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Carrington College - Las Vegas Reviews

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Easy enrollment, everyone is so nice. Going into my second semester and so far my experience has been very good!
I like how the modules are broken down but i do not like that there is so many students to 1 class. not enough hands on.
The only downfall to the school is that they do give you an iPad mini which apart of your tuition but if it is defective they give you a refurbished one which is not right when your tuition pays for a new one. Also when you first start the class sizes are small and then they combined the classes together so having one professor makes it harder to learn.
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I give this school 2 thumbs up. They are well known and has a successful graduation ranking and board rate passing.
They're very helpful and attentive to all needs.
The best staff and teachers!
The medical assisting program is great, the teachers walk you through everything till externship.
I love the school. Everyone is very helpful.
I love my classmates and all the fun we have as a family in the classes we have together, and everyone who is a part of the school as well.
The student body is wonderful. Everyone is very helpful, questions are being answered everyone is friendly. Its like a 2nd home.
Very flexible with time management. Everything was on point and everyone of the facilities was able to help out when needed.
All the teachers are very helpful in what we need to get done and pass the course.
Everything was easy to be found.
Very rigourous fast paced program and you always have to be on your toes
They are there for access
The school is okay, but needs improvement with there staff.
As long as everyone can get along with one another i think that we wouldn't have any more problems.

No more calling each other names because of races, genders, gay,bisexual, lesbian, religion, beliefs, where we come from, etc. Everyone should be understanding and be so judge mental to one another then we would live in a great place and have fun at school.
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Pros and cons of living off campus. You can do what you want do to after school. you can go without having a curfew. Not having the lights of at a certain time. Drive to places, go home, have some privacy to yourself. Parking isn't all that bad and don't have to worry about the parking lot being full. ITs a little expensive buying things you need for yourself and your house compared to living in campus. ITs not as safe, anything can happen. you have the option to have a room mate or not. Its convenient is a way.
I honestly don't drink nor smoke, I believe that you can have a good time without being under the influence. Drugs are everywhere and probably people you are friends with or know people who are doing it Surround yourself with people you can trust who will not get involved in any of those, its a bad habit, its not a good thing to do. Teachers, campus police, should be more strict on searching everyone now a days to make sure that don't have any possession of drugs on them. As well with alcohol.
Living in Vegas also known as "Sin city" there are alot of things to do here that is if you are over 21. The scenery is great, you see flashy lights almost everywhere you go. The strip is where everything and the place to be on the weekends to have a good time with friends and family. Places to see such as casinos, dine-ins, movie theaters, malls, etc. Not to many cultural events that go on only from time to time. There are many concerts and night clubs to go to. The safety portion isn't all that great depending on which side of the town you live in. We don't really have a sports team thats national just college UNLV REBELS.
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