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Carleton is an excellent, underrated liberal arts college.

The main issues I have with it is that the political climate can be unfriendly to those with non-liberal ideas, the student body tends to be kind of awkward/homebodies, and although there's a ton of support/connections for those wanting to go into academia, there's less support for those wishing to go into other careers.
I don't know how other schools are handling online learning, but Carleton professors have been extremely dedicated to replicating the vibes of their courses through online systems.

I particularly appreciate the "honors system", which makes test-taking more flexible and helps me put trust in the academic community as a whole.

The primary flaw is that there really is no way to do science labs virtually, but Carleton is slowly offering more in-person options to their students.
I took online classes for the spring trimester, and while I thankfully did not have any issues accessing the resources I needed, it was not as enjoyable as being with my classmates. It felt more isolated and harder to feel motivated dealing with the demanding academics. Most of my classes tried the flipped classroom approach, where we are asked to read and watch videos of the content on our own time on top of attending zoom class sessions and homework, which felt much more time consuming and arbitrary than taking classes in person.
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I really enjoyed my classmates who are very motivated but also relatable and supportive people. This helped with getting through tough academics and athletics, and in general the social life and community are great. The campus is beautiful and the arb is a wonderful place, and thankfully campus is relatively small compared to other universities, making the commutes not too long. The day to day structure does get a bit repetitive as the term goes on however.
Carleton is a really great place. I have made fantastic friendships and learned more about myself than I thought possible. People are so curious and kind and humble here, which is so refreshing compared to a lot of the über competitive schools friends of mine go to. There's a genuine sense of caring on campus, from both students and professors. The only changes I would make are pretty shallow -- better food, better location, better weather etc.
A welcoming and accomodating community of outgoing and curious with a passion for learning. I just finished my first year at Carleton (although it was cut-short by COVID 19) and absolutely loved it. I worked hard and grew as a student. More importantly, I made the best friends of my life and had a ton of fun in between rigorous school work and studying. The best of both worlds.
Superior teaching. Diverse student body, Excellent extracurricular activities including athletics , Attractive campus, Strong alumni support,
Carleton has fantastic academics, student diversity, athletics, and housing. The small college town vibe is great for those trying to get away from the big cities and the on campus life is usually lots of fun albeit busy.
Carleton is not a good school for a normal person. Being an athlete, I was an outcast at Carleton and you are looked down upon for being so. The school is extremely weird and there is no social life. You can only find a party on Saturday nights, and they are pretty awful. High school parties are definitely superior. The only upside of the school is strong academics with great teachers, but I did not enjoy my experience here. Also, being near Minneapolis is not a good selling point since there is no good transportation and nobody really likes to go into the twin cities.
Carleton is wonderful in many aspects. The community, the resources, the campus, the classes, the professors- all wonderful. I am constantly shocked by how wonderful Carleton is. Coming from a rural, primarily low-income student high school, I was very surprised at the difficulty of the classes and their workloads. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and to be frank, I was overwhelmed my first term. This school is hard for a lazy student, but there are also many opportunities to unwind and relax in many different ways. It's also very expensive, but the financial support you see on campus is amazing. Most events on campus are free, its TRIO services are great, and there are many services that offer supplies and resources to those who can't afford them.
I am so impressed with Carleton. Their standards and practices for academic, social and physical well-being are beyond my expectations.
I love Carleton. It is a supportive school with incredible professors and wonderful opportunities. There is always something to be involved in, but it is just as easy to take a step back and spend some time in the arboretum when you need it. Northfield is a sweet little town with a cozy vibe.
People will help you when you need it.
Great professors.
It would had been great if we had more of the popular classes.
Incredible academics with opportunities to match. If you're passionate about anything, Carleton will give you what you need to make it happen.

Socially, however, be prepared to be in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. It's cold, it's not tasty, and it's really white.
Carleton has wonderful faculty and their selling point would definitely be the academics. Carleton is also very generous with giving financial aid to students, which has helped me tremendously. Although it is secluded in a small town, I find this to be very good for my safety (honestly, you'll probably be too busy being on campus to even want to go to the cities). I think the dorms are above average for a lot of colleges in America. I've visited many, and Carleton's "worst dorm" (which I lived in) was very nice. Overall, great school! Can't wait to finish my degree.
I enjoyed the top-ranked academics and the focus on undergraduate teaching. The students were passionate about learning without being competitive.
It's a great liberal arts school where the faculty members really care about each and every student, and sees the potential in you. You can grow so much here academically and personally, great supportive community and intellectually stimulating. Very intense academic course but, you will be able to see the best in yourself!
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Absolutely amazing school. World class professors and an uncompetitive academic environment mean you engage with your classmates and focus on real learning. The town is small, so there aren't many bars, but there are always good parties happening on campus that everyone is welcome to attend. Some of the athletics teams are really good, like national competitors. Other teams aren't but students still go to the games to cheer on their friends and socialize with each other. Carleton is a very challenging place, but at the same time everyone is willing to help you.
I have lived in Northfield all of my life, and I can honestly say that Carleton has always been a dream school of mine. I was part of the "buddy" program that they run, and I met an amazing college student. She showed me what her life is like on and off campus, and I got to meet amazing people. It is an absolutely beautiful campus full of stunning buildings. The community is amazing as well, for there are a tremendously small amount of incidents regarding theft, etcetera. This is definitely in my top choice of schools.
It is an incredible education experience. I do not feel like I am just a face among the crowd but feel as if I am building lasting relationships with my peers and professors.
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