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Carlos Albizu University - San Juan Reviews

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Carlos Albizu University is great, it's located in the historic Old San Juan. Although the university in itself is pretty small compared to most, the experience and bond with professors make up for it. Seeing as the only offered courses are speech pathology and psychology the professors get to know and help you on a personal level, and the university's staff always make sure youre feeling great and put mental health as a priority.
This is a good University. The professors have so much knoawlage about their field. The cons are that it's hard to find a parking, and there are no sports, but beside those factors, it's a great place to get a degree.
Information provided is for bachelors degrees. Graduate studies are far more expensive. APA accredited. Classes are very small, feels like back to high school.
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As I high School Student That have been investigating of different universities , IT was very recommended by many people. I am very interested to study Psychology there.
Una experiencia muy enriquecedora. Tanto el equipo de facultad como el administrativo están disponibles para ayudar a los estudiantes.
The school put a lot of effort into teaching professional
Class sizes small. Mostly psychological and speech therapy curses.
They do a lot of investigation
No crime have been done in campus
Don't have Greek life in campus.
Don't have any athletics team in campus.
Great in the field of phsycology
the experience has been totally great, I am very happy with all my class
No sport at my school
It has been a great experience.
This college specializes in psychology and is one of the most prestigious in Puerto Rico. It also has the APA acreditations for some of the programs.
There are very good professors, but there are a few that there classes are incomprehensible and do not show empathy or interest for the students' needs.
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There is only one guard in the lobby, in the night.There are no other guards or even security cameras
The college is new, so the organization and administration management is poor. There are very good proffesors, but also the bad ones that don't show to much interest in student's needs.
It does not have a lot of job or internships opportunities.
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