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The only class I took online was C@CM, basically, a pre-campus course on the computing norms on campus. My year, the course wasn't that entertaining and I flew through it in a few days. By the time I graduated however, the course had evolved a lot, even offering virtual proctoring for the final exam.
My time at CMU was great. My advisor was really caring and helped me do more than plan my schedule. The school acknowledges the stress culture is pretty bad and has taken steps to provide stress relievers (eg: mindfulness room, paws to relax, the petting zoo, etc). The campus food wasn't bad and the staff was friendly. Professors were, for the most part, understanding when things came up. I was able to make a few lifelong friends too! The campus is pretty diverse, with a majority of students being internationals!
Carnegie Mellon University is a primarily pre-professional university that focuses on channeling students to Silicon Valley. The return of investment is significant, and most students attend the university with the explicit intention of working in the tech industry. Carnegie Mellon's emphasis on tech and the sciences exudes in all disciplines, even those who study the humanities and fine arts. I appreciate this about CMU, as it truly sets up individual students for lucrative careers, with rational 21st-century skills that push students into the front.
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While I did not take an classes at CMU online, there were some lectures that took place online. For instance, both my biology and elementary computer science course had some lessons on the Online Learning Initiative (OLI). These were quite useful and interactive. And made excellent study material as well for the finals.
I love Carnegie Mellon University. It has become a new home for me and I felt that I had an amazing 3/4ths of my freshman year in college! sadly because of the pandemic, the last half of the second semester was moved online but I am excited to go back (whenever that may be)
I really enjoyed my time at CMU - I had a lot of friends, grew as a person, go to try interesting clubs, take cool classes, and I felt supported by professors and staff. If I had to change some things, I would urge the school to try to build up a global brand by not over-emphasizing STEM in the way that it has before. I would also like to see it become a more politically active campus, and I would like to see diversity get stronger.
The faculty is great, the size is great, and the people are great! I love my school, however, I do wish that the administration spent its money in a way that benefitted its students more.
I really want to go to this school in the future. In terms of neighborhood, it is in a great location and it is surrounded by synagogues, perfect for students coming from Jewish communities. Great theater program, great academics. This school opens doors for you folks.
Carnegie Mellon is a breeding ground for geniuses, future leaders, engineers and business personnel. If you like being immersed in a population of extremely hardworking and passionate people who love what they do, then Carnegie Mellon is for you. Located in a great college town, I have many fond memories of Pittsburgh, and I am well-positioned to succeed in my career.
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Ultimately, I love CMU and am proud to be a Tartan.
Carnegie Mellon is a great private institution. In the major that I am in, you can really tell that the professors care about your education as much as you do. Diversity is an issue, as there are few Latinx and African American students and many, many Asian and Caucasian students. Athletics are not really a priority at this school because everyone puts their academics as their first priority. Everyone at this university takes their work very seriously. Those that don't are the ones who don't perform well. The facilities are great, and so are the people. You really won't regret coming here. Your experience is what you put into it, so work hard and play even harder when you get the chance.
I like the professors the best, they helped me even in off times and are really good at replying to emails. In addition, the on campus wi fi is excellent, even in the middle of the field, I am able to get 20 mbps of wi fi. The buildings are also very high tech and comfortable, especially the Gates center
The experience you get largely depends on what school you are in. It is predominately a research school, so you may not have very enthusiastic professors.
Carnegie Mellon has great campus, dorm and the professors are absolutely dedicated and top class. Absolute love the college life and great from academics. Expensive and would help if more aid is available.
So far I can safely say that I have had a good experience with Carnegie Mellon. I had the opportunity to visit the school during their Celebration of Diversity weekend. The school invited me to their campus for an overnight visit, and my airplane travel was paid for by the school itself. Overall it was a really good experience, and I learned that this school could benefit me if I were to attend.
Carnegie Mellon is very competitive, but fosters a strong sense of collaboration and curiosity, as students are very passionate about the things they study. There is not much of a sports or party culture here, but the students are very competent, and very focused on their studies. There are many options for clubs and extracurricular activities.
I would describe Carnegie Mellon as a sandbox school; it is probably THE best school in the country, topping Harvard, MIT–the entire HYPSM complex, if you tailor your experience carefully. However CMU can seem underwhelming compared to the price tag if you have no idea what you're doing. Rating this school out of five stars is preposterous, as it can be either SUPER fantastic, or SUPER disappointing, depending on where you look (more than your typical college/university).
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I spent 6 weeks here for a Pre-college program, sadly no AC at my dorm. I really liked my professor and I took classes with graduate students who seemed to enjoy the school. The students seemed very close together overall which was nice and very welcoming.
I am excited to attend this university and pursue an education with one of the best set design colleges in the country!
Carnegie Mellon truly knows how to push all their students. It's a very difficult but extremely rewarding feeling attending class every day. All the lectures are about real-world scenarios. Overall it's very cool to attend a college that is at the forefront of technology and so many future industries.