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The online learning isn't so bad, agian just wished they and the on campus in structure had more communication
School dosent seem to know what they are doing, and instructors are leaving left and right. They seem to hold no regard for the students while pretending they do. I do not recommend,to other.
It’s a smaller college your not a number your a name, the classes are tailored to your needs. I am taking a high bred class 2 days in class the rest online, I looked into other colleges but they were either all online which is fine for some people. I need the classroom interaction and the ability to ask questions.
I am taking a medical coding and billing class, it’s a lot of information to learn in a short time, but it is worth it for me. I am a older student and want to get back in the work force in my new career.
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I just finished my 1st term with Carrington College and I love everything about it! I have nothing negative to say about it, I love my professor and all my fellow classmates and am enjoying me studies.
an upgrade in equipment and teaching certain processes that no longer take place such as developing film for x-rays. i am apart of the dental assisting program and skipped my sr. year of high school to do so. for me it is very finically hard but so far manageable.
I love that they don't pressure you into something that your not interested in. They are very forthcoming about the aspects of their college and what is expected of you. Highly Recommend them to anyone who is looking at going into the medical field.
The instructors and staff are always there to help you. Everyone has the goal of helping you to better your life and are willing to help tutor and re-explain points that may be confusing you. I would recommend this school in a heartbeat to anybody looking for a medical based job.
Awesome! The way your classroom is set up you feel as if you are working in the career of your choice. You also will be doing a one year internship practicing in a range of facilities
I enjoy the hands on learning while being in a small classroom environment.
Depending on how long your course you should treat it like a full time job. Monday-Friday 8-10hrs a day split between lecture, hands on training, and study time.
A majority of your books will be found online
The staff is very helpful in helping you find a job even after your six month graduation
High quality courses both lecture and hands on work. Professors are very knowledgeable in the career fields as they have worked or are currently working in the same field of study as the students
Everyone working for the college will help you try to succeed while attending as well as point you in the right direction to find a job after graduation
Awesome hands on training with real equipment that you would use at a job facility. Heavy work load both book studying and hands on training.
I am enrolled as evening class. My class started out bigger than the normal class size but is working its way back down to the standard class numbers. I take class Mon- Thursday and work mornings, weekends, and evenings on the weekends. My husband and my schedule are opposite so really it all works out with the kids and work.
The professors really care about their students. Many students return to let the professors know how the are doing in their placement or even in their offered jobs. Professors stay in contact and want you to succeed, whether you are having rough week or just can't seem to grasp something they help you get it where needs to be.
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We recently had a job fair on campus. It was amazing how many local clinics and hospital personal showed. They were/ are very interested in the quality of workers coming out of the programs at Carrington and many students have been offered positions during their externs.
I don't know what others offer but for the amount of time we have in our 8.5 month program we are learning so much to take in to the field with us. At this time we are learning injections and I didn't think I would feel comfortable but the teachers have helped me learn in a way to be comfortable and confident in doing it on the job. During our extern program we get actual placement and on the job training to even progress our confidence more. So many opportunities with extern program.
This school is great. I am learning and understanding what I am learning ready to take it into my field. I enjoy every hands on moment we get and create our own research to learn about or even teach about the different diseases that are out in the world whether it be common or something off the wall rare. I would definitely start school at Carrington again, granted I would change my financial situation to be better than it has gotten, but I love what I am doing and would recommend others to join.
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