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It's great due to the fact that I don't have to worry about a busy schedule. They work with me as I work with them.
I believe it's different being that everyone is mature and grown and there for learning purposes
I have had a great experience because I love the way the lessons are taught it's easy to comprehend because of the instructors. They pay no mind to giving you their time to tutor you.
Review Career Point College - San Antonio
The quality and Aura is fantastic all employees and professors are or were in the medical profession. It makes the program easier to learn. The career services push you to go forth on.
I get to learn new things because I have no work experience in the medical profession, though some of my classmates do and they can help me get through what u need to know as well as the professors.
My intake on this school is that, it's a wonderful learning experience so far, the instructors are amazing and get the lessons through you to make you comprehend them. I can't wait to graduate with this class and hold my license because of career point college.
I love this school because everyone want you to graduate so you always have positive people on your side I always loves this school because I'm a single parent and working a full time job and this school work with my schedule which is perfect for me
Lack of teachers and organization.
Like I said before, ATI program was basically everything on my nclex. Can't beat that in my eyes.
They know what they are doing and the process is fast and easy.
All depends on the person.
Student library is small but if computer lab classroom are empty and no classes in session then a staff member will gladly unlock the door and you can study on the computer alone.
ATI program the best but of course all depends on how much you put your mind into it.
The instructors want you and force you to exceed.
They work with you and call you all the time to see if you were able to find a job.
They don't transfer their own credits but I guess a refresher class on a class I've already taken is not so bad.
You do on your own time. In regards to the library being open or go home and do it on your laptop.
Review Career Point College - San Antonio
We have the opportunity to do a lot of hands-on when we go into the field and get real experience by doing clinical at several different facilities. Our clinical instructors are all awesome teachers and wonderful role models.
Our curriculum is already established, so it takes away the long lines and confusion so often associated with other colleges. In addition, we also take only what is beneficial to our up and coming profession.
We have computers in the library and several other locations, making it conveinient to do assignments. I have never encountered a problem with printing off the copier machine in the Library, although there has recently been a rule put into place, which states: Please do your Power points at home. Do not print Power points while at school. I think most people still try to.
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