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I love the community on campus and how the professors all try to get to know you as a person. However, some of the buildings are a little rundown and the food isn't the best. It sometimes feels a bit too small for me.
Carroll College, there isnt a place quite like it. The community vibe is awesome and the professors really get to know each and every student. The classes are difficult but that is expected from a school of this caliber. Carroll provides each student with the tools to succeed in life.
The professors and administration at Carroll have been extremely welcoming to our incoming class, and has made the transition from high school to college smooth. Since the school is small, there is great relationships between upper and lower classmen, as well as professors. Many people would say that the school is very expensive, but I received a great amount of financial aid that actually made the cost of attending a private school less than a public school.
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Carroll College is an excellent, small private college in Helena, MT. If you're in search of a rigorous liberal-arts degree with professors who are genuinely interested in their students and their learning processes. Classes are small--thirty people, or so, maximum--so professors have a chance to get to know you and are genuinely invested in helping students achieve their individual goals.
Going to Carroll was an amazing and transformative experience in my life. In addition to receiving an education that prepared me for the rigors of law school and further graduate studies, it also helped mold me into the person I am today.
I am currently a freshman at Carroll College in Helena, MT. I'm so glad I chose to come to Carroll. It's small, family friendly, and feels like its own little community. I was choosing between another school and this one, and I couldn't be happier for deciding on Carroll! My intended major is Nursing with the intentions of going into Pediatrics/Neonatal and working at St. Jude one day. This school is well-known for its success in the medical programs that it offers. Once again, I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Carroll and hope others think the same.
This small liberal arts school is the perfect place to receive a high quality education. Carroll College is tucked away in the beautiful capital city of Montana. The Big Sky country allows for students to receive a prestigious education at the same time providing students with the chance to explore some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation. Just a couple hours away from Glacier National Park, this quaint little school provides students with the opportunity to learn during the week and then take off for great weekend adventures. Carroll College is not like many other schools. Carroll values the community aspect of the college. The small student population allows for strong student-professor relationships along with great connections to the world beyond Carroll.
Carroll College is arguably the best college within the state of Montana. It is an academically rigorous school, and it has its perks by being small and building a community amongst its students and its faculty. I know almost all of my professors very well, and I have the opportunity of knowing almost all of the students within my major. While it is a Catholic institution, it is very ecumenical and does not discriminate its students in any way based on their individual spiritual beliefs. The concepts of Catholic intellectual and social teaching are very evident in the college's academics and their student-lead clubs. Overall, I would highly recommend Carroll for students who wish to have a more personal educational experience.
The people at Carroll are great - once you find a solid group of friends. Helena is a very small town - it feels rural and although it is the capitol it seems like a very old fashioned place.
I believe that I am getting a great education and feel like this is where I am supposed to be - and believe it is a great foundation for my future academic pursuits.
What resonates most through the years since my Carroll student days is how so many of us came away with such a strong sense of Carroll's purpose and place, a sense of belonging, a faith in the future, and a shared energy felt across so many generations and circumstances. This bond extends so quickly and so deeply among current students and alumni and faculty and staff. It amazes me still that this excitement surfaces so frequently after these many years, whether in an unlikely airport conversation with any member of the 'Carroll family' you encounter, or during a campus visit, or at a sports or academic or alumni event across the country, or across the world. Sign me, "Always grateful to be a CC Saint!"
Carroll is a very small college, about 1800 students. I really liked this fact, because it allowed for students to have a ton of one-on-one attention from professors. Overall the college has a ton to offer, but there is one drawback. The food services leaves a lot to be desired. It has limited variety and is often not cooked properly.
Carroll College was an absolutely amazing experience. Every school promises that you join a family, but that is especially true at Carroll. The professors go out of their way to meet you and often invite you over for games and dinner and what not. I've read some of the negative reviews and don't be mislead. Most are based on a single instance and they fail to look beyond it. Is Carroll 100% perfect? No. But I'd be hard pressed to find another school that is. It all depends on how invested you are. If you come to Carroll open and ready for a fun experience, you'll love it!
Carroll College is a pretty decent school with good teachers and interesting courses available to choose from. The amount of students per classroom is relatively small, as well as, the campus itself. I've been told a reason some students attend Carroll is for their anthrozoology program.

However, to be honest, you should only go to Carroll if your scholarship will cover most of the cost because the tuition there is expensive and I've been told you can find other schools that are way cheaper yet give you the same educational experience as that school.
I still look back on my college years as a time period I wish I could go back to. That time gave me some of the most fun and educational years of my life and I have Carroll to thank for that! I met wonderful friends, professors, classmates, and colleagues that I will never forget and a lot that I still keep in touch with to this day. Some are even best friends. There are so many interesting and unique classes, activities, and a beautiful campus that Carroll offers! I loved the community feeling that Carroll provides and enjoyed being involved in many activities on campus. Not going to lie, I also loved living in St. Charles! It was so cool to be able to reside somewhere that had so much history and is one of the main representations of the college. Love Carroll and wish I could go back!! Go Saints!
I loved my Carroll experience! I always enjoy visiting the campus whenever I have the chance. The classes I took and people I met changed my life---- my only regret is that none of my children went to Carroll.
Carroll College will forever hold a special place in my heart. My experiences with faculty, peers, and the greater Helena community instilled a devotion for critical thinking and international travel that remain important aspects of my life today. I am presently an assistant professor of history at a regional college in South Dakota. I owe my four years at Carroll College for all of my professional accomplishments.
Carroll College provided me the opportunity to continue playing sports at the collegiate level. I am very thankful for that opportunity and enjoyed playing sports at Carroll thoroughly. Over the four years I attended Carroll, I witnessed a dramatic change on the campus. School administrators, like Maureen Ward, became so anti-alcohol that previously enjoyable CC-related activities (e.g. Softball Weekend) lost their luster. Don't get me wrong, alcohol undoubtedly causes many problems on college campuses, but the efforts that Student Life has taken over the previous couple years border on the absurd.
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Carroll College has excellent academic programs and helps young adults to grow in their faith. There are so many different opportunities for community engagement that there is a niche for everyone! I will be forever grateful for the mentors I had at Carroll College.
Carroll allowed me to stretch my mind to the possibilities of what could be - my economics professor brought the world to our minds - in class and out of class. He pushed me to look at what I wanted to do not what I "should" do. I applied to graduate school and attended and that was my entry into sales, sales management and international finance.
It was the BEST College opportunity from the Admission Office to the Pioneer Pit and every class and activity in between. My college life from the classroom to the dorm events helped me to form my approach with people in my church, workplace, and community. My investment of time, energy, and money at Carroll has paid off a hundredfold in all walks of my life. I was Blessed by having been given the opportunity to attend Carroll and the Blessings have never ceased to continue.
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