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I love this school but it could use some work with helping graduate students succeed. It is great for education and nursing both. I believe the education department needs to be more helpful in making sure there graduate students finish within two years. The university boast about having a two year education certification program, however students have worked hard to reach that goal but they can not. Classes that are required are only offered certain times a year and this makes it hard for students who need to retake or withdraw for a short time.
Carlow University is a place that feels like school, but also a harmonic community. With it being such a small, liberal arts university, it is easy to connect with other students and especially the professors. I personally believe that this enhances the academic standpoint within the university. It is easy to ask the professors and staff for assistance because it feels like you personally get to know them, and they get to know you. It is a great school for those who want to feel connected to others, and not be overwhelmed by a huge lecture hall with hundreds of students at a time.
At Carlow University everyone is someone special, the professors take a special investment in their students to make sure that everyone has as much ability as they can to succeed. I would strongly recommend anyone in the Pittsburgh area to come to this school. From wonderful academics to an amazing area outside of the classroom Carlow leaves you with wonderful new experiences and memories to last a lifetime.
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I liked the location. The professors are about 50/50. Very expensive for what u get I really like the student academic help center, but I shouldn't have to ask fellow students for help that I've emailed professors about.
The student body involvement is very low it seems like a place that most locals go when they don't want to go away to school. I personally am from out of the area and it seems like I'm one of the only ones.
I like about Carlow is that there a lot of majors to pick up for profession in the future and their campus is full of diverse students. Their food are good but sometime you want to go on the walk to get some food
I am so far loving my time at Carlow. I am about to be a sophomore and everyone is always so nice and friendly. My first couple of days on campus, upper classman were willing to help me find my way if I did not know where I was going. I am proud to be a student there.
I feel as though Carlow University is a great school because they are very accepting of everyone no matter what their race, religion, ethnicity, or other types of diversity. The school is also very accommodating to those with disabilities such as hearing, vision, or other impairments. They also promote students to have many experiences that will expand their opportunities in the workforce, in school, or even just the community. Even the professors recommend being kind to those who are different than us to make them feel welcome and to expand our own knowledge of others and their traditions and culture. One thing that I would like to see change at the campus is the security people who sit at the entrance of the dorms because they do not seem enjoy their job, nor do they seem that friendly or approachable.
I found that there was an undercurrent if favoritism in the psych depattment and a general dislike of students by the psych faculty. The relationships are contentious and the academics were very weak. Independent reading with no follow-up was the routine instructional practice. A total waste of money, and an unpleasant tone.
I love the location, Oakland is such a busy and beautiful place. This college accepts everyone from all backgrounds, despite being a Catholic school. I really enjoy the diversity here. The class sizes are perfect and the professors really get too know you.
Carlow is a really great small school in a big city, so the best of both worlds. The professors are always willing to help and since it is so small, if a student wants to make something happen it is possible. The facilities in the newer buildings is great, some of the older buildings need some help. The food offered here is alright, but when you live on campus it gets old fast. Carlow is like home.
I have been in school for a long time because I am working full time and going to Carlow University part time. The teachers are nice but they are often very busy and hard to get in touch with when you need help. They also haven't made it easy for adult students such as myself, because I need to take night classes and the classes in some majors don't go past 4:30pm. I love the professors and there friendly nature but I wish they made it easier for adult students to work and finish school sooner.
The university has amazing food, and amazing study grounds. Being in the heart of pittsburgh is so great, it allows you to have so much fun! The professors are amazing here and are very clear about what they want. The campus is all close together, so there isn't all that much walking involved. And they have a killer gym and swimming pool!
I find my school academically challenging especially in the scientific science. Being challenged helps me understand difficult concepts which will make life easier in the end.
Carlow unversity accept all races and color people they believe in equality and giving equal right and freedom to each students with facilities. In future I would like to change computer systems because it’s very slow.
Carlow is a good school to go to if you’re looking for a good academic program. If you are looking for a party scene go elsewhere. It is close to pitt, CMU, and Duquesne so you could always crash their party’s. I went to the nursing school. It is a tough program but if you pass you will most likely pass your nclex. Most area hospitals love Carlow nurses and you will not have a hard time finding a job.
Having attended Carlow University for five years, I have seen all the in ins and out of the University both being positive and negative. Firstly, I have not a single negative aspect to say about the the professor and the academics that i have receive over the course of my time attending Carlow. The campus is nothing but beautiful and the location is phenomenal being right in the heart of Oakland, Pa. The food's not very great at all and the circulation of choice are very vague. There is barely any party scene, which is great for those serious scholars, but not very great for those party animals out there. The dormitories are pretty small, especially when you are sharing a room with another student and the restrooms are locker room designed, which can be a negative for those that like or need privacy. Overall, my experience at Carlow University was pretty decent!
Carlow is a great university for students looking for a more intimate experience. The small campus and class sizes allow you to create relationships easier with your peers and professors. There is only one dorm hall which would be nice to see expand to accommodate more students. Carlow is definitely growing and every program is top notch.
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The instructors are wonderful, but administration runs the school terribly. Also it is really expensive for very few amenities and little support.
Carlow University is a fine school to attened post- high school. Being in their nursing program is fantastic, it is one of the best around, competing with their neighbors Pitt and Duquesne. Although the school's nursing program is reputable and is an achievement, the rest of the school's programs and area could see improvement. Being that the school is in debt, a lot of the other programs have little funding, meaning they are not provided with sufficient enough materials to be successful. As for the campus, the University Commons and A.J. P. Science and Technologies building are updated and modern-equipped, whereas all of their other buildings are old and outdated.
I am starting my sophomore year here and it is the school of my dreams. You get to be right in the heart of this city with a small community vibe.
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