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I think Cchs is the best school because, you can get applied degrees in a short time, but the teachers also truly care about each student and the classes are small! its just a very personable environment and everyone there helps everyone!
The general education classes are more flexible but nursing school you are there five days a week
The first semester of nursing school you get the have clinical experience in the hospital. The teachers are always there to help and see you succeed
Review Carolinas College of Health Sciences
Class size is small. Teachers and staff really want the students to succeed. Definitely prepares you for a nursing job when you graduate.
Student orientation contestant contact with every step
All kinds of classes and options
We all get along and help each other b
The off many aids including a loan from the hospital
They have career counselors and many job application teachings
My school is the number 1 school for two years in the nation. We have nursing radiology general radiation and other health care majors
We get to go straight into the hospital the first semester of nursing school.
They are willing to always help. Everyone's door is always open. We have free tutoring, study groups and a great student organization that put in amazing activities and free lunches.
The school is fairly small, so the financial aid office is able to handle each student's needs. The tuition is about average for the field I am studying.
This school is associated with a hospital system that has a lot of career opportunities at various locations.
The Rad Tech program is very intense and comprehensive. School needs to be a focus with this program for students to keep up.
Professors are caring and friendly. They offer their assistance freely in an effort to see each student succeed.
This school is a very friendly and open atmosphere. The campus has great opportunities for hands on practice with full computer labs and quiet areas for study.
Review Carolinas College of Health Sciences
Very high amount of females since nursing is the main focus. There is a good mix of ages, with quite a few people coming back to school from a different field
They have career fairs and the advising is great, but there is no specific career center
I really don't like computers so at first I was really bummed that certain courses are only offered online here but I was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't that bad. The teachers respond to all of my emailed questions within 24 hours which is amazing and helpful. And the classes are at kind of a work at your own pace setting.
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