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Sandburg seemed like a really good choice to me at first. I toured and met with advisors and the dean before enrolling in classes but it wasn't very long after the deadline to drop had passed that the students in my classes and I realized how things really were. Half of the ceiling has collapsed in one of the rooms we use and stays on the floor, the machinery and equipment we use is outdated and unsafe. Emergency stops don't work and instructors walk away leaving inexperienced students to operate heavy machinery they have never been in contact before. I once witnessed a student about cut off his finger with the instructor nowhere in sight. Not worth the money spent.
It's a really great option in order to get your associates without paying an arm and a leg for tuition.
Carl Sandburg is a great college to start out at or if you want to get a certificate degree you can get it done in two years and have a job right after! Nice staff and great Art department.
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Carl Sandburg is a very welcoming environment. There are plenty of activities and events happening on campus. The professors are all amazing and helpful. This school really feels like home and will do everything they can to help you succeed.
I loved how involved with the community the college is and how they have so much to offer to children that can't afford much. They give opportunities to people who can't afford much. They are open to suggestions and work on bettering themselves and their students.
They strive to make everyone feel welcome. Sandburg has great teachers who are extremely knowledgable of the topic they teach. This school is a great way to save money and get a great education.
Great starter school, professors helped a lot and I have grown tremendously. Appreciate the time the staff puts in after-hours to help students, it seems like they actually care about their students.
Since the first day at Sandburg, I felt at home. Everyone was so helpful in showing you where your classes were, and where you needed to be. The class sizes are average and you get to know people around you quickly. It seems like everyone in the classroom is working together instead of you just on your own. That's what makes it feel like home because you can just easily fit in and feel welcomed.
I have taken 4 dual credit classes at this school, and my experience has been great. Any confusion or problems I have had were settled immediately.
My Carl Sandburg College experience was an okay one, the people who enjoyed the school life were student-athletes in my opinion. If you are not a student-athlete I wouldn’t recommend attending here.
Carl sandburg is just a great place to be, I love the school and the staff! Makes me feel safe. I play soccer here for a competitive athletic program which is awesome.
I like coming here right after highschool. Its a slight transition, but it isnt the same as a university.
I'm very happy I chose to go to community college before transferring to a university. Carl Sandburg College made the transition from high school to college smooth, and stress-free. The class sizes are not too big, so you can always have that one-on-one connection with your professor. Most professors are always available outside of their office times, and are always there to assist you, and help you to achieve the best grades, and experience you can while here. I have learned much more than I had expected to from a community college, and I love applying what I have learned in class to the outside world. The only thing I wish there was more of at Carl Sandburg is activities, extra-curriculars, and events because I believe involvement is key to making your time at Carl Sandburg College successful, and memorable.
Very nice staff! Everyone is friendly! The campus is very well cleaned! It's located in Galesburg, IL and is somewhat a small town! There are lots of food places around and near the campus! There is not much to do but the closest town(Peoria,IL) with something to do is only 45 minutes away!
Carl Sandburg College has been a great experience for me. The school has excellent programs, with a lot a variety. The instructors have been excellent. The local area has a lot to offer. I would recommend Carl Sandburg College to any student looking for a quality education.
Carl Sandburg is a very well rounded school. I have been very pleased with my experience here. The instructors are always willing to go out of their way to individually help all students. The campus provides many activities every month for all students. The resources inside the school are always useful and the newest technology.
My experience at Carl Sandburg was great. The staff were very helpful and easy to work with. The classroom studies were easy to follow and and not very hard to understand. The clinical work was a lot of hands on and very helpful. My overall experience at Carl Sandburg College for cosmetology was great.
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I am a second semester freshman at Carl Sandburg College. My senior year in high school I participated in dual credit classed that were offered by Sandburg that helped me get ahead in my education. This semester I have been a full time student on and off the campus and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love that I can get an education while working and living at home.
This institution has provided me with a foundation that I may grow upon. the faculty are caring and helpful, there is a ton to get involved in, and our academic programs are rigorous and thought-provoking. I fully believe this college to be the perfect place for a student who is not sure on what they wish to do. We possess well constructed trade programs, fantastic academic advising, and many opportunities for one to take a hold of. My time at Sandburg has been some of the best spent of my life, and it has prepared me for hopefully even better times.
to my knowledge the career services department are helpful, but I haven't seek for their assistance yet.
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