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My experience when doing my General Education online and online lectures during this pandemic have been great! All the instructors have been amazing about getting back to students if there are any questions or concerns about assignments and they try to make online classes flow as smoothly as possible.
Carrington College offers a great hands-on experience with instructors that are with you every step of the way! The labs are super fun and engaging. Even through this covid-19 experience, the instructors and the school are doing their best to keep labs open so that we can get our full college experience and also doing their best for online teaching.
This is one of the few colleges that actually have the schooling for the career I want to pursue. I do not start school until February but so far the process to apply had been easy.
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I am in the MA program at Carrington College Pleasant Hill campus. My experience here is great! The lab is my favorite because there is a lot of hands on experience and learning. The staff here are a delight. They are always friendly and willing to help you find options financially if you need it. On my tour of the campus, I already knew I would want to be apart of the Medical Assisting program. Being a part of Carrington has been a great experience to me so far.
So far they have mornings and even classes so im happy with that im able to choose class time that fits in my schedule.i was told i can transfer my classes since i previous went to a diffrent school but i chose not too since i wantd to start fresh and go over what i have learned
Like i said i have not started classes so im not there yet but so far im loving the school and feedback from enrolled students in there.some are even seniors there so i was happy that im enrolling to a really good school
The school helps you get a good intership as well as help you find a job after you finish your externship.even in two years you can come back and get help finding a job with them.
Have not started so i cant really say but got feedback by the students there and they said they love everything about it.
Have not started yet but by the looks of the classes i was able to sit in that i will enjoy it.hard work but they teach you everything and the teachers are very caring and want you to succed.they also will prepare you to take certification test so you can be certified in any major you take with them
Have not started my classes yet,will soon though. But the enrolling process was great and they explained everything. If you had any questions they answered so you can understand the school. They even gave me a tour of the whole campus with classes doing their going for the medical assistant area so i was able to see them do hands on procedure like taking blood pressure even giving injectons with the teacher there to guide you through the way. Another class they showed me was the lecture room so they were reviewing the body system. Carrington college made me feel welcome and eveyone always greeted me. They offer other programs there if you are interested in a different area in the medical field.
The program wouldn't accept my Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, General Anatomy courses I took from a community college that was far more in depth. The community college General Anatomy included the use of a cadaver; whereas Carrington College of Pleasant Hill does not.
Online Courses cost too much. If I would've known I would've taken basic computer classes and ethics; thereby using my Post 9-11 GI Bill more efficiently.
There is a network setup to aid in employment.
The instructors keep track of all their students that have recently graduated the program and share information of when they took and passed the NBRC Exam
Great student to teacher ratio. Equipment is operable and easy to understand. We were given a bag of equipment, so each student can have hands on training.
Clinical Rotations are great to learn and experience the Real World side of Respiratory Care Therapy. Having the opportunity to go to teaching hospitals will only carry my learning even farther.
Currently enrolled in Respiratory Care Therapy is exciting and rewarding at Carrington College of California - Pleasant Hill.
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The school is very straight foreword, and its a complex division.
This has been my passion to be accomplishing this part of my career path since I was a young child and now that it is happening I look forward to everyday of learning. Even the hard days when exhausted and tired I continue to look forward to as much as I can learn about this field.
I go to school full time as well as work full time. The college has a nice schedule that allows me to still work 40 hours and to still go to school full time. It's hard work, but I know it will be worth in the end.
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