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I love how the teacher are very supportive and understanding. They want to help you be successful in what your learning and where you are going. As of right now Ms Kelly is the coolest teacher have had in a long time
Ms Kelly is the reason I feel comfortable work with school online. She shows you where you need to go and do. She breaks down how to submit your work. Step by step she helps you to just get it.
Online learning with Carrington college has been very easy and relaxing. Teachers make online relaxing and not stressful.
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Carrington college is a very hands on learning program. Nursing teachers are amazing! I’m a very hands on learner and Carrington college is a great school for hands on learners.
I can’t provide an honest rate because I am barely going to start August of 2020. I do have a good feeling about the school and can base a rating off of my intuition.
I haven’t yet started, but I do enjoy how helpful and kind the staff is and would communicate with me in a timely manner regarding any question or inquiry.
This is an excellent program for anyone who wants to get their foot in the door of the career goal they want. Hands on training and real life experiences.
more help with financial aide, I think that because the school is so expensive they should offer more help with financial expenses.Also you should have more verity with picking your classes and more flexible classes.
Instructors and Advisors have been very kind and patient! They are always ready and willing to help!
I absolutely love this college! Everyone is very nice and super helpful! It is one huge family! It is a smaller class size to you really get to know your classmates and teachers and get a more hands on experiance.
This is a great school to attend they are very hands-on and very kind they make me as a student comfortable and safe in their environment.
It’s a nice campus and easy to navigate around. Everyone is nice and easy to work with it is easy to understand assignments that are required of us.
My overall experience has been pretty decent. Excluding a teacher or 2 that are difficult in 3rd semester. I wish there were more financial advisors and more funding options. It's so hard to find funding from private loans when you have bad credit.
My experience here at Carrington so far has been nothing short of amazing. The professors are great and explain everything thuroughly and they make sure every one understands the material. The support staff have all been helpful and have made the process of signing up for school and getting everything in order for school very easy.
Carrington College was a great experience overall. The instructor was very educated in the course material that she was instructing. She was also very nice but strict. I learned a lot during the courses and the schedule was very flexible, which I appreciated a bunch. One thing that I would like to see change is having the course shorten. I know that it is already fast paced but I believe that it could go by quicker.
My experience was great!! What I liked most was that they were encouraging. What I think would have to change is that if they had more schools like where I live.
The courses go by fast, and it can get hard trying to memorize everything. The staff is very friendly as well as the instructors.
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The lack of communication with financial aid makes it hard to pay for. They want a lot of money from you but don't help you in paying. This makes it more stressful in an already stressful atmosphere.
my experience with carrington college was great. i love how everything is hands on and how they work with your schedule.
I am a new student, and the staff is very helpful. the campus is designed well and it is easy to locate things.
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