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Carrington has a very good reputation for their nursing program in the area and the faculty expect the students to uphold high standards, which is good. However, I did find the school to be very cliquey and if you don’t schmooze certain faculty you better keep your head buried in the sand; otherwise you’ll be on their radar. I feel if you find your niche in the school and put in your effort to it’s fullest then you’ll excel.
It has been a dream of mine to go to Carrington College to get a degree in Nursing. I have not heard one bad thing about this school and I am happy to now be apart of it!
Good class sizes, but the resources seem limited for the amount of tuition. Insufficient parking for students. Meal options are not within walking distance.
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It's okay. Not high quality, but good for getting in, getting started, and getting a basic degree before moving on and up.
Not the best school in terms of extracurricular anything…..but it is a great school if you're looking for a good education in an accelerated amount of time.
There really aren't any choices in the curriculum. You are given what the college gives you.
Carrington is not an online course school…...
It's really hard work, but it's well worth it.
There is a lot of diversity at my school, and it seems like almost everyone there is extremely hard working.
Almost everyone has a job by the time of graduation.
It is very, very expensive, but worth it. They are not very helpful with finding scholarships
Credits transfer mostly. The schedule is easy to figure out because it is made for you but it isn't very flexible.
The computerized people used to stimulate situations are very useful.
I wish they put paper on the printers
The library has a lot of great resources and the professors are very helpful.
My experience at school so far has been great. There were a few things in the beginning that seemed unorganized like getting my credits transferred because they had misplaced it in the office but it was found and they were able to fix the problem.
Our student body does their best to get us involved in school activities and emails us appropriately when there are upcoming events or if we need a reminder for something important.
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Our school for the nursing program has a very successful hire rate upon completing the program. The career center is full of resources and information to help us get our careers started when the time is right. One of our classes for the last semester is dedicated to helping us acquire professional behaviors, mock interviews and other factors essential to getting hired.
Although the school has computers with great network reliability, the network does not work for devices such as tablets and laptops of your own. It's hard to get access if I just want to sit outside and do homework on my laptop if I need internet, I'd have to use the computers inside. I also have an issue with printing on campus since we are required to bring our own stack of papers in order to print. It's very inconvenient since my backpack is already full of books. I have a hard time believing my tuition doesn't cover printer paper.
Our student center is great. There are lots and lots of resources I can find for whatever situation I am in.
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