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I loved the campus and the Enrollment Services staff! We need more resources into how to improve having a balanced (fun and education) student life.
CMU is hard and can be very stressful. Student life is what you make of it. If you get through, you can be set for life with a highly-regarded degree, amazing job offers and an expensive network of high-profile individuals.
Challenging environment, support if you seek it and use it, and lots of student activities to join. Fast-paced classes but large return on investment
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Its computer science program is good, student to faculty ratio is also very less.
Their campus is mid size and clean, they have integrated programs that's a plus.
I thuroughlyenjoyed the campus and the life that the students create there. I wish for Carnegie Mellon to stand out than most colleges because of their great campus and connection to the city that they have.
I haven't been yet, but I am excited to learn all about the campus. So far, I have only met a few engineering professors, but everyone I meet is very capable of teaching and very passionate about the subject.
I loved the people that I met. The unique experiences that I have been able to have with such a diverse group of people who are all very passionate about what they do. I have been able to make friends with people with polar opposite career goals and hobbies but with the same drive and ambition as me.
This school is amazing for academics and sets its students on track to succeed in their careers, however that all comes at a price (both literally and metaphorically). This school is very expensive without scholarships or financial aid, which puts burdens on its students and their families, and also adds to the already stressful environment of the school itself.
I have had a wonderful time at Carnegie Mellon University so far. I am pursuing a masters of human computer interaction, and the only draw back to the program is the price tag attached. Other than that, the program is a dream come true
My experience at Carnegie Mellon University was very outstanding. The environment was very nice and welcoming. The upperclassmen were very understanding and willing to help the freshmen.
Carnegie Mellon definitely pushes you hard to develop an excellent work ethic and a genuine passion in your field. The student body is plenty diverse enough that anyone can find their group, and the amazing research and campus opportunities are definitely more than you would find at your average college. Only poor aspects are probably the intense stress culture, and food and campus are pretty average (it's a small school).
Carnegie Mellon is a very rigorous school, but that doesn't mean success is impossible. With a lot of hard work, you can edge out a 4.0 and still have time for social life.
Carnegie Mellon emphasizes the importance of real world experience in your chosen field of study. The university is extremely highly regarded and many large companies are on campus to offer summer internship and job opportunities to Carnegie Mellon students. They offer many services to their students and value offering a well rounded and academically challenging but enlightening education.
The school offers an excellent education and the ability to grow not only as a student but also as a person. The campus is not very big and you are able to meet many people who come from different backgrounds than you. This will help you see the world in a completely new light than few other colleges can offer. The city of Pittsburgh is also welcoming and an excellent college city.
I love the open area and the community. The engineering program seems really developed and professors are very understanding.
I love the focus on community at CMU and the strength of the programs. While other universities may offer a huge variety of majors, CMU has superior quality despite not having as many, so you know you're getting the best education possible.
I attended CMU's pre-college summer program and I loved it. They have an amazing faculty whom remembered me upon admission. I took five classes that challenged me to be my very best. The skills I learned made me a better student during my senior year. It helped me buckle down when high school seemed petty knowing that college was indeed everything I thought it was. . .because, in a sense, I had already been to a fantastic one, albeit for six weeks in the summer. I highly recommend the summer programs at Carnegie Mellon. I consider it the most innovative university in the country!
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Great University. Wonderful administrative and academic staff. My application and audition experience was positive. They have a great preparatory process for incoming freshman.
It's hard to understand some professors. They don't speak fluently and in the end you end up studying on your own.
Carnegie Mellon excels in the field of Computer Science. Furthermore, it promotes research in Artificial Intelligence by being the only university that offers a Bachelor's degree in AI.