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I'm currently a sophomore here at CASC and have just been accepted into their nursing program! This school is amazing, the staff is always there no matter what you want or need! I'm so glad I chose Carl Albert.
I love going to school at Carl Albert. I play softball and live in the athletic dorms, Which are very spacious and allows me plenty of room for both my roommate and myself! The only thing I would like to see change at Carl Albert is the parking. Not that parking is bad, just that if I drive myself to class that day I don't like the thought of getting a parking ticket just because I live on campus!
After giving CASC access to my checkings account to pay for my summer class they waited 2 weeks to pull the money, charged me 3 times, and resulted in me having to pay over $70 in fees. They also got rid of my degree halfway through the semester, resulting in me having nontransferable credits
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I would like if there were more things to do on campus and I don't like that we have a 12 o'clock curfew.
Every students gets an advisor to help with decisions for classes and caterer path.
Online classes are not difficult and easy to access and understand.
They help you transition into the real job.
Small class sizes helps understanding material and learning center helps with anyone struggling with classes.
The quality of care that Carl Albert college has for its students is unreal. They are willing to do almost anything to help you succeed.
There are tons of ways to get help with your classes and small class sizes helps with the understanding of learning material.
Every teacher is helpful and it's a great learning environment.
Facility is great. Computer lab is helpful.
Great experience.Great price for education.
I was able to choose my courses and hours within thirty minutes.
Its wonderful. The school is very helpful in graduating.
I havent gotten to really participate yet..
The school acts as though they are really interested in you as a person.
Review Carl Albert State College
Some of my courses have to be taken during spring or fall semester only. Summer classes needs move variety.
I had one online class where the instructor would not respond sometimes 3-5 days. Online was very frustrating. It was like I was in a deserted island most the time.
There is none of above.
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