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Carnegie Mellon University is a great university because it has a lot of interdisciplinary programs you can join or make to create the ultimate college experience. Also, you can even create your own major to help you find your career path. I give it a 4/5 star rating though because classes can be really tough, and you feel overwhelmed. However, that also pushes you to learn more. Not only that, you can easily make friends who are very willing to help you with your assignments. The advisors here are helpful to a certain degree. Like any college, this school has good and bad professors. You just learn from upperclassmen which professor's class you should take.
Carnegie Mellon is a great school, and it will only get better as time goes on because it is uniquely suited for educating the 21st century worker. This said, the work in the quantitative disciplines is absolutely brutal. Most nights are spent working and a lot of socialization happens through working on schoolwork with your classmates. It costs upwards of $70,000/year to attend CMU if you have no aid, which is a lot of money. So, you work your tail off, but that's kind of what you would expect to get your money's worth.

The campus is building hundreds of millions of dollars of buildings right now and the business school on the undergraduate level will be second to none in the coming years with its emphasis on quantitative discipline and the ability to overlap with CS courses.

People attending CMU need to be self-driven to explore Pittsburgh. It is quite an interesting city once you explore it--particularly for food.
Carnegie Mellon University is a really tough school, especially for computer science. You will find that the schoolwork is quite heavy and there is a ton of homework. However, I've met some of the smartest people here at school. Everyone is really bright and motivated. The career services here are quite good as well. CMU attracts some of the top companies, especially in tech, so hopefully you will be able to find internships and full time positions easily.
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Carnegie Mellon is an unconventional school. Extremely smart and nerdy CS kids study at Gates while incredibly talented musicians and actors perform in CFA. In between, you find students concentrating in all sorts of fields: engineering, business, statistics, math, psychology... The strength of this school lies within this observation. Carnegie Mellon is great in various fields, so no matter what you study here you will be learning a great deal. In addition, the network you can build here is immense. Despite being a relatively small school, CMU offers plenty of interesting people who are enthusiastic, friendly, and passionate about their fields of study.

Finally, as we move towards the age of Artificial Intelligence (think Uber's self-driving cars in Pittsburgh) and the Internet of Things, there is no better place to be than CMU if you want to be on the cutting edge.
Carnegie Mellon is tough, no doubt about it. But it's also a place where you'll be pushed and surrounded by other talented and passionate people working hard too. You bond over that and I made awesome friends who will always be close no matter the years and distance. It can be very stressful, but making it through did convince me that I could persevere through anything, something that has benefitted me a lot out in the working world. I'll always prefer to hire CMU graduates because I of this.

Sports? Nah. Don't go there for sports. Campus? A lot better now then when I was there! Dorms? They're OK but moved off campus after 1st year. Parties? Well my group of friends had a lot of house parties but this was more Art, Design, Drama and random stragglers group ;) Pittsburgh? Wasn't convinced at the time (wanted to be in NYC) but it's a good place to go to school - enough to do, fairly safe, pretty cheap to live, plenty of arts and culture if you want it, decent food, etc.
Carnegie Mellon University is a great school. The academics are very high quality, and the coursework is challenging and interesting. There are a variety of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Pittsburgh is a wonderful city, with activities of all kind in the surrounding neighborhoods.
What is very interesting about Carnegie Mellons theatre program is that, yes they do put out professionals. But the thing is you become a very cruel human being that is only in it for themselves. Theater isn't about that. It is about the entire process and everyone involved. You have to be able to work with everyone and by doing so create relationships that could potentially get you more work. That doesn't necessarily have to just do with the theatre department. That could go go for whatever career interest you go into. Yes they have a great reputation but there is a difference from someone who Major's in Musical Theatre and an artist who truly appreciates it.
CMU students tend to be workaholics, but I think the school does a decent job of offering plenty of activities to diffuse that.
I like the diversity among the student population. There are people of all different cultures and backgrounds. One truly gains insight about people from all over the world! One setback of the university is its lack of sufficient tutoring. To receive individualized help, one must unfortunately do poorly on a quiz or exam before getting the proper help.
I have enjoyed my time so far at Carnegie Mellon. The university itself is very challenging with brilliant professors and researchers. While many students that attend Carnegie Mellon are culturally diverse, a lot of people are motivated through high pressure situations. At times this could mean that students care more about their major and completing assignments and projects that socializing. However, being involved in one of the 200+ clubs is the best way to open up and meet others.
Im in the business school and first semester was pretty tough. It's very nonstop and you need good timemanaging skills. You meet a lot of people and will learn a lot about yourself.
Carnegie Mellon is a great place, full of really talented and smart MIT rejects. Although it's a bit too career oriented for my tastes (ie. everyone is all about jobs, no one really cares about grad school), the jobs kids at CMU get are great. The professors are wonderful, and because of the small size, you can expect to get a lot of individualized attention and care if you seek it out. Also wish CMU had an aerospace engineering program or more classes in theoretical math.
Carnegie Mellon University is a truly diverse community with highly intelligent people who strive to achieve realistic goals that enhance the quality of life. The school is especially well known for its majors related to science and technology.
A wonderful institution overall. The campus is beautiful and peaceful located near other universities and a city. Great professors and lots of opportunities for extra help. Awesome student life activities. Various housing opportunities on and off campus. Truly a school that you will be proud to call your own.
You won't be getting much out of your social life at CMU (the party scene is nonexistent, but you can still find parties if you really want to go out) because everyone is awkward and a hermit. However, the academics are stellar: extremely rigorous and tough. Students here are also ridiculously smart. It's both inspiring and intimidating, but so far I am enjoying myself, despite the sleep deprivation and constant stress.
Professors are so passionate and are willing to do their bests to help students learn. I get so much attention from the administration and I feel so motivated by the people I'm surrounded by.
Incredibly challenging academic environment. Regardless of your program, you will be pushed to your limits here; however, the sheer scale and reach of groundbreaking research and innovation that happens here will make it all worthwhile. By taking advantage of the incredible opportunities that are available here, you can race to the head of your field and will graduate prepared to take on just about any challenge.
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The administration is working really diligently to address a lot of the social and cultural problems that Carnegie Mellon traditionally has, but it's still very much a transitional period. We're finally starting to talk about issues like mental health, diversity, and sexual assault, which is an important starting place, but there's still a lot of work to be done. Nothing about Carnegie Mellon is easy. You don't come here to have fun. You come here because you really want to work to be the best, which you never will be.
There are parties, but they usually suck (bad music, bad alcohol, sometimes bad people), and they are constantly being shut down by the campus police who apparently have nothing better to do. If you're old enough, you can go to bars, where they'll have none of the aforementioned nonsense.
Parties are usually in houses, unless you bother to count frat house parties, which will always suck to some degree. The best parties usually turn out to be medium sized ones with people you know. The party scene would have a better impact if it didn't consistently suck and if campus police didn't shut down anything remotely fun-sounding.