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Carrington College - Stockton Reviews

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Honestly I've lived the school from the moment I set my foot through the doors. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I'm very confident that I will be able to stay on track. I wish that they would have given us out I pads before school started instead of a week after because some of us were not able to read everything pertaining to the lecture until a week or two later. Which also made it hard to do homework too.
They were very helpful and knowledgeable.
This school get's right to the subject, it teaches you exactly what you need as well as giving you a lot of hands on.
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It is a small campus but very accessable at the same time. The staff is very friendly and they help you out in all your needs.
This school is determined to get you on the right track.
I haven t took ant classes at this school yet but from the enrolling process they seem like a great school. I met mostly all the instructors and my future instructor. everyone is caring and helpful. Im grateful for picking this school. most schools would just try to scam you for your money. They class sizes aren't too big so you can still get that one on one you need with your teacher. They offer health careers such as dental vet tech message therapy nurse assistant and even criminal justice.
The financial aid process is great in my school. The advisors are great and give many options for my payment plan. They helped me with my Fafsa also. They hare very nice and caring. My tuition is pricey for me but all my books and uniform are included in the tuition. I thought my tuition would be more for my course but that's a good price for the course that going to take.
The campus that I'm going to attend is very easy to navigate. The campus is easy to get around. They always have activities for the students to be engaged in. Also the family of the students are always invited. The student center has computers and books for all the classes. It is very resourceful.
The staff at the Carrington college stockton campus were absolutely amazing. They were helpful and on top of their duties.
I feel comfortable here i am just moving on and finishing school and doing my best
I thought i was going to get more help from Financial Aid but i guess i didn't receive the help i expected

but i mean it is not carrington's fault.
We can ask for help and we receive well the help we look for
Everyone gets along with everyone well
I am enjoying health care administration in my school

and my classmates are pretty friendly as much as my teacher

i just like everything

words can't eplain
As i've said everyone is really caring and friendly here i love it
From my personal point of view i think Carrington College is maybe one of the best colleges.

When i signed up it was fast and the staff helped me throughout EVERYTHING.

My teacher is amazing!

I won't regret my education here!
Not excited about online classes i wish they were in a classroom setting
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I hope to get a job after my internship
we get to do externships and internships near the end
I didn't like the online class part
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