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Great University. Wonderful administrative and academic staff. My application and audition experience was positive. They have a great preparatory process for incoming freshman.
It's hard to understand some professors. They don't speak fluently and in the end you end up studying on your own.
Carnegie Mellon excels in the field of Computer Science. Furthermore, it promotes research in Artificial Intelligence by being the only university that offers a Bachelor's degree in AI.
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great school, can't wait to attend in the fall. I'll be majoring in math. I need to have 100 characters
Carnegie Mellon is a very academically challenging school, however, I feel there is a pretty good balance between academics and social activities. Compared to larger, public schools, the community is much more close-knit and you don't feel like just a number. CMU provides a lot of good opportunities for its students.
Carnegie Mellon fosters the most diverse collegiate environment where you can pursue anything you want to, academically and extracurricular-wise. It is home to 7 distinct colleges undergraduates can choose from including engineering, science, CS, business, fine arts, humanities, and information systems. I belong with the Mellon College of Science (MCS). The cool thing is that I am majoring in Neuroscience through MCS but am also minoring in biomedical engineering through the Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT - engineering school), so I am experiencing the best of both colleges. This is only one example of the many interdisciplinary paths you can take here at CMU. Finally, CMU provides its students numerous opportunities to make an impact outside the classroom whether that is through travel-abroad service organizations, athletics, and so much more. The main takeaway is the CMU-experience is yours to design and there are endless possibilities.
So far it is a very nice school. The campus is rather small, but Pittsburgh is very friendly and nice. The transportation system is also very good.
What I like: Environment that pushes the students to work harder and study harder.
What I do not like: 1. An excessive workload that does not really help. 2. Food 3. An excessive tuition 4. Lack of quality school events.
From my first year of Carnegie Mellon, I liked how I met a wide variety of people that were passionate about their career and interests.
My experience at CMU is so rewarding because I am surrounded by some of the greatest minds of the world, without exaggeration. As I sit in class I'm sitting among kids who code apps in their free time, run their own businesses, or build robots for fun. You cannot find this kind of enthusiasm anywhere else for academics!
Carnegie Mellon is a champion in the academics and no doubt anyone who comes here will be challenged to their limit. The one thing I would like to see changed is that the school should spend less on academics and related resources and more on student life like more fitness facilities, better eateries, and more recreational spaces.
The theater world that CMU offers is like no other, if you're lucky enough to see into this world you'll learn so much. Unfortunately, CMU is very compartmentalized and it is hard to crossover disciplines.
Carnegie Mellon University is a very challenging school with a high stress culture surrounding it. The school in general is very good at academics from a global standpoint which generally provides a good return on the investment. The school is very small and tight knit so there is a strong sense of community and culture that is present daily throughout campus. Student life in some aspects is great but in some is lacking; such as below average dorms and campus foods. You should be prepared to work hard in a stressful environment in whatever field you decide on if you plan on attending this school.
In general, Carnegie Mellon is an excellent, top-ranked school, with a good return on investment. However, some aspects of student life make the college experience at Carnegie Mellon a lower quality than the overall academic experience.
It's a great school that will push one to his/her limits but also provide a rewarding and fun college life.
It is a great school overall, and its suburban location just minutes away from downtown proves useful often. For anybody pursuing any form of sciences or mathematics, I can't recommend a better school. This school is focused on preparing its students for whatever problem they may face in the future. Very diverse culture as well.
What I like about Carnegie Mellon is the general atmosphere of the school as a whole. Having a campus separate from the surrounding city allows the community within CMU to flourish, and I feel like that was a major factor in why I enjoyed my time here. The coursework is difficult to an extent, especially with certain classes, but the payoffs of what you are able to gain and learn from these classes really outweighs the drawbacks. With so many various groups on campus, there's always somewhere for people to fit in.
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As a volunteer working to help translate an application software used by the university, I have had a rather good experience. The campus is beautiful and located just at the intersection of the hubs in Pittsburgh. In addition, the academics are top-notch and help students get into many prestigious companies that include large technology firms such as Facebook and Amazon.
Carnegie Mellon University is a great place to foster your interests and passions. While it is strong in computer science, engineering, and other related technical fields, it is still a great place for other majors such as business and the arts. Professors seem to be quite caring, lots of workload but definitely manageable if time is managed correctly.
The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama has a remarkable program that encourages collaboration between various theatrical positions. It prepares you for the performing arts industry as it ensures opportunities for musical theatre majors and designers alike to gain real life experience.