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Career Quest Learning Center - Jackson Reviews

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Great place to work and help students succeed! Staff is dedicated group to helping ALL students be their best.
Career Quest has a renewed zeal in the Jackson community and is striving to empower the residents of Jackson County.
The teachers here at Career Quest are great they are all very helpful and want us to succeed they give us plenty of time in class to finish assignments and study time. Class registration process was awesome and very helpful. Career Quest offers tutors if need at no cost which I think is great. I have enjoyed the time that I have been here and am very happy that I chose this school.
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Their are a lot of students going for the same major. The teachers give you time to complete assignments in class so the workload is not bad. their are plenty of computer labs and you can stay after anytime if needed. the internship/job opportunities seem to be great the career services seem to be very helpful in placement for internship that we have the possibility of being hired if not they will continue to help us find a job.
Career services will continue to help you find a job for an unlimited time after graduating from the program.
The teachers are very helpful and understand that we have personal lives outside of school and give time to complete assignments in class.
There is no externship for my program. I was in IT and there wasnt even equipment or stuff to learn on. The certifications were all messed up always too.
The computers at this school are always broken. They are so old and take forever to load anything. The keyboards are all broken and nasty. Printers never worked right ever.
Not worth the money. They don't care about the students just the money.
Work is never handed back or graded. I had to take classes that were pointless. Really easy to cheat on tests and work.
Broken stuff everywhere, nothing matches, computers are always broken, printers never work. The student lounge is just some plastic folding chairs and tables by a vending machine.
Way over priced! Save your money!
Most people are friendly but some people are very weird. There is a lot of drama there
the only thing working for that place
The school is an accelerated program and has limited options for courses to choose from but is continuously adding new ones. It was easy for myself to choose what program because I already knew what I wanted to do. With it being accelerated the course load is heavy at times but the instructors realize you have a life outside of classes and allow amply time to finish in class
Our study body is very diverse but you wouldn't know it to walk in and sit through a class. We all have become a mini family
Our career services department work with you to help find a suitable match for your externship in hopes that you will obtain a job with that employer. If you do not they still continue to assist you in finding employment as long as you are doing your part as well.
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Nothing Transferred – I was told that any credits I had wouldn't transfer so I needed to start the program over.
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