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I love this school! The only con is that there is not off campus housing, but it is a very small college.
I definitely like a few things about Carlow. One main thing I like is the class size. I never have more than 25 people in my classes which allows me to have one on one time with the professor after class if needed. I also like how safe I feel living on campus.
I absolutely love Carlow University. I like how there are small classes and the teachers are extremely helpful. If you ever feel like you're struggling or get discouraged there is always someone around to talk you through it or make you smile. The professors make sure you understand the materials before you leave the classroom. If u happen not to get it they are always available for after hours other than classroom time. If I could change anything about Carlow I would change the dorm settings and probably how the classrooms are set up. The dorms are old fashion and it's community bathroom. That is one thing that I don't like. Also depending where u have class some of the classrooms are the same way.
Review Carlow University
The campus and administration at Carlow is what every first year student would want to experience. The community is welcoming and the classrooms aren't hard to find. The professors are always looking to help a student succeed. If a student is looking into a college that has a small community but has the city experience, Carlow University is where that student should apply. Carlow University has a new education system they follow which is called the COMPASS. The COMPASS lets the student take courses outside of their major and the reason Carlow does this is to help their students be more well rounded when it comes to the real world. I am currently going to be enrolled into the nursing program and I am still taking courses related to my major but I am also taking a writing and theology course which has made me more aware of the opportunities I have here at Carlow University.
Great small school with dedicated professors
Really nice and awesome! A few students really helped to improve campus security with our ideas of leaving the lights on more and increasing the amount of officers on campus as well. They definitely took our concerns into consideration.
Very easy! Sam is one of the best people to help with admissions!
Very spacious but homey feel to it. I love the new and old amenities mixed into the school.
The teachers are pretty awesome, but of course there are always some that are lacking in any school. The administration needs serious improvement especially the guidance counselors. It's like they are never sure of anything they are doing or taking on way too much. The campus is very old and it does weigh on god a bit but it's a catholic school so it's expected but overall it's a really awesome school even if a bit pricey.
It is a awesome University!
Carlow University offers lots of support designed to help the student succeed.
Security is wonderful and close by on campus. If they are needed, there will be someone available to help anyone in need. I have never felt unsafe on campus.
I enjoy my school very much! I always find myself wanting to go to class, never skipping, and doing all of my work. I have met some diverse and wonderful people both students and professors here. I'm excited to continue my studies at this school.
The school takes many intiatives to help students get jobs and even help with the application process. Anytime I mention Carlow to someone they respond with "Wow! That is a great school!"
I'm not a part of Greek Life but I know people who are. It is pretty average and does not affect much on campus.
This school isn't known for its sports so everything is pretty average in this area.
I love this school! My classes are small and teachers are helpful and seem to care about students and their courses. My favorite thing is the liberal arts education because I have a wide range of interests so it fits me well.
Review Carlow University
I personally know different people who previously graduated from Carlow. They all have wonderful careers in their fields, and make the salary that they should expect with their degrees. Before I finished my admissions into Carlow, I asked each one of them if they could go back (knowing what they've learned during and since leaving college) and pick a different school to attend, where would they go? Every single one said that they would pic Carlow again. In my experiences (32 years of life experiences), I have never heard of that, and it speaks volumes.
Somehow Carlow has found a perfect balance or old and new. You are directly in the middle of older, traditional buildings/grounds/architecture, but has the same amount of updated technology and resources. It makes for a perfectly balanced experience. While the campus is smaller than many other schools, there is no shortage of activities and social scenes (both alcohol and non) surrounding the area. It has the perfect mix of students: young/older, traditional/non-traditional, day/evening, and a wide variety of different backgrounds and lifestyles.

I love the one-on-one experience and assistance that I have received from the faculty and staff at Carlow University. The professors are extremely kind and fair, easy to communicate with, and make every attempt to help their students succeed. Of course you have some students who say same professors are horrible, but those are usually the ones who do not do their work. Personally, I could not attend a school where I'm one little seat in a big theater, and only 1 out our 300 students. I need the more personalized atmosphere and connections. I have complete 4 semesters at Carlow, and I would not change it for the world!
With the smaller atmosphere, everybody knows everybody. I know that can create drama at times, but it also creates a larger amount of safety and accountability. As a female, I feel EXTREMELY SAFE at Carlow, and have never had any problems, day or night. Also, I have been there 2 years and have never heard of any incidents. They work hard to make sure that we have drills and precautions in place, in case of an emergency. In fact, I feel so safe that I have brought my daughter to campus many, many times, and will continue to do so.
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