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Moreno Valley campus is very unorganized. Instructor should change style during theory use more examples
they call me to ask about school and hassles
hours and my work schedcule
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they will have a job
the size of class is great
lpn program will change my life
overall the school is awesome with its programs
I really liked the school because it is close to my home
My experience that I have had so far has been a good one. From the friendly staff and how they make you feel like family to the response from the students of the upper classman cheering you on. The uniqueness of having a family away from family would lead me to do it all over again.
very open, when needed to be. and teachers are available at times
I am learning soo much at my school. my teachers are great.
our times are always changing making it hard to have a job
everyone there wants to help you achieve
the latest tech. very well educated teachers
dealing with financial aid at my school was hard.
jobplacemnt, and job study help
very fast pace, very informational
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very difficult, little respect, very reawrding
The classes are set-scheduled, so every one in the program has the same schedule. The only problem is while working full-time, you either need to rearrange your schedule, or go down to part time. There's no picking and choosing your schedule as in other college programs
The staff is very friendly and willing to assist with any concerns that might arise. The admissions process is a breeze and they help you find financial aid very quickly
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