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Caribbean University - Vega Baja Reviews

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The college is in Vega Baja so you are not gonna find any apartment here. Everyone who goes these collage have to leave near be or travel.
Computer Labs and Printer's – The computer labs are not that crowded there easy to use. You can bring you'r own computer and you can use the WiFi. The printers are easy to use to but if you gonna print something have to use the labs computer to print. It's very nice and quite.
The financial aid here is amazing and they really care and sit down with you and try to get you the best option their is . I came here and had a special case, im adopted and my mother passed away and my faughter im not in touch with him so this college helped me and i currently have my pell grant to study thanks to them and currently my car got stolen and i work and study and its been very hard but with the help of financial aid i hope to gather up enogh to buy a new one .
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Great Academic Offers – I came to this university in search of help for my pell grant and to study what i really wanted. In the past i enrolled in other colleges and was unsure of what i wanted and once i got here i felt at home. Its a wonderful family and student enviroment and the profesors are great and are really interested in you learning and being able to apply everything in life . Great system they have from social work to nursing and other great careers.
Houses and Neighborhoods – Housing is not that popular here in puerto rico around this university however their can be available apartments or rooms for rent around this area. A possible factor can be the size of the area near the campus is quite small but it is an acessible and great university. Housing all depends on the student. And his or hers situation.
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