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Coming here I have learned so much there’s so many different people to me and so many different subjects that people are learning about you get to talk to different people and learn what they’re learning and they’ll talk to you and to learn what you’re learning
My expirexperience was that all staff is eager to help you and devoted to seeing you succeed. The school is set up with a hands on learning approach, so you get to do exactly what you are being taught.
From what I've heard there online courses are pretty easy
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I was able to transfer to the night classes super easy because I needed my morning open plus we only had class Monday through Thursday
There career services was okay I don't feel to pleased with my situation I feel like I was given a horrible extern sight and that help finding a job isn't much there.
The courses where great they where almost identical to real life in the field experiences and my teacher she was so amazing I have honestly never had a better teacher than her!
Everyone was extremely helpful there where staff all over the campus ready to lend a hand when need be.
It's pretty awesome we got to actually do stuff you would do in the medical field as a medical assistant it was mostly if not all hands on!
I had a great time we did fun stuff even out side the class rooms like we did a fund raiser for cancer we also did a blood pressure thing with outside of our school participants.
We offer: Vet Tech, Medical Assisting, Massage Therapy, Surgical Tech, Criminal Justice, Pharmacy tech, and Medical Billing and Coding
It feels great studying the world of law. My instructor is great, he is experienced, forward, honest, and above all compassionate about each student.l He gives us work and works us hard however, he never gives us too much. The workload at times can get hectic. The facilities are excellent every time I go to class, it seems like they don't skip a beat at that school
I feel that my school is very unique. First they offer a variety of classes depending on the campus. I feel somewhat safe when I go to class each day. Another thing I like about my school is we meet Monday through Thursday. Three day weekend every week.
My financial aid adviser is honest and straight forward. If I have a question she can answer it within the same day I asked it. She by far is my favorite person in that whole school.
Online courses can get confusing. Admins are no help either.
Campus is in the middle of town surrounded by other stores and places to eat. Has a library, plenty of computers and helpful faculty. The vibe from the school is very welcoming and doesn't have the intimidation factor that most schools do. They also have a program where they help you with anything from planning your wedding to finding an inexpensive computer for school.
I've only used the computers to take an assessment and fill out loan/grant information but the computers seemed pretty reliable from those experiences.
I'm in the health care administration program, and I love my program the classes all have to do with administration and I've learned so much about office management, book keeping, and so on. In my class you touch bases in in a little bit of everything we got to learn some dental, pharmacology and body and psychology. I love it and the instructor is awesome!
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The resources on our campus are always available for students we have the library and student success center which has over 20 computers available.
Our campus is not the biggest so everyone knows each other even instructors and students from different departments. Almost, everyone in the staff is willing to help. Any instructors are willing to stay after class. They make it main priority to always try to have their door open.
My school is very diverse with different cultures. Which is a great thing. Students of all ethnicity will feel welcome when diverse is welcomed to the school.
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