, and has made the transition from high school to college smooth. Since the school is small, there is great relationships between upper and lower classmen, as well as professors. Many people would say that the school is very expensive, but I received a great amount of financial aid that actually made the cost of attending a private school less than a public school.
Carroll College is an excellent, small private college in Helena, MT. If you're in search of a rigorous liberal-arts degree with professors who are genuinely interested in their students and their learning processes. Classes are small--thirty people, or so, maximum--so professors have a chance to get to know you and are genuinely invested in helping students achieve their individual goals.
Going to Carroll was an amazing and transformative experience in my life. In addition to receiving an education that prepared me for the rigors of law school and further graduate studies, it also helped mold me into the person I am today.
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