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more help with financial aide, I think that because the school is so expensive they should offer more help with financial expenses.Also you should have more verity with picking your classes and more flexible classes.
Instructors and Advisors have been very kind and patient! They are always ready and willing to help!
I absolutely love this college! Everyone is very nice and super helpful! It is one huge family! It is a smaller class size to you really get to know your classmates and teachers and get a more hands on experiance.
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This is a great school to attend they are very hands-on and very kind they make me as a student comfortable and safe in their environment.
It’s a nice campus and easy to navigate around. Everyone is nice and easy to work with it is easy to understand assignments that are required of us.
My overall experience has been pretty decent. Excluding a teacher or 2 that are difficult in 3rd semester. I wish there were more financial advisors and more funding options. It's so hard to find funding from private loans when you have bad credit.
My experience here at Carrington so far has been nothing short of amazing. The professors are great and explain everything thuroughly and they make sure every one understands the material. The support staff have all been helpful and have made the process of signing up for school and getting everything in order for school very easy.
Carrington College was a great experience overall. The instructor was very educated in the course material that she was instructing. She was also very nice but strict. I learned a lot during the courses and the schedule was very flexible, which I appreciated a bunch. One thing that I would like to see change is having the course shorten. I know that it is already fast paced but I believe that it could go by quicker.
My experience was great!! What I liked most was that they were encouraging. What I think would have to change is that if they had more schools like where I live.
The courses go by fast, and it can get hard trying to memorize everything. The staff is very friendly as well as the instructors.
The lack of communication with financial aid makes it hard to pay for. They want a lot of money from you but don't help you in paying. This makes it more stressful in an already stressful atmosphere.
my experience with carrington college was great. i love how everything is hands on and how they work with your schedule.
I am a new student, and the staff is very helpful. the campus is designed well and it is easy to locate things.
I am currently attending Carrington College and overall I love it! They are so great when it comes to making you feel welcomed as well as the other students who have already been there. Everyone is great and I honestly don't feel so new because of their warm spirit. The instructors are very kind and put themselves at your level in any situation to understand you. They are constantly making sure you are okay and you understand everything. The campus is great and feels like home. The hours work great for my schedule and they truly understand anyone with kids. I love Carrington and because of them I'm making my dreams come true.
There are so many reason on why I chose to start my education at Carrington Community College was because first of all my amazing advisor Nichole Wilford has been super helpful from the first day I talked about my education goals and how to go about it. She's answered all my questions and makes me feel really comfortable. On days she couldn't help me, she had other staffs help me and they were also a big part of me enrolling into school. Also when I took a tour of the school, I could imagine myself going there and knowing I can finish because they have so many helpful ways of making sure you succeed, the rest is just up to you. The school looks amazing, staff are super helpful on anything and everything. I'm starting now because I know what I want to be and what I want to achieve and why. I want to go to school for a Physical Therapy Technician. Carrington College is my route to have a better life style, but its only the begging.
Some instructors are above and beyond any you could ask for, some don't seem to care. There is no real lab and not much 'hands on' and they do not have many anatomical models. A lot of students have positive attitudes and maintain high grades but the school could do some more to help their students learn in better detail.
My overall experience at Carrington has been a great one, the professor are knowlegeable and very helpfull. I am just finishing my first semester and looking forward to the future courses. The only thing I would change would have to be to move the Terminology class to the first semester, this would be a great help with better understanding Anatomy and Physiology. Having terminology would have been a huge help in understanding the information better.
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The experience with the courses are the best. Having a small amount of students in class is a big perk. We can really focus on our school work and get things done when our class starts. We all know each other well so it's really easy to work together. The class style really gives us the opportunity to practice sessions we will use in a future therapy office.
Earning a degree from his school comes with and internship. This is very beneficial because we are guaranteed a job after graduating.
My physical therapy program allows me to practice actual therapy and sessions I will potentially have in the future. This is very beneficial because our school will actually send us out to an internship and I am excited to use everything I am learning. The workload we get is manageable, sometimes it can be a lot but our professors make and give us enough time to fully learn and understand our work.
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