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online experience wasnt bad. its organized and easy to find things. its just the poor teachers and the part where they cover themselves up thats the issue even though we pay the school.
they look after themselves more than they look after you even though your the one paying this ridiculous amount of tuition. its all about politics here, some teachers dont even teach but its your fault for failing. save time, money and stress by going to a bigger, cheaper college whos more lenient and supportive to students.
They are all sweet until you start your first class. After that class starts, those same people will ignore you or give you attitude. You pay 50k for an associates degree for nursing, but only 2 of the professors know how to teach. The other "teachers" act as if they paid for your tuition. They may be good as nurses, but should not be teaching. They get irritable if they don't know the answers to the questions and act as if they are doing you a favor by doing what they are hired to do. They are unprofessional, moody, demanding and act as if we are all liars who are not allowed to get sick as if COVID isn't around or as if they never got sick in their life. For 50k I expected quality education, not this circus. This school really needs to hire actual teachers with experience not nurses who think they can teach with no experience in teaching. This is not a cheap school to be testing us like this.
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During the short time that we had to go online due to COVID, the transition was a nightmare. Hopefully they already fixed the issues.
I really like how everyone tries to help in any way they can. You really get a feel of full support from all the staff.
They lie a lot. They lie about the accreditation to get you in. They lie about being able to wacth your screen and have proof of you somehow cheating. They don't communicate with each other and change minds way too many times. They dont let us know anything till the last minute. They come up with excuses and say all schools is this bad when it really isnt. Food is from vending machines. Computer lab and library are tiny. All this and they expect you to pay more than the cost of a public university. The dean expects students to not work at all and when you do she judges you. Half the teachers basically hands you the grade if half the students are failing. All to just look good. So if you dont want to learn anything and want an easy pass, make sure half the class fails for this to work. You can also cheat as ling as you persistently lie.
The staff at Carrington College are all very sweet and helpful. They give you the impression they want you to succeed in life and become someone beneficial to society. I feel like the environment is about being your "friend" more so then being the educator. It kind of feels like elementary school at times, and make me wonder if the instructors are what they say they are there to do and if they are actually truly wanting for success.
It’s been an awesome experience. I love the class and curriculum. The staff and Teachers are very welcoming. The class sizes aren’t too big. Lots of support as well. Id recommend to my peers. It was a great decision for me.
I have had a wonderful experience with Carrington College. Admissions has been very flexible with my schedule and needs, and has helped me to pursue my passion. The team at Carrington has walked me through each step, and thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns. I will be attending the Vet Assisting program in July, and I look forward to attending!
Carrington was the most understanding and willing to explain everything to me when I was looking at colleges. They provide excellent education in just a few months so you can jumpstart your career. Within the few months you are in class you get hands on experience, for the vet assistance class we could bring animals in and actually practice basic non-invasive procedures. You gain confidence extremely fast and you get the education and skills needed in your career of choice. I 100% recommend this college for those who are looking to be challenged and are willing to learn right from the start to get their career on track.
I like the way they treat you and also the have very good tutors and everyone is nice to you. It is fun in lab days because you get to work in modalities with your classmates and students from other programs.
The first couple of days felt overwhelming but we had staff coming and explain how to manage your time, and ask questions. Plus getting to know your class mates to help and exchange info to help if needed. I did not need to transfer credits. I have not experience needing to do that yet.
Online courses were a little different but nothing anyone can not adjust to. Learning to address topics in a professional manner. Talking with staff and students if help was needed. Understanding where work will be turned in, look for grades, and know what we will be learning or reading for classwork it was all explain and walked through. Just preparing us for what possibly be out in the work field and at least we will be knowledgeable.
They have a process they go through to get you ready from begin to end. Assist you as much as possible and make sure we are ready for our externship and interview/resume ready as well. Not there yet got a few more terms but before I blink I will be there.
Our class is no more than 20 students and the instructor is knowledgeable of what we need to learn. She has experience in our field of study. What is great we she the passion she has for our field of study, making learning fun and exciting to be ahead. Also to relate to why we picked out field.
the student career is always finding fun ways to recruit, always trying to get the students out in their fields of study. students always find a way to get together and help on another. Student council is very helpful to students needs. The career center/ service is awesome they meet with students making sure there meeting deadlines or giving information needed. Always assisting as we get close to transition out.
Physical therapy technician is absolutely want I want and at this school I am learning the importance of a person quality of life and care for them. I love that we have lab, lecture, lab, lecture meaning we are taught what we will be doing and next day we are talking about why we learned the day before. the terms are different so you look forward to what will be coming up. it is exciting to know your next challenge. Our externships are according to what we are learning and from past students they are succeeding.
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my experience so far is I like I start my Monday with hands on (lab) and next day lecture. Knowing what we are doing and then talking among each other of what we are learning. I feel my school is unique and diverse we all there to accomplish our own personal goal but we are very supportive in helping other achieve. I would choose this school again because from day one the staff all encourage you to keep going to achieve your goal and give the help needed. They are friendly and professional.
My experience with courses and professors at my school have been real good so far never been offered so much help and encouragement than my current college I go to lab twice A week. I get a lot of one-on-one experience with animals I can apply to my career course that I'm currently taking is a pretty in-depth detailed extremely educational course in veterinarian assistant and the other class I attend is my theory class we go over a lot of discussions PowerPoints, group exercises, and even go on educational field trips that will give use experience with animals we cannot bring to school. I've never been so motivated to complete school than I am now. I use to hate school now I love it. And my class is small enough to be more than helpful to each and every one of my class mates and big enough to be able to have groupe events. I don't even think I will ever regret applying to CARRINGTON COLLEGE. THEY ARE CHANGEING MY LIFE.
Well with my program I get to go on a externship for the last six weeks of class. By going to an pre approved or by choice animal care center, pet clinic, veterinarian hospital, etc. And gaining more hands on experience and still being graded on the whole externship. Most of the externship at my school end as a huge job/employment opportunity for us. The hire rate for externs is like 68%. The quality of our career center/Servicece on campus are real good. It's called the Student Success Center and the teachers, counsels, and mentors are the most helpful and encouraging people I've ever met in any school I've visited they are willing to go out of there way just to help with what ever your needs are.
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