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School did a very nice clean up on the Psychology area.
There are students from all over attending classes at this campus. Anywhere from Haiti, Cuba Colombia, Jamaica, etc.
There is plenty to do in the Miami area. There are two malls within the vicinity of the school. You also have a couple of parks, you have the county fair in the spring team in Tamiami park. If you want something more exciting, you can hop into your car and drive to Brickell or South Beach for great restaurants, beach, activities.
Review Carlos Albizu University - Miami
Campus overall is pretty safe. There is only one security guard that I have seen at the main entrance of the campus. There's no one covering the back side.
There really is no party scene at this institution. The university is too small.
The school is mostly surrounded by businesses/warehouses. There are a couple of apartments and homes near by.
There are a variety of personalities at this school. Since the masters program takes place in the evenings, most people are in work wear.
There are not a lot of options at the school cafeteria. You have your basic sandwich, soups and salads. Also a couple of other treats available such as empanadas, pastelitos, and chips.
The school is relatively small, there is not much to look at. The upside there are tables outside the campus where you can enjoy a break outdoors.
There are not a lot of restaurants close by, there are your typical chain restaurants close by that do get boring after awhile. The upside is that the mall is close by and you can get a bite to eat there. I have no seen a restaurant that gives discounts for Carlos Albizu students. All the "healthy" places do require a bit of a drive.
The school offers practicum in your perspective degree.
The professors are very informative and have made the classroom experience tolerable; considering we are in class for 2 1/2 hours each class. The style of how the classroom is ran is a completely different compared to my undergraduate experience. At Carlos Albizu University, the classes are smal, and the professors know you on a personal level.
I have met many different students with different backgrounds, everyone is treated as equals.
Miami has many different kinds of restaurant from Greek to your all American classic burgers. Prices range from $1- $45 a plate. Many vegan restaurants.
I enjoy my program every semester we have from one-four guest speakers, I am happy to have been accepted into PSI CHI honors, which is for psychology majors with a 3.5 or above. Professors are excellent at teaching their subject. Classes are extremely interesting and workload can sometimes feel like a lot, but at then end one can notice one has learned a lot by it.
The application process was easy. At first I was uneasy about attending CAU and staying in Miami or going to another school in Pompano beach, but after seeing the great importance the school places on Psychology and the students I was quickly drawn in. In my interview I noticed the admissions counselor paid close attention to everything, from how my nails were done to the way I spoke. I was making sure that they had everything they needed for me to start, they had trouble obtaining my transcripts from Miami Dade College electronically, but was able to mail it to them.
Professors are outstanding, registration process easy, workload at times a lot. You can chose to attend class on campus, independent study or online.
Review Carlos Albizu University - Miami
As a psychology major at Carlos Albizu I feel lucky. My professors are passionate with what they teach, the workload is a lot in some classes but always dealing with the class subject. Professors are often giving us advise with our field of choice and concern with the direction we are headed with our chosen major. There are many internship/job opportunities they host a job fair every year. Talking to almost anyone on campus you can be directed as to where to apply.
For the most part the University is safe, and in my three semesters there I have not heard of any crimes being committed on campus.
On campus security are easy to get along with they are observant of who comes in and out of the parking lot. I haven't seen any class mates use alcohol or drugs on campus, CAU has a strict no on campus alcohol or drugs. School also has a three absent strike rule, but most professors are understanding and will not drop students if the students missing class complete their work and attend for the most part.
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