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I love the programs the school offers, I love how diverse the campus is, I love how everyone works together to help one another out when needed. I love the instructors and how easy to talk to them they are. I love the help the school offers when needed, especially while the COVID-19 pandemic is going on. I love everything about Career Quest.
The online experience is pretty straight forward and easy going. I don't really like doing things online but due to the pandemic, and even before that, I grew to like doing majority of my school work online. The app is easy to use and helpful. And doing school work online on moodle is hassle free.
Career quest have awesome instructors who are always supportive and motivating. I have learned so much from the Administrative Assistant program and I am considering continuing on with my associates in business administration. Everyone there is so helpful and I love the small classroom sizes.
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I have heard a lot of bad reviews about Career Quest, so I was really nervous about attending here. However, I loved the school and the teachers. I really liked how small it was, for me it was easier to learn and less overwhelming. I feel like the faculty at Career Quest Learning Center actually care about the students and their education, unlike some other colleges.
Im2 a student at career quest lansing campus my experience so far has been amazing I am half way through my program and always recieve the assitence I need to keep me on track with any area in my education and the whole place is a positive environment I highly recomend career quest to anyone who is serious and willing to learn a career in business as I'm taking the administrative assistant program I will say you need to be dedicated to putting in the effort and time needed to succeed the resource and assitance is available to help you improve your life
They take care of it for you. You just have to show up.
It's okay. I could take it or leave it.
Career services does a great job helping people find jobs. The only downfall is that the credits can be hard to transfer.
Class sizes are great. A lot of one on one attention. Professors seem to want to see people succeed.
I have heard that some places don't accepted Career Quest as a private college and don't accept the degree.
Everything seems to be okay.
It can be hard to transfer credits to another school because it is an accelerated program.
I'm rating this part of Career Quest an A grade because they are really good with their students about sticking on topics for each students major. Career Quest programs are expensive, but it's nothing I wasn't expecting at the time. Career Quest has neat classes and educational study groups and on campus tutors available which is great! There aren't a lot of facilities there because it is a small building college. But it's much better than running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Therefore, it is a better school than a university or community college, in my opinion. I feel like one big family there. I have yet to start classes, but from what I hear about my Informational Technology program, it is fun, educational, on topic and it's not too competitive right now. I love knowing that I get to work in an internship and externship one day after I complete my certificate for the IT program.
I rate Career Quest's tuition and financial aid process a B- because of the fact that my specific program for IT is very, very expensive. I understand that this is a Vocational school and my program is taught within a 7-9 month period, but does the program itself have to be so much money? I'm in the process of looking for better employment just to pay off their tuition and fees. I am awarded the grant money of $5,645,00 but I know that this money isn't enough. Therefore, it's been a heartache trying to figure out other ways of payment. I'll keep trying no matter what, because I understand that going to school isn't free or easy. Although their career services and financial aid groups are there to help, I still think they should lower the interest rates of paying while in school to a much lower rate to help me financially in general. The education that I will be getting is going to be worth the overall payments I'll be making. This school isn't that bad afterall. It's expensive, but worth the short period of time of being in their school to get a degree or certificate in my future career.
I rate the computer network at my school and computer labs on campus a B+ because it's alright. I haven't used much of their computer labs at all, but I have received pretty fair Wi-Fi on my laptop and cell phone. From what I hear from other students and staff members, the internet can be slow at times, but that is everywhere now-a-days. Career Quest labs look pretty simple and small but probably are very useful. I'm not a picky person, so this school is doing okay with their printing, computer labs, network reliability and wireless access. I believe that all computers and systems will have malfunctions at some point in time, so it's no big deal to me.
I gave an A- grade because this school is better than most schools. I really enjoyed my first tour of the building itself. I like how friendly, cooperative, and educated the staff and teachers are. The Financial aid center and Career Services is very helpful as well and I would recommend people to them anytime because they stick with what they are trying to assist you with and they give more 1-on-1 to each client. Career Quest classrooms are perfect size. I like Career Quest better than a Community College or University due to the fact that they are small, more convenient and organized. I really like the fact that Career Quest is a Trade school because they offer quicker programs than other Trade schools. Career Quest has little meetings for activities and I believe that's a good way to create a fun, exciting and close community for the people going there. Overall, the facilities on campus are not that bad, but I haven't seen if there is a gym that each student can have access to or not. If there is a gym at Career Quest, that is pretty cool and useful for me.
No student center, no real library. Just a small area for study that is not very quiet. There is a fairly active student council, but Admin is trying their best to kill that too.
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The only positive was the Instructor. He did his best to teach us what we needed to enter or advance ourselves. Many of the schools policies/Administrators made this very difficult though. We didn't register for classes as we had no choice in what we were taking and when. You're schedule is dictated to you. All you can do is choose, morning, afternoon or evening. And you better not ever miss a class.
We were not given/offered any internships. The curriculum is designed to be accelerated; knew that going in. So fast in fact, we seldom had our assignments returned if we received them at all. Excellent instructor, but with the demands placed on him and the schools lack of support, that's no surprise.
Far too expensive. Why did I receive a bill for housing??? There's a legal term for this...Anyone???
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