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You get all the help you need. Whit is extremely cool. You also can do a conference call if you still aren’t understanding some of the stuff.
I liked that we got to do a lot of hands on stuff. The down side is that we had a lot of teachers during that time.
The online courses suck, but they are each only 6 weeks long. The instructors online are practically useless and take forever to respond to questions, if they respond at all, and the courses aren't effective at teaching (I can honestly say I didn't learn a single thing in any of the online classes). But at least they are quick.
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I am going into my third semester of six in the RN program. I chose this school because after talking to many Healthcare workers around the Reno area they all said it has the best reputation for putting out skilled nurses. That being said I do have a few words. First, the instructors are mostly good but I have noticed a few instructors that shouldn't be teaching at a school as expensive as this one. One instructor in particular who teaches Chemistry has had many complaints made about him and nothing is ever done about it. Next, we pay 53000 dollars for this course and they want us to bring our own printer paper if we want to print anything. That's a bit ridiculous, in my opinion. Paper should be covered by that huge tuition that we all paid. Overall I would recommend this school to others, but only if your self determined and able to solve most issues on your own, but know if you do go to staff, they will help. You just have to make the first move (duh)
Carrington is probably just as good as any other nursing school. The instructors are always available for questions, the class sizes are small, and you get through a whole RN program (prerequisites to degree) in 2 years, which works great for me and is the reason I'm attending this school. However, there's disorganization and misinformation that hinders the trust between students, instructors, and other faculty. There's no standardized way the instructors use Canvas (the schools online learning platform) so from semester to semester and class to class where to find information changes. One of their major selling points are these mankins that simulate various situations, however, no student or instructor I've talked to has heard of them actually being used. I recommend the school if you need to get in and out fast, just don't expect all of what they promise you.
The school itself is great! The enrollment process is a mess and they change hands all the time. Once you get funding all figured out, and you start classes, it becomes all worth it. I Love the staff and they give an education worth your money.
Carrington has a very good reputation for their nursing program in the area and the faculty expect the students to uphold high standards, which is good. However, I did find the school to be very cliquey and if you don’t schmooze certain faculty you better keep your head buried in the sand; otherwise you’ll be on their radar. I feel if you find your niche in the school and put in your effort to it’s fullest then you’ll excel.
It has been a dream of mine to go to Carrington College to get a degree in Nursing. I have not heard one bad thing about this school and I am happy to now be apart of it!
Good class sizes, but the resources seem limited for the amount of tuition. Insufficient parking for students. Meal options are not within walking distance.
It's okay. Not high quality, but good for getting in, getting started, and getting a basic degree before moving on and up.
Not the best school in terms of extracurricular anything…..but it is a great school if you're looking for a good education in an accelerated amount of time.
There really aren't any choices in the curriculum. You are given what the college gives you.
Carrington is not an online course school…...
It's really hard work, but it's well worth it.
There is a lot of diversity at my school, and it seems like almost everyone there is extremely hard working.
Almost everyone has a job by the time of graduation.
It is very, very expensive, but worth it. They are not very helpful with finding scholarships
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Credits transfer mostly. The schedule is easy to figure out because it is made for you but it isn't very flexible.
The computerized people used to stimulate situations are very useful.
I wish they put paper on the printers
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