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Caribbean University - Ponce Reviews

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No parties or anything of the such
Great professors, curriculum, and workload.
Students of many ethnic groups fit great in school
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Drug scenes at school are really unknown
Students value their degree, and pursue a career
I love it, it has it's cons, but I wouldn't trade.
They do a great job at ensuring everything is good
I like my dorm, it is cost effective, sociallygood
There isn't a Greek life on campus.
There's a good involvement, big I'm not a big fan.
I have had a great college experience. It encourages maturity, being able to live alone. Most professors are passionate about their students' success, and would do their very best to ensure that the student earns a passing grade. I like the fact that there is always something going on for the students. Meaning something like socials that could relax the mind and things that allow the students to be able to balance school-social life, or for the working students, a work-school-social life. There is also the aspect of Christianity which is implemented at the school, which I like. I would choose this school again because they do strive for excellence as their motto claims.
The University is accessible, full of diferentes options. They help you since you enter. They have great facilities to perform your major challenge.
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