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Caribbean University - Bayamon Reviews

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Caribbean University located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in my opinion is a very nice University. The campus is big enough to socialize and has great areas to study with a group or by yourself. The library has most of the books that you will need. The staff are wonderfully great. Most classrooms are comfortable. The Profesors are very good at teaching and are respectful to every students thoughts. Overall its a great university campus wise and especially educational wise.
There is not many options around the school. Including healthy choices. There are some fast food which not everyone including myself cannot eat. There is no student discounts, the variety is going to a supermarket to buy some stuff.
i dont attend to parties
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the best college to be in a sports team
not that hard to understand
It's cost a lot but we still have a place to live.
Great but we need more modern computers
No one is perfect; everyone had stuggle before.
Not a bad thing to say of this option. It's great.
It's well inform. Every time you ask for an opportunity to have a job the will get one for you. Programs are fine and exact.
It's a good thing to live in campus because you can get on time for everything involve with your studies
Overall it's great. A lot of options to choose from, which is good.
It depends on the situation
It's great, the only thing is that when you are trying to find a spot may be difficult but overall is great
The wifi is BAD and, the computer labs are old and most of the computers aren't working as it should.
This University have enough parking spots for every student with car. You pay a parking permit for less than 20$ for the whole semester.
Since this is a small college, is easy for school security and administrative staff to keep things secure.
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This college on a important avenue in town, do you can find eating options nearby, but most of them are fast foods.
Most of the classrooms are in the same building, changing classrooms are not a problem if raining, but most of the classrooms do not have air conditioner, necessary in Puerto Rico's weather.
This college does not have campus housing, students can find apartments to rent nearby with good prices.
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