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Very welcoming kind employees! I enjoy going to school every day! My advisor is very helpful! All supplies to graduate are available at this college!
I went to this school and it’s THE worst of the worst. The staff, the program, the classes. Honestly they just want your money & won’t speak to you unless you’ve paid. Terrible communication and unwilling to respond to questions.
The teachers made me cry literally almost everyday. They are critical, mean, and pushy. They won’t assist you in clinic and will sit in the middle of the room and gossip the whole time. It’s an aweful environment if you’re falling behind even slightly a little.
Concerning finances, It’s taken me over 3 months to get a hold of somebody. They also charged me for semesters I didn’t attend. Hardly ANY of my credits transferred and I already had a previous degree.
They don’t tell you this, but you have to have a 75 or higher in your classes and won’t tell you until you’ve signed papers. And then once you’re a senior you have to get a 90 to pass.
If you’re considering coming to the school, I would NOT recommend it. Find somewhere else
I am just getting starting in a program that Carrington offers. So far I have been pleased with them as they have helped me obtain the information I need to get started in this field. The only thing at this time I would have liked to be different is that I would like to have been given more advice on financial aid and scholarships information. I will not know if I am accepted into their program until the end of July and school starts on August 27th this year. This makes it very hard to make financial arrangements and prepare accordingly for the program. I hope that later this year if accepted into their program I will get to experience more of their overall performance.
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If your looking for a school that cares about you and your successes this is the right school for you! They have endless options to help you in many ways! Everyone is friendly and always willing to help! I really enjoy this school And how much they have helped me!
Want to go to a school where you feel like people care? want to go to a school where teachers are there to teach you and not just to be paid? then Carrington College is a place they want to help you they are truly amazing and I would recommend this college to anyone.
I think this is the best nursing school in the area.
Their computers and printers don't work, and they don't explain online services that could have been used
Excellent facility. State of the art equipment, and they give you every tool you need in order to be as successful as you can possibly be.
they have both morning and evening classes available.
I really loved the school. my teachers where the best.
The courses are great and they teach you everything you need to know to be successful.
the recruiters provide all the information necessary for success and enrolling into the school.
I made a lot of friend over the time of my course, who enjoy helping me out when I need it.
The program is a little pricey but with grants they always help out.
The school helps you look for an extern site that could possibly offer future employment.
I learned a lot, the classes are a little challenging, but the courses are great.
There is a lot of homework that we must get done but if you put in the time and effort it can all get done.
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Great staff members, that are willing to always help out.
Being a nursing student at a school that is specified for nursing careers is the best thing in the world! the education you get from the staff is beyond words.
the professors at Carrington are amazing, and they really care about each of their students. They are there to help you through the program during every step of the way.
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