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It is a great school overall, and its suburban location just minutes away from downtown proves useful often. For anybody pursuing any form of sciences or mathematics, I can't recommend a better school. This school is focused on preparing its students for whatever problem they may face in the future. Very diverse culture as well.
What I like about Carnegie Mellon is the general atmosphere of the school as a whole. Having a campus separate from the surrounding city allows the community within CMU to flourish, and I feel like that was a major factor in why I enjoyed my time here. The coursework is difficult to an extent, especially with certain classes, but the payoffs of what you are able to gain and learn from these classes really outweighs the drawbacks. With so many various groups on campus, there's always somewhere for people to fit in.
As a volunteer working to help translate an application software used by the university, I have had a rather good experience. The campus is beautiful and located just at the intersection of the hubs in Pittsburgh. In addition, the academics are top-notch and help students get into many prestigious companies that include large technology firms such as Facebook and Amazon.
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Carnegie Mellon University is a great place to foster your interests and passions. While it is strong in computer science, engineering, and other related technical fields, it is still a great place for other majors such as business and the arts. Professors seem to be quite caring, lots of workload but definitely manageable if time is managed correctly.
The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama has a remarkable program that encourages collaboration between various theatrical positions. It prepares you for the performing arts industry as it ensures opportunities for musical theatre majors and designers alike to gain real life experience.
Very challenging and oriented towards skills you will use on the job. Very high tech and analytical. Awesome school.
I really liked the people and culture and the fact that most classes are very well supported. Professors are usually very helpful and help students professionally and academically.
Carnegie Mellon was the best decision I made -- the community is collaborative, warm, and supportive. Your professors are invested in you for life.
Great school if you are interested in Research, Science and Engineering. Also, an up and coming undergraduate Business School. Graduates across the board conisistently leave with great, high-paying jobs.
Carnegie Mellon is a very academically challenging school, I have struggled a bit but maintained a good GPA through sophomore year. I love the campus and the surrounding local community. This is NOT a party school but has Pitt close enough to enjoy some party life and I am a SigEp member and currently live in the frat house. Most of the professors are great and I look forward to the next two years here.
While I'm definitely not the brightest students at CMU, I have met some of the most amazing and talented people here from my classes and clubs. The workload does get heavy at times, but once you learn to develop a good work habit, it's not as bad. CMU also offers a lot of extracurricular activities for you to explore.
The academics are intensive, but with the amount of student organizations, its hard not to find a balance between social and academic life.
I have had the most profoundly wonderful experience attending CMU. While you will not have the "traditional" experience here, it will be for the better. CMU challenges you to grow both in your chosen career path, and as a person. Living with and attending school with people as passionate about both their extracurricular activities and their career path as you are pushes you to be even better, allowing you to do things you never though imaginable. I feel like CMU has made me a more complete, worldly, and well-rounded human being, having been exposed to an incredibly broad variety of ideas, passions, cultures, backgrounds, and stories. CMU is truly a remarkable place.
I think choices of available foods should be healthier with more choices for vegans and or vegetarians .In general ,it should be foods that increase stamina for the exigencies of studying .
Tight-knit community, great professors. You have to work hard to do well but it’s all the more rewarding for it
I loved the environment. I visited and it was easy to live a city life as well as a peaceful natural life as well all within walking distance.
Despite the workload, my overall experience is very good. CMU students are very nice and smart, always passionate about what they do.
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Its a great school where they really focus on interdisciplinary strengths, but it is very small and some favoritism can occur.
World class intersection of world class programs. Tech, science, art, business on one compact campus. Involvement at the undergrad and graduate level is excellent. Not for the faint of heart. Definitely need a sturdy heart and mind.
Poor name recognition. Poor student life. Students don't present as adults. Awful dorms. Not recruiting from upper crust.