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Very disappointed to see the woman who works in Career Services here at the location in Albuquerque, also previously worked at a school called Brown Mackie college, which caused a lot of issues for my son and daughter. She misled hundreds of students at her previous school, and should not work at any college.
What I liked about Carrington was the work is simple and easy to understand. I’m able to learn faster and a lot better. Carrington has so many study and academic things to help you understand what you are learning and they provide a lot of help.
Carrington college is helpful and cares about their students for the most part. The instructors do everything they can to help students pass. They provide a lot of helpful resources. However their online courses are frustrating as they try to run them like online classes which takes away the flexibility of online platforms, and their financial aid department doesn't care.
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I am enrolled in the Registered Nursing program at Carrington, and I love it. I enjoy my classes, receive lots of support from the staff, and enjoy my study time with my classmates.
I love it here everyone treats you like family and are here to help you succeed. The hands on learning is what really helps me you get to do what you are learning about.
When I first started in August I was really scared. But throughout the program I’ve became very close with my classmates. The classes are really small which makes getting along with everyone easy. We help each other out a lot and we learn from each other which i think is a real plus. It’s a great program and the instructors are here to help! I love it and I totally recommend it.
It’s a safe environment. Everyone is very friendly. The classes are designed to the correct environment of the subjected class. Administration team is very helpful.
It’s not an easy program or an inexpensive choice, but it allows students to become RNs in only 2 years. Since my priority is being able to join the workforce, I was happy that the accelerated pace will allow me to finish quickly. The classes are demanding, but the instructors truly care. My Anatomy and Physiology teacher presents the materials with such enthusiasm and knowledge that you can’t help but fall in love with the subject matter. The administration is accessible for any issues or questions, and the enrollment and financial aid departments are experts at setting up your packages.
For school you can choose what option will be best either morning,mid-day or evening classes. But, you need to make sure everything is taken care of such as job, daycare, transportation. If you miss a day in class is like missing four days there is so much information given and not easy to back track.
Online course is not difficult and convenient. Professor is always willing to teach others if they are struggling but will get the hang of it quickly. I never took a traditional class so I am not able to compare.
School staff help you on your resume, job search and will help you or find financial help for the exams.
Professor is great makes time for, another professor will take calls or text up to 11pm. The class size depending on the program anywhere from 15-30 (the most) . Class is hands-on from day one and class is done you can stay or go home/work
Student career is there for you and will dedicate time to each individual.
The school will look start to look for an externship around November. The closer I get to finish they will also help me with my resume, interview mocks, professionalism, looking for a job. If for some reason down the line I get laid off for any reason I can always go back and they will help again-job research and with the resume.
It's the best instructors have the experience and knowledge and they are there because they want to teach others who will be going into that field. I love the size of the school it helps many students who have been out of school and are ready to go back. Also, all the other staff are friendly and get to know you on a personal level if you like for them. I would choose and did choose this school to come back around. I love how you get into a field that you want to do and start working on that and it's done in less time.
The class schedule is very convenient for me.
Didnt enroll in online classes. I will be starting classes in July, on campus.
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Im looking to look for a new job and advance my knowledge in the healthcare career.
Only met 1 instructor, which is a coding one and he was very nice.
Looking forward to attending class and getting my certificate!!
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