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Carlow is a great university for students looking for a more intimate experience. The small campus and class sizes allow you to create relationships easier with your peers and professors. There is only one dorm hall which would be nice to see expand to accommodate more students. Carlow is definitely growing and every program is top notch.
The instructors are wonderful, but administration runs the school terribly. Also it is really expensive for very few amenities and little support.
Carlow University is a fine school to attened post- high school. Being in their nursing program is fantastic, it is one of the best around, competing with their neighbors Pitt and Duquesne. Although the school's nursing program is reputable and is an achievement, the rest of the school's programs and area could see improvement. Being that the school is in debt, a lot of the other programs have little funding, meaning they are not provided with sufficient enough materials to be successful. As for the campus, the University Commons and A.J. P. Science and Technologies building are updated and modern-equipped, whereas all of their other buildings are old and outdated.
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I am starting my sophomore year here and it is the school of my dreams. You get to be right in the heart of this city with a small community vibe.
I like the smaller class sizes and all of the professors I have met so far have made a good effort to get to know me so I feel like a name and not a number. I don’t start my freshman year till August but all my visits to campus have been positive so far.
Work hard and Carlow will reward you! Great location; kind peers and professors. Also right next to Pitt and CMU so you can fullfill your partying needs.
I like how the professors are so nice to the students and helpful. I just finished my first year of the university and I liked most of it. I like how the school has tutors to help student in need. carlow is so great because most of the people the are nice it is not like high school were people are so childish. I love the school colors and how the buildings are set up. The is a science which makes things easier to find all the science classes. one thing I would like o see change at carlow is the food. I hate the food so much because it is just so tastless to me. Another thing I would like to see change at carlow is the for the school to give more scholarship or grants to students in need.
Carlow is a wonderful school. I feel that they genuinely do want you to succeed. I also feel that a lot of the people I have met here are some of my closest friends. Overall, I know that my program is quite difficult, but in a good way where it pushes you.
Carlow was an amazing experience for me. The small school feel in the middle of Oakland was the perfect mix. The professors are great and always willing to help. Everyone at the school is supportive and goal oriented. As Carlow grows as a university, I encourage anyone seeking a degree to check it out.
I really enjoyed my time at Carlow University. One of the things I liked the most was how personal everyone was; we all knew each other, and everyone said hello to one another in passing. Additionally, the professors all knew who you were, and I think that helped me personally in each class.
One thing I did not like was the parking. I understand that for a city school, parking is always going to be limited. However, I feel that since they charge so much per student for a parking permit, they could invest in a parking garage or something
Had a very good experience at Carlow during my four years of undergrad, that I even decided to come back to pursue my graduate degree here. Like that there is the option for traditional classes or online classes. The classes are small enough that professors are able to work one on one with you if you need it.
Carlow is a great for academics but it doesn't have the best diversity or student life. All of the staff and professors are great and helpful. My experience at Carlow has been okay but I do believe it could be improved.
I’ve been at Carlow for 4 years. The majority of the campus is located up on a hill. This university is great for students who are looking for smaller classes and want to build a good connection with their instructor and peers. There’s a lot of resources available as well when it comes to needing help with finding jobs, internships, and getting involved around the campus. The instructors at Carlow are great. They communicate well and are willing to assist you as need. The academics are good and well rounded, you learn about your major as well as, others that can connect to your major. The classes are used to help you in your academic career and personal life. The school is Catholic, and its morals, values are well respected and valuable. I would recommend Carlow to anyone who wants to be apart of a smaller campus and receive a great education at a private institute.
Thus far my experience at Carlow has been awesome. My teachers has been great. As long as i study and stay focused I get good grades. Thus, far I have no grades lower than a B-. I have learned so much, and anticipate to learn much more!
The education and environment at Carlow is average and comparable to most other campuses and institutions in the area.
My experience at Carlow University ws a rather wonderful experience my freshman year. The school is perfect for being it’s own small slice of pie. I love the fact that Carlow is small because it helps you to concentrate and stay focused and there are so many opportunities for tutoring or any type of academic experience you need.
Very dangerous location where student lots abut the crime-ridden Hill District. The worst part is the unsophisticated program in counseling. Anyone gets in, so fellow grad students are academically weak and usually graduates of only Carlow. So, there's no diversity. Courses were so watered down, many grad students don't learn very much. Staff does not collaborate with students; there is a broad divide between profs and students like in the olden days.
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Carlow is a great university with wonderful opportunities and gives you a chance to meet new and interesting people from all over.
I love this school! The only con is that there is not off campus housing, but it is a very small college.
I definitely like a few things about Carlow. One main thing I like is the class size. I never have more than 25 people in my classes which allows me to have one on one time with the professor after class if needed. I also like how safe I feel living on campus.
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