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I had a great experience. I was taught a lot here, and I had great instructors who really did care about me, and where there when I needed them. My instructors never let me give up on myself even when I wanted to.
All the teachers and staff were super helpful and supportive. would recommend 100%, no matter how low I felt at times, they were always there to pick me up even when I was feeling at my lowest
I really like Career Collage of Northern Nevada because of the staff and my instructors. They had everything I needed to do my program and helped me when ever I was struggling on a assignment. It is a good school to get started in a career or to further in wherever life might take you. I want to thank my instructors for everything. I want to thank the staff for being there when ever I had a question about the process in starting my program and helping me with the financial part. Career College of Northern Nevada is like a big family they look out for you and guide you in the right direction. You as a student need to take that first step. In the end it well be worth it. You will be a new person. So take what you have learned and show the world what you are made of.
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It is a fantastic school that is here to help it students succeed and the instructors are the best as well.
The instructors were always ready and willing to help. Left and right i was always assisted in any way that i needed to progress. I always recommend CCNN to anybody who wants to further their careers.
I am learning so much, great teachers and cool opportunities. Multipal courses. Homework is to the point and consistent. Students can be a bit helpless but that's on them
Without having the opportunity to work and get an education trying to get a degree would have been next to impossible. But with the help from the teachers and staff my experience at CCNN was well worth it. Highly recommend for those that want more out of life.
I love this college. There is only a few career programs but a variety of courses involved with those programs. I am enrolling in this college because it will not only prepare me for a job, but also for life and that is what I really look for in a college.
Hvac/R program at Career College of Northern Nevada has been a experience that I needed to get to career that I really do enjoy. Honestly best part about this experience is the opportunity to grow with other students and instructors as I progress. As well i'm happy to report that my mechanical skill level is beyond what I have originally expected.
After so many years of living of off minimum wage and just working dead end jobs. I decided to make a change for myself and pursue a career, I moved to Nevada in 2014. As soon as I moved here a friend of mine recommended me CCNN, I called and ask for information and in less than two months I started school again. Although it was very hard to manage time to do homework, study, work, and attend school instructors and even classmates always cheered me when feeling down. They motivated me and believed in even when I didn't believe in myself, Thank you CCNN, staff, instructors and my fellow classmates for everything!
they offer classes in the am afternoon and in the evening for students that work and have families
there is tutoring offered if there are areas you struggle in and all instructors are willing to help in any way. the students are also very helpful and very friendly
great and the jobs are in high demand
love it and everyone is great
everyone at this school when you enroll is very helpful i had help all the way
the instructors here are great and really enjoy helping us learn
This schools main focus is to get their students the education they need to become successful in the work field and gain the education they need to get into a great career
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If you think you already know something and don't want to waste your time they'll let you test out of the class/curriculum.
I don't know about this I've never taken online courses, I've been in class hands on mostly.
Like I said before the Staff will help place you in the career choice of your liking at the end of the program.
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