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I think it has been a struggle for everyone during the pandemic but I feel my teachers and class are still learning and adjusting. It is very frustrating because none of the test and quiz dates are set of even listed so its hard for us to plan accordingly. I feel we are not as set up for success as they had promised when signing up for the program.
The school is expensive but it is worth the price! I am in the Veterinary technician program and all of the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and fair for the most part in there grading. I am fully confident that I will be prepared to take my license test by the time I am done.
The counselors and enrollment reps are wonderful at Carrington! They take the time to really help you understand what you're getting into and how to finance your program.
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Teachers need more instruction on how to properly use online teaching programs and the technology required for today's learning
Carrington is a nice school. The staff is really friendly and the teachers really want to see you succeed; this includes tutoring one on one/in groups, breaking everything down so you can understand it very simple and plain, and really going over the material to make sure the students really grasp the subject. The campus is big and the parking isn't the best all the time, but it's definitely not a deal breaker!
The hands on experience was great based on the career choice you picked . I enjoyed the help of my instructor and the way he taught since he has experience with the job we were preparing for . Things that could change would be more help toward the students that can’t get financial aid because of there DACA status . I didn’t receive much help in the financial part of the school but my friend did because she was a U.S citizen which I don’t think is right at all.
Counselor was really helpful I can't wait to enroll and begin working on my future . Everyone there was extremely professional very welcoming . Carrington has so many schedule options I can choose from to fit my everyday life .
I am currently enrolling in the program. I really liked how i was approached. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The enviornment makes me feel safe and I beyond excited to be able to br hands on and focus on my career path.
I love how hands on they are here. You learn the material and then put it to work all during the programs.
I feel like it is worth the money and time spent.
I am getting the education I want at a decent price and time.
The college application process was easy and smooth.
The students seem friendly, but the school is very work oriented.
They have a whole class dedicated to showing you whole to network and get hired.
Made a lot of friends
I enjoy working with everyone no problems
I prefer on campus classes
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Friendly and safe fun enviorment
Everything is placed in front of you and broken down they make sure you understand how you are being charged.
Overall the school is great very clean you can tell your getting your money worth.
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