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I recently visited warrington college in San Leandro because of their amazing veterinary programs they have. I believe this school is on the right pathway to my career goals.
I have found Carrington College San Leandro campus to be very good! I enjoy coming to class every day and learning. We have lecture and a hands on lab. I feel I am being prepared for my future career!
At carrington, most students are willing to help you. We like to practice helping each other and gaining references for our future careers. My only "claim to change" is food in the break rooms.
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My experience here at Carrington its the best experience I've had at any other school in my life. The staff show that they care, they help in an instant, and they teach very well. The flexibility is great as I work and go to school and can fit it all into my schedule.
My experience with online courses go as far back as high school. So when I was enrolled in the Carrington Online courses I was very familiar for the most part as to how everything worked. The way things work are completely understandable and I wouldnt change a single thing about it. Being in an online course is much better than being in a traditional class room because with online you can be at home or in a library rather than be in a classroom out of the comfort of your own home. The registration process for online courses are easy and almost the same as applying on an actual physical paper for classroom courses. The difference between Online course and class room course is online course usually involves just you and your computer and sometimes 1 on 1 with your teacher/instructor. But in a classroom setting classroom course involves you, your peers, and your teacher.
The Career services help students find jobs after they complete their courses and are ready to get hired in the field that they have been pursuing. They contact you with valuable job offers and help them organize their resumes and apply with their accurate information. They also prepare you for a real life experience. The Alumni network connect students and staff so that it is much easier to contact who ever it is we need to communicate with.
My experience with courses have been great! because I understand the material and do really well on my quizzes and assignments. But sometimes the professors get confused with the grading online and tend to make mistakes on the "post discussions". The classroom on the other hand is really great! My instructor will have crime scene scenarios where I have to determine how a person died or what happened at a crime scene. Also the presentations are really resourceful because I learn a lot from my instructor and what he is teaching. My class size is about 8 people which is good because in the beginning there were only 5 of us in the classroom. Now the class is currently even and my class mates and I can do class activities with a bigger class size and the groups can be even.
The staff in all departments do an outstanding job by providing the resources for students. We have the career service provided to us and we have the staff to help us along. For example in the MA (medical assistant) department after 9 months of the program they have internship/ where they will learn from their work environment and actually be in the work field. Carrington helps students that have internship reach these goals by helping students develop their resumes while they attend Carrington and also conducting weekly presentations so that they get used to speaking to others. They instructors also help and guide every student to ensure that they succeed. This is the best working environment you could ever ask for.
My Criminal Justice program is very interesting, I learn a lot of new things on a day to day basis. I don't think anyone could have taught me better, as my instructors take their time to explain the assignments as best as they can and in the process they always end up meeting my needs. Working as an SSC (work student in the student success center) I am able to work and attend school in a timely manner. As my school schedule and work schedule is flexible and allows me to complete and turn in assignments on time. I am not promised a job after I graduate but I have always been an independent person so I am confident in pursuing my future job careers. I know that if I work hard and remain focus I will get to success either way.
My experience here at Carrington College has been such a great experience! since day one the staff have been great and showed that they really care. Unlike any other school I've been to Carrington has got my vote for the best staff I've ever come in contact with. I understand the lessons that a presented to me and I pass all of my classes. The teachers are there if I need them and you can tell that they are willing to help. I feel safe here on campus and I would defiantly recommend this school to a family member or friend.
I really appreciated the great service and information i received the day of my tour and registration. All my questions were answered.
Since my classes are online, it allows a lot of flexibility throughout my schedule. I work all through the day I am able to come home and work on my school work at my convienance.
I'd have to say that I don't particularly like online classes, but these online classes have been pretty smooth and easy to handle. I'm a good hands on learner so I tend to get confused and have a lot of questions when only looking at the computer screen. The instructors always get back to me whenever I have questions.
Career services is great. I finished my program in October and I still get emails from Byron checking up on my status. He helped me so much get the great job that I have
Since we are all new and have no experience in our chosen fields, there are companies and offices who understand that. Carrington did such a great job at having job fairs and companies coming on campus to talk to students. The career advisors started speaking with us ahead of time to get us thinking about what type of office we want to do our externship at which made us think about what job we can see ourselves in the future. As we spoke with them more and the time came closer, they looked for offices that might interest is and got us an interview. I knew what I wanted to do a while back so i got an interview with the perfect office and luckily, they took me in for my externship and now I work for them and am being trained as an orthopedic technician.
I was lucky enough to get two amazing instructors. They were both very helpful with any questions we had. The lessons were all very clear and we were able to practice a lot. We had a lecture and a lab class. At times, the class sizes got a bit big. It depended on how many new students we were coming into the program. It was nothing our instructors couldn't handle.
It feels great to be a medical assistant. I learned so much through out my program like how to take vitals, phlebotomy, how to perform urine tests, and many other tests. Not only did I learn how to do these things but I learned a lot about why we do them as well. The work load was a bit much at times, but I made sure to put time aside to school work. I studied very hard through out the program and I am happy to say I finished with a 4.0. The campus is a very nice building and all its departments were always available for students whenever they needed. The career advisors do such a great job at placing the students for externship. I actually worked with the career advisors as a work study student so I got to see first hand all that they do. Two people placing alllll the students into an office for externship by the end of 6 weeks! Sounds impossible, but they did it and they did an awesome job !
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This school inspires me to do great things and to further my education even after my program was over. It felt good to succeed and do such a good job both in the class room and on the field. I always had help when I needed it. The instructors, especially Ms. Barrett, always was there to help and give me an extra push to do great. Every department was awesome. My career advisor, Byron, helped me find an amazing orthopedic office to do my externship at and that lead me to the job I have now and I love it! Making the decision to go to this school was the first step into a bright future and I am so glad I did it.
Everything was easy. Signing up was easy and the curriculum are easy.
The program is great. You learn a lot and they teachers are really helpful. They give out great reviews for test and they know what they're doing to help you understand the fire curriculum.
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