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Carrington College - Phoenix North Reviews

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The fact that the school is face paced with no waiting list made it very ideal to attend. The overall introductory period had a lot of information and was well put together
Awesome school with amazing teachers that are always willing to help. It is a very fast paced program but totally worth it
Very fast paced loving it
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I haven't really had anything to transfer anything but all in all everyone is willing to help with anything and everything
More money than community college but worth it when you look at waiting lists and things;no pre-requisits needed
Pretty small school;has a good library/computer lab
Students come from all backrounds
Many programs to choose from;no waiting lists;new programs start all the time
accelerated program;no waiting list;aim for student success;
They help you get a higher degree as well as an excellent job placement rating.
Online is a great way to learn if you do not have the time to work with instructors in class. I prefer working in a class room setting and not so much online.
I'm able to access all the necessary websites I need at school with the campus wireless access. In between classes i'm able to easliy connect, and finish anything that I need to get done.
Everyone is very helpful. You can always find the answer you need. The counselors are there 24/7 and will help you with just about everything. Props to Mrs. Kathleen the nursing admissions director, for getting me finally into all the information to start the program!
Every Maricopa community college I have attended have been polished perfectly. The landscaping is always up to par and the schools have been designed simply. Some unique things about Paradise Valley Community college would be in the science labs there is tons of stuff to look at and even touch such as bone structures and other interesting things!
This semester I am currently enrolled in a different college so I cant yet rate my student body. But I have previously attended college at multiple Maricopa community Colleges and I would have to say the student body has been excellent. I have never had a problem interacting with my classmates and finding a new study buddy each semester. Sometimes I even ended up with the same student in multiple classes, which was nice for studying and swapping notes! I love the community college because there is never any competition to where it makes students feel uncomfortable, I believe most students are on the same skill and educational level as I am which makes it very comforting.
The teachers so far have been passionate about teaching. Well most of them anyways
I liked the on-line educator. She got back to e-mails fast. Was easy to follow what needed to be done.
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Most Transferred – Most of my credits transferred, the ones that did not, I actually wanted to take again anyways (for example, A&P). As far as flexibility, not so great. There are set times for the classes and they give us a schedule about 2 weeks before the semester starts which does not give me too much time to arrange for the care of my kids.
Carrington College – I like the school and have learned a lot. There are a few teachers that are absolutely amazing. Then, there are a few I don't think measure up to the others. Overall, I've learned a lot, plan to continue learning and we'll see if I can get a great job afterwards.
The student body at my school is good. Everyone gives off good, positive vibes. We all have a passion for what we are studying for and work as a team to get ahead.
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