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I love how driven Carlow is. Carlow wants nothing but success for each and every student. Each professor knows you personally which makes Carlow feel very welcoming. You are provided with so many options so you can be as successful as possible. Carlow is a catholic college but they are open to anyone from any religion, background, and beliefs. Carlow has a large LGBTQ population and allows those students to feel just as welcome. I have recommended Carlow to so many students considering nursing as their major. Carlow has an excellent nursing program with extremely high NCLEX passing rates. Students graduating from Carlow are almost guaranteed a job. With the current situations in the nation, Carlow has made online learning very easy. They are open to communication at nearly all times of the day and they care about the students health. I am very happy with my decision at Carlow.
Currently a majority of my classes are completely online. I have been very successful as the teachers are providing extremely detailed notes to support our work. The professors are consistant with their classroom organization so it's very easy to follow and stay on track. I feel Carlow's online program is much easier than surrounding schools as I have had experience with other schoool's programs. I am a very successful online student as well as a majority of the other students.
It is quite and adjustment, but the faculty and staff do anything and everything they can to help you succeed! I would not hesitate to apply here.
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Carlow feels like home. It is a small campus on a hill, so you feel safe and protected and can get some privacy. But you also have the benefits of a large campus. Pitt is right down the street and we have all of Oakland we can walk around and enjoy our nights.
My online learning experience was only through the covid-19 pandemic that started in March 2019. All of my professors were very organized and taught all of my nursing classes throughly. They also had many Zoom reviews for tests and finals. Whenever I needed assistance, the professors at Carlow guided me through the material.
Carlow University is a very welcoming and diverse community. Every nursing professor guides you to succeed!
I did not take any classes online but many of our professors put all the material for the entire semester online for us. It was very useful for studying and time management due to knowing all assignments/exams in advance.
Carlow made me feel like home. It is a small campus and all the professors are there for you, weather it was personal or academically. Someone is always ready to help you!
I like Carlow because of the small class sizes and very professional yet comical professors. It is a great mix of focused yet light study.
The online experience for me was not very great. I have pretty much failed every online class I have had. There is not much help from professors online.
The best part of Carlow is the professors. They genuinely want to see you succeed and because the student to professor ratio is so low you actually get one on one opportunities to meet with them for help.
Small class sizes, personal attention from instructors even during online-only classes. I really feel like I'm learning a lot from my coursework.
because Carlow is a smaller school it has allowed me to make stronger relationships with the students but also with the faculty as well. I also really like the way the campus looks but not a fan of the big hill. While you are on campus it almost completely separates you from the noise of the city but walks a block over and your back in it. Something I would like to see done better would be tastier food options though they have been working on it. No big complaints, just things to improve on.
Carlow is a very small school and it has a very small campus as well. I love how helpful everyone is on campus. however, it is not very diverse.
What I liked about Carlow was the professors and their psych program was very good but the advisors were terrible. The advisors was not very good at trying to help when struggling with certain things.
Attended Carlow for 3 years until I had to transfer to a different college. The professors were okay but they tend to read off the slide and not actually teach. The dorms were always dirty (showers and bathroom). The other residents do not respect the area they share. Met some wonderful people but the school doesn’t take care of its students and even athletes. Campus food is terrible. Tiernan Hall is terrible. When it gets two hours before it closes the staff gets lazy and doesn’t get enough food out to the students. Food choices are not good. Many students are forced to go out and eat fast food because of the bad taste or bad hours that the cafeteria is open. Tuition also got raised because a dramatic drop of students remained, or they decided to live off campus because the dorms were not the best. Do not attend. Many community colleges are better.
Very understanding professors and staff. Great material for learning. This school works very well for those that have a job too, they'll work around your schedule.
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I would like there to be more diversity the diversity ratio isn’t very good. Also I would like to see a increase in the amount of athletic scholarships I think a lot of guys go there for sports then end up transferring because they aren’t getting enough money to be able to afford the school so I would just give more scholarship money in general. Good school but just lacks few things
I love this school but it could use some work with helping graduate students succeed. It is great for education and nursing both. I believe the education department needs to be more helpful in making sure there graduate students finish within two years. The university boast about having a two year education certification program, however students have worked hard to reach that goal but they can not. Classes that are required are only offered certain times a year and this makes it hard for students who need to retake or withdraw for a short time.
Carlow University is a place that feels like school, but also a harmonic community. With it being such a small, liberal arts university, it is easy to connect with other students and especially the professors. I personally believe that this enhances the academic standpoint within the university. It is easy to ask the professors and staff for assistance because it feels like you personally get to know them, and they get to know you. It is a great school for those who want to feel connected to others, and not be overwhelmed by a huge lecture hall with hundreds of students at a time.
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