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I am just starting my college career, and the ladies at admissions went above and beyond to help me!
Very affordable tuition. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. I believe the only thing it could potentially be improved is the book store. They buy the books back for a minimum amount and re-sell them at a very high price. They should buy them buy with the purpose of helping the students, instead of making money of the students.
I loved that I could be online, on campus, or both. It made being a single mom, full time employee, and student so much easier. The teachers are extremely helpful and are quick to respond and make sure the student is taken care of any way possible. The tuition is so affordable. And the food is awesome and cheap as well. They are really set up in a way that benefits us as a student.
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Carl Albert State College is such an amazing college to attend to! There is always something to do on or off campus! I am beyond grateful I chose to come here to get my degree! Go Vikings!!
Great 2 year institution, extremely diverse, close to Fort Smith Arkansas and in Poteau Oklahoma so there is always something to do locally, The dorms are nice, and the campus officers and professors are always reliable for help as well as the Poteau Police.
The only thing i would really change about Carl Albert would be the parking in at the health/ science building. I also wish they offered different language courses such as French or Italian.
Carl Albert State College, Sallisaw Campus is an awesome college to attend. The college offers quality education at a fraction of the cost of large universities. The instructors have always been kind and will go out of their way to help someone. I would recommend CASC.
I have taken classes at two other Colleges prior to coming to Carl Albert. I wish that I had taken all of my courses here. The environment is completely harassment free. No bad mouthing, or harassing tolerated. My professors encourage you to participate., Even have a good laugh now and again about the class material to make it more interesting. It is affordable compared to most Colleges.
Attending CASC has been the best decision for myself and my family. Not only is the tuition affordable in the event of no financial aid, but the instructors genuinely care about the progress their students are making. The workloads are tough, but manageable. The instructors are extremely understanding when emergencies arise, and as long as you communicate with them, they typically can accommodate.
Best two years of my life. I would go back and do both of them over again if I could. Some say it is a boring town but I played softball so it kept me busy.
It's a Junior College in a small town....if you went to a small highschool, and liked it. This is for you
I absolutely loved my teachers. All of them helped me in all my classes. All my assignments were material that wee covered together. The classes were small so all the students get to know each other. We help each other get through the class and if we miss something we can just get ahold of each other. It's a small but great college to go.
I have done my past two years at Carl Albert and will soon be graduating with 2 associates degrees. We're a small school with a big heart, I honestly believe that is what sets us apart from the rest. While we are simply a two year school I believe that the education that we get here really does prepare us in the long run to move on to bigger and tougher schools.
I found going to Carl Albert before a 4 year university made the transition easier on me. The teachers are mostly great and interactive with students as well. It's easier than a 4 year but harder than high school. It's good for preparation.
They really try to make sure you succeed, I've never been to an organization that tries so hard to reach their mission statement: "To provide affordable, accessible, and exceptional education that fosters students success."
My experience here at Carl Albert State College has been very smooth. I attended the Sallisaw campus as a concurrent student and then decided to go to the main campus to advance my education once I graduated from high school. This is currently my second semester here and I am loving it! It is a very relaxing and otherwise calm environment. There aren't a lot of noise complaints or safety issues with the campus. It's a nice first step for anyone wanting to continue their education out of high school.
I am loving my experience at CASC! the instructors are motivating and challenging. I like the homey atmosphere this seemingly small town college provides. I personally went from a girl terrified of school to earning a high GPA and working on my second degree! Couldn't have done it without the positive influence of the staff working here at Carl Albert State College.
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Carl Albert State College is worth attending and setting the base of any education. Per hour compared to other schools in area is the best price. This is not a party college and academics is the main focus. Small class size means that if you suit up and show up every class the instructor will know you by your name. Class interaction is encouraged and also interaction with instructors when needed during semester. Instructors are helpful if you ask for help. Most classes do transfer. Carl Albert State College is weak on job placement and future employers are rarely seen unless at job fair. Most office staff are more than helpful and want to follow your progress even beyond when you graduate from CASC.
Very good School but if one is looking for diversity there is not much and the school recently cut the basketball team leaving them with baseball, soft ball, and cross country.
I'm currently a sophomore here at CASC and have just been accepted into their nursing program! This school is amazing, the staff is always there no matter what you want or need! I'm so glad I chose Carl Albert.
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