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Absolutely amazing school. World class professors and an uncompetitive academic environment mean you engage with your classmates and focus on real learning. The town is small, so there aren't many bars, but there are always good parties happening on campus that everyone is welcome to attend. Some of the athletics teams are really good, like national competitors. Other teams aren't but students still go to the games to cheer on their friends and socialize with each other. Carleton is a very challenging place, but at the same time everyone is willing to help you.
I have lived in Northfield all of my life, and I can honestly say that Carleton has always been a dream school of mine. I was part of the "buddy" program that they run, and I met an amazing college student. She showed me what her life is like on and off campus, and I got to meet amazing people. It is an absolutely beautiful campus full of stunning buildings. The community is amazing as well, for there are a tremendously small amount of incidents regarding theft, etcetera. This is definitely in my top choice of schools.
It is an incredible education experience. I do not feel like I am just a face among the crowd but feel as if I am building lasting relationships with my peers and professors.
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Carleton is very academic. You will have the access to professors and all sorts of educational resources. The food and dorm are pretty bad, to be honest. The sports is definitely not the biggest thing here. Frisbee people will tell you they are national D1 champion but it's "club D1", which is not even as competitive as "NCAA Division 3". You will meet a lot of weird people but definitely worth spending 4 years there. Parties are fine. People do drink a lot though.
Carleton is a great liberal arts school with professors that care about the students as well as students that care about the students. It is a nice school if you want to go on a school outside of the city, but if you are a city person, then Carleton would not be the best place to be. Finally, the academics is very good!
Love everything about Carleton! The surrounding area is very safe because it's right next to a small town, and the professors are so knowledgeable in what they teach. Plus, they're available whenever you need them.
Carleton has excellent academics, professors, friends, every extracurricular you've ever dreamt of and more, a beautiful arboretum, and it is a wonderful environment for trying new things.
My experience at Carleton has been challenging, but incredible. Overall, I would highly recommend this college to anyone who genuinely loves learning and is comfortable in a liberal climate.
I have had a great time at Carleton. There are so many amazing professors who care about their students. This is really important because it is not something you will find at every college.
Absolutely love this school. Professors are great, the community is welcoming. I play a varsity sport here too and it's been a wonderful experience. It's definitely challenging, but so worth it in the end.
At Carleton College the professors, staff, custodians, and alumni all want to see you succeed. Before my Calculus 2 final I said hi to a custodian who I had never talked to before and at that particular point I was feeling low and a bit discouraged. After talking to her for a little bit and a hug I was ready for my exam. Carleton is not an easy college but there is a village supporting each person here. Carls help Carls.
Carleton's community and academics are amazing. Inclusive community and dedicated, skilled professors.
Carleton has an incredible community of passionate individuals. The environment is quite intense, but I'm grateful to have experienced it. I've been forced to learn how to ask for support and take care of myself. And I've found many people--students and professors--who care about my well being and inspire me to grow.
The school has an incredibly open community; cliques are fluid and almost anyone is welcome and can feel comfortable sitting with any group. Dining hall food is great, although there are few good restaurants in the area. Classes are fantastic and the trimester system works very well for people who live far away (winter break extends from before thanksgiving to after new years). In addition, the trimester system allows students to fit three academic terms into one year while focusing more intensely on less during those terms, all the while still leaving room for a long winter break.
The biggest downside for me is that students seem less individual and more self-effacing than some other similar liberal arts colleges.
Absolutely adore this school in every way possible... incredible academics, a once in a lifetime opportunity of learning in its purest form.
Coming from a very violent background, Carleton is just amazing: I do not have to worry anytime about people coming in and out of rooms and buildings, and anyone can walk 247 alone without being in danger.
Residential life is one of the best parts of Carleton. Students, staff and security do a great job keeping this place tidy, comfortable and fun every single day. I just love it so much.
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People do not care about varsity sports, but many people do participate in intramural sports.
The Career Center reaches out to each student and has incredible programming designed to help students get internships, externships, connect with alumni, and find jobs for after graduation. I feel very good about my job prospects upon graduation.
The class selection is so amazing that it is almost overwhelming. All of the classes are so interesting and quirky -- this term I am taking a course called the Anthropology of Humor which has been absolutely fascinating. The professors all knew my name by the end of the first week and made an effort to connect with each of us. It is hard to come by professors as passionate and caring as the professors at Carleton.