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Carolina College of Biblical Studies Reviews

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Just started classes on Jan 23, the admin. and finance dept were very helpful in helping me get enrolled.
As an African American student, this is one of the few places I've been where my race doesn't seem like a factor. I love my professors and my classmates. It has been one of the warmest and inviting experiences I have had in a school setting. I believe in hard work and being challenged. I'm grateful for the in depth studies and assignments.
Can you say, one on one instruction? It is simple to ask questions and receive an immediate answer from the instructor. The school is extremely military friendly and is also structured to accommodate the working adult.
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The school is Biblically structured and views diversity in the same manner as Jesus Christ taught.
Being a Christian environment, Drugs and Alcohol are completely discouraged. I will not say that there are none, but I will say that it would surprise and greatly disappoint me if there are.
The courses have met my needs perfectly. There are a few classes that have been added as a result of being accredited but the staff give them a biblical tone and do a really good job of relating the subjects to the life of a Christian.
Being a really small school, there are not as many alumni out there to give you preference as a larger school would have.
The Greek Life does not exist at CCBS because the focus of the school is biblical not worldly.
CCBS is the place that a person wants to go to receive top notch Biblical training. They focus on the biblical approach and not an approach that is slanted toward any single denomination of Christianity.
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