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Love Carroll! I even transferred from another college to attend this one because it's so much better. Great teachers and classes. Sadly the parking isn't great and you get ticketed for anything!
Carroll College is an excellent school if you are serious about your academics and career plan. Carroll is one of those colleges that will make you jump through all the hoops out there if you are not on top of your own career. The teachers are passionate about their studies and all in all a great variety of human beings. Carroll does have a pretentious and religious atmosphere, but that comes from its rich heritage in both. There is a plethora of options for outside activities, sports and clubs. Carroll has excellent outreach and volunteer opportunities.
Staff is very rude. They lie about their academics, food, housing, and much more. I had a 4.0 while I was there and that wasn't good enough for them so they "suggested" I leave. All the students do is party and drugs and weapons on campus is a huge issue. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.
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I greatly enjoy the smaller student population and class sizes. This allows us to be closer as a community and be on a personal basis with our professors. The academia isn't too hard, but classes definitely keep you busy. Most of the teachers have office hours that they are more than happy to have students use whenever we need help.
The tuition is fairly high, but many scholarships are available. I am receiving assistance with more than half of the tuition.
There are also many opportunities to study abroad at Carroll, I am hoping to do so a year from now and study in Japan.
A few of the cons are with the cafeteria and dorms. The cafeteria staff are pleasant and the food is decent. The problem is that, overall, we don't have a lot of times we can go in to eat, especially on the weekends.
The dorms are older so there are problems occasionally, but when reported things are fixed in a timely manner.
Overall, I have enjoyed my stay at Carroll and look forward to the rest of my time here.
I enjoy the experiences that are offered and the comradery that is shown through peers and professors. Everyone is friendly and willing to help in any way so the campus is given the spirit of family. There are great programs and great professors
Great for me, depends on the person.
Great for me, but it depends on the person.
This is Montana, and this is a catholic college. Do the math.
Carroll does a great job of making sure students are responsible and safe.
The rate of students that get jobs right out of college here is one of the best.
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
There is no Greek life, so it's great.
I don't care about athletics, but it has a great reputation.
It's just one of the best colleges in the northwest, plain and simple.
Everything is so close together which is nice but it feels like high school.
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
Very low level athletics, but still able to give scholarships.
Carroll College is a great institution with very qualified professors who care about your education and learning experience. I have found that it is an incredibly challenging school on top of balancing sports and work. However, I think it takes a certain type of person to go to this school. It's not a college town but it's also not in a big urban environment. It's a small school in a small town and that takes some getting used to.
Eh. You make your own fun.
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You have to know the right people. But we aren't at school to party, we are here to learn.
Professors care greatly about your success. Any academic disabilities or needs are easily taken care of. I came to Carroll for the academics.
Diversity is lacking because of the location, price, and areas the college recruits from.
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