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Carl Sandburg College has been a great experience for me. The school has excellent programs, with a lot a variety. The instructors have been excellent. The local area has a lot to offer. I would recommend Carl Sandburg College to any student looking for a quality education.
Carl Sandburg is a very well rounded school. I have been very pleased with my experience here. The instructors are always willing to go out of their way to individually help all students. The campus provides many activities every month for all students. The resources inside the school are always useful and the newest technology.
My experience at Carl Sandburg was great. The staff were very helpful and easy to work with. The classroom studies were easy to follow and and not very hard to understand. The clinical work was a lot of hands on and very helpful. My overall experience at Carl Sandburg College for cosmetology was great.
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I am a second semester freshman at Carl Sandburg College. My senior year in high school I participated in dual credit classed that were offered by Sandburg that helped me get ahead in my education. This semester I have been a full time student on and off the campus and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love that I can get an education while working and living at home.
This institution has provided me with a foundation that I may grow upon. the faculty are caring and helpful, there is a ton to get involved in, and our academic programs are rigorous and thought-provoking. I fully believe this college to be the perfect place for a student who is not sure on what they wish to do. We possess well constructed trade programs, fantastic academic advising, and many opportunities for one to take a hold of. My time at Sandburg has been some of the best spent of my life, and it has prepared me for hopefully even better times.
to my knowledge the career services department are helpful, but I haven't seek for their assistance yet.
the class styles are different from what I am known to and the variety of courses offered are really helpful and beneficial.
i am just into the second week at the college but we have had scouts at our soccer games.
The head soccer coach is amazing and very helpful.
I just started the radiography program and it's going good. The teachers are nice and I'm excited to start clinicals
The class room sizes are similar to that of a high school class and the teachers are nice
Its a greats school to figure out what you want to do in life
The school was okay. A great place to start if thinking about going to a university or college. I just wish they had dorms and apartments on campus so it would be more convenient for students that really don.t have family or a place to live. My favorite experience was beginning a sisterhood there and becoming captain of it. I met new people got to do a lot of things and it was a great experience. I just wish the college had on campus living and a bigger food variety. Professors for the most part will help if they see your actually trying so that was a great thing for. You just have to want to commute and our pay expensive rent at apartments.
Carl Sandburg has a lot of job opportunities for its students, and it's nice to know we have those options ahead of us.
I haven't decided what I want to major in yet, but I do have my counselor helping me take classes that I am interested in and has helped me decide what I want to take.
The classes are at good times, with great professors. I built my classes around my work schedule so everything fits perfectly.
They are okay, just like any online class. It's hard to take an online class with how much I work.
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I really enjoy myself here at Carl Sandburg College.The professors are nice and helpful, and we have a wide amount of courses to take.
We have college career fairs, and we have career centers too.
Carl Sandburg is a small community college in rural Illinois, so we have many people from around our area that go here. The price is very reasonable, and the teachers eventually know you by name the more you get involved and the more you take their classes.
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