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Overall, my experience at the Sacramento Carrington campus was pleasant. I would say that I had many resources there that were easily accessible and many of the staff members and instructors were very knowledgable and eager to help. I think that the dean and the staff were continuously trying their best to make this campus the best that it could be and really set the students up for success while enrolled and following completion of the programs. The ability to do classes online and on campus made getting my degree extremely easy. The programs they offer are all very useful and in demand making it easy to start up your career once your program is complete. I would say that sometimes it is confusing to know who to talk to with certain things but overall everyone is super nice and willing to help with whatever problem you may be faced with while enrolled with them.
I took quite a few online classes during my time with Carrington for my first degree. I did 6 week courses that were fast paced yet straight forward to follow along with. The instructors online are available to help whenever you need them and they were all very willing to help. I would also say that the courses were easy to understand and straight forward. The college uses canvas which allows you to access your classes, grades, classmates, books, emails, syllabus and more. I think that the online courses were the best part about the program and I would highly recommend this to anyone since it makes it easy to have a job as well as continue your education.
I am now almost in my fourth term of school at Carrington and I love it so much. Honestly since I’ve started I’ve learned so much
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I had 5 different teachers in my time in the course. I felt like I didn't learn anything but I the test was a breeze when I took. I went to the school in 2006 when it was called western career ccollege.
Overall my experience at this school was good. Most of the professors were amazing and they taught me valuable lessons and skills. The Dean of Nursing changed many times as did policies throughout the year though which caused some disruption for our class.
I believe Carrington College is an absolutely amazing school. I started attending this school in September of 2017 and I have enjoyed every moment of being here. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who is looking into being a Vet Tech, Dental Hygienist or Nursing Assistant.
It’s a good school in the sense that you do learn a lot; whether you’re teaching yourself or you have a really good teacher. The MA instructors (some) treat us like high schoolers though, it is very frustrating. Also it is crazy expensive !
I appreciate the help and care that I receive from all my instructors. They all work so hard to make sure we are receiving the best education and support we need.
Staffs are very helpful and thorough in helping me on my financial aid.They
provide me sufficient information regarding the program that I was interested.
I enjoy going to Carrington, it's just so expensive. Every bit of my financial aid is taken by them and I have nothing left over for living expenses. It is essential to have some sort of extra income because otherwise you will not be able to survive while going there.
I will be starting the LVN to RN program at Carrington College Sacramento in less than a week. So far, my experience with them has been great! I have been communicating with my admission counselor and she has been extremely helpful and on top of everything. In addition, I recently met with the program director who clearly outlined the expectations for this program and was there to answer any questions I had. Overall, my experience has been wonderful.
I haven't started yet and is going to my orientation tomorrow. Hoping they are true with their statement.
I had no frustrations. Class schedule is really good.
I've heard many stories of instructors in this school who have had their passed students help them in a hospital or office, so this makes me feel like I will find a great job as soon as I graduate.
My instructor is a very good teacher. There is also another instructor in our class who you can also ask help. My class size is small but I enjoy it because we get enough attention individually. My instructor makes sure we fully understand the lesson. There are also other courses that you can attend that are in the medical field.
It's great that Carrington college has career days in which many companies come looking for employees. There is also departments who demonstrate there work to the school. Carrington college really wants their students to have a job as soon as they graduate.
Medical Administrative Assistant is a great program at Carrington College because you learn everything you need to know about being an MAA. Every mod focuses in one course in which its easier to understand and memorize the lesson.
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Carrington College has been a successful decision of mine. I enjoy coming to school and learning something new everyday. My instructor teaches everything in an easy way my classmates and I could understand. I would choose my school again if I would do it all over because Carrington College will teach you everything you need to know in such a short amount of time compared to going to a 4 year college.
Online is super easy to use and access
They really care about you and your success they have an awesome team to help you get hired after you graduate
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