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Carrington College - Pomona Reviews

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This school is an absolute joke! Almost all of the original instructors that were there when I started are gone because Sherri is that horrible of a program director. She treats not only the staff horrible but makes the students feel stupid and makes fun of us. She even had a bet on if other students in my class would show up one day. What kind of teacher does that? She hired these children that have no real experience to teach the classes and they are just rude. They treat you like kindergartners and talk down to students the entire time.
If you try to complain about her to the higher ups they ignore you and instead she yells at you for talking to them.
Don't waste your money. Go to literally any other school.
Carrington college - Pomona has an amazing Vet Tech program. They make it extremely easy to apply. The people associated with the pomona campus are kind.
Haven't started yet but excited to start studying at the school this October I took a crash course and I really enjoyed my time there.
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Overall this college was amazing to me I attended the school and completed the medical assistant program. The staff and other students are amazing to one another. Its just overall an amazing campus and school
they help but if you're not insistent, they will forget.
very good school but its very fast paced with a lot of information to learn. Must land running and its very expensive.
The school can set you up to work where you want.
I'm going to learn exactly what I need to here.
The classes are great but a waste of my time and money.
I love my school but there is many things that need to change.
I love all my friends but a lot have been dropped from the program.
Its small since we are half a building and share the other half with another college. Its very hard to get lost.
Its hard to graduate and the work force is competitive but they stick with you until you've found one.
We have a set school schedule and if we want to change times we have to wait and do nothing until a new class with that time is available.
We have a student center but its very small and with only one teacher.
It is too expensive but what kills me the most is my online classes. They're a waste of time when I have more important thing to worry about.
It is a two year college which makes it very fast paced. There is plenty of work and studying but the debt is killing me.
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The teacher are very experienced and well trained.
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