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I am very glad that part of my course will be online at my own pace. And they are providing me with a tablet for the program.
I will enjoy the flexibility at the school. I am excited to learn on to care for all types of animals.
My experiences with online classes at Carrington College-Mesa were pretty great. When I first enrolled with Carrington we started off with online classes. This was all due to COVID-19, but it was for our own safety and health. Although, online wasn't too bad even for my first time having online classes. I'm doing my third term online as we speak, therefore, we do our lab portions on campus so we can get credit for our hands on experiences as well with caution though. Our advisors have been doing their best on providing the best online teaching as possible. Even when we have internet trouble at some moments, they make sure they find ways to help assist and communicate with each of us to make sure we turn in our work on time, understand our lectures, and having patience with our learning criteria. This online portion was new to each of us, but we managed it by learning how to use the internet for education.
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My experiences on being enrolled with Carrington College-Mesa are amazing by far. I truly admire how things are neatly and professionally organized by the staff members and advisors. The beginning we were doing online classes due to COVID-19, but we managed to get out work and lectures in by having Microsoft Meetings. What I like about Carrington College-Mesa is that they care about each students education and the program that they are in. By making sure we understand and by providing us with hands on experiences at campus, so we can provide a successful performance withing the medical field to our future patients. They also treat us equally within our programs by making sure we all receive the education we all deserve and are hoping to accomplish as well. The thing I would like to see change though would be the tuition because it's pretty high and pricey. Although, they are providing a great education for individuals seeking a medical degree withing the medical field.
Everything is very one on one. The people here care about you and care about your success. They will work with you from the beginning to the end. One thing I would like to see change is their tuition prices, makes it hard to be able to afford it.
I actually attend the one in Tucson and i would like to be actually taught what i signed up for. I want to learn and get the hands on training i was told i would be taught. I want realness, not fakeness.
Carrington is by far the whole package when dealing with going back to school and having to juggle work and actually being an adult. From my perspective it was definitely a seemingly tough transition but with the helpful and truly caring staff and workable schedule it turned out to be amazingly easier than I anticipated. Just finished first term with a 4.0. Being 43 I would say that isn’t to shabby.
The price is almost double of other schools with the same program. The actual program seems legit, and the director seems to have great intentions in the education of the students. Although it may be expensive, I am hoping it is worth every dime.
This school is great im a coming up freshman and cant wait to be apart of the carrington family. They are very hands on and make you feel comfortable and safe in their environment.
I think they have great programs to offer. But I do think they are well over priced.. And it's very hard to get into some programs, and they are unable to tell you your chances of getting in, or how many times you may have to apply before you get accepted
What I like about Carrington College is that the staff is welcoming and helpful. They are alert to your needs and expectations. What I would change or add to make it better would be a bigger campus location.
The admins/advisors are really nice. Some professors are really rude. Maybe it was just towards me because I tend to ask a lot of questions, but overall they did prepare you for the future and your career. I met some great friends here, as well as the professors who wrote amazing recommendation letters.
I like the admissions process for hygiene and not having to wait on a waitlist and I like that you can take your pre requisites at the same time, but I do not like the program cost for what we get.
Courses were going great until we had an instructor change. Second instructors first year teaching so we felt like her test students. We did not learn as much as we deserve with how much we are paying for education. This college is not so much hands on as they advertise, sadly. Front office is a mess, well for me it was, with their constant need of paper work that I had already been asked for. The only great thing about this college is the ability to provide good externship sites.
I love the staff and I love the dedication they have to teach us. I love how the courses are divided into easy classes which makes it easy for us to learn all about our materials.
I had five different teachers through the seven months of classes. I basically taught myself and everyone around me. The other students would ask me questions they didn't know or understand because the teachers either wouldn't know the answer or talk down to them for asking. Our labs where a joke we didn't ever assist even though that's the program we where in dental assisting. We learned the set ups for the different procedures but not how to pass instruments to the doctor or suction correctly. When the X-ray module came around I was the one showing the teacher how to develop digital X-rays because I was shown at an awesome office that was teaching everything this school wasn't. I was left trying to figure out how to do the lab work on my own instead of having the teacher show us the students had to work together to figure it out.
Everyone has been so nice and supportive. The clinical setting is state of the art. The professors are amazing. I am excited to graduate from such a reputable school.
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love all the help that i get
had no problems. I'm a first time student.
working full time and studying has been very hard. sometimes the school work is too much, you only get 3 days to learn a new subject,
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