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In my first year I have already thought about transferring. There's a good majority of the school they do not enjoy their experience but believe its a good deal due to the money that is given to them. I do believe the teaching staff is amazing! I've loved every teacher I've had so far! I believe the advising part of the school can use more organization with what they do. I do not enjoy having three advisers who tell me three different things.
Great campus but the athletic trainers are terrible. The campus food is always good. Campus life is terrible, the dorms are tiny, the professors are rude. Athletics involves a lot of favoritism. i know this because i played soccer there.
I attended CSU for 3 and a 1/2 years before transferring schools. With each year that passed my overall opinion of the school decreased. I absolutely loved their writing program while I was a writing major, but once I switched to nursing I knew for a fact that I had to switch schools to be most successful in my major and my career. The nursing program was very laxidasical and many of the students who were going to be going to clinicals didn't feel ready even after completing the necessary classes. The nursing teachers didn’t seem to care about whether or not you passed, more so they just seemed as if they wanted their paycheck and wanted to get out. I had to do what was best for me and my career, and so I transferred.
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Cardinal Stritch is a small community of professors that want to see you grow. You go into the class and you can expect the professor to know your name. Everyone is so willing to help you out and make sure you are on the path to success.
CAU has a very friendly environment. It's easy to make friends here and the professors are always willing to help you. CAU is relatively small but that's what makes the environment friendly.
We have a lot of people working at the career services so I know I could go there if I ever need help.
I like that classes are small so I have a relationship with my professor instead of just being another number.
We have security on campus at all times and doors that lock and cannot be opened to the general public so that makes me feel safe.
As an RA I would like to think that Residence Life is going very well. Although our Residence Halls are over 100 years old, they are in good shape and definitely do the job. Everyone is very welcoming and it really does feel like a second home.
We only have one Fraternity as Cardinal Stritch and are working on the Sorority still.
As a student athlete, I have experienced what Cardinal Stritch has to offer regarding athletics. Although the coaching is great and I love my teammates, we do not get any support from anyone on campus. People often do not even know when we have a race coming up. The school spirit is not encouraging on this college campus.
I really like the people that attend Cardinal Stritch University because they are very nice but it is a very small school so I sometimes do not feel like I am getting the full "college experience". However, I just joined the Residence Life Staff as a Residence Assistant so I will be a lot more involved this semester.
They want you to graduate.
It's not much crime on our campus because the help of security.
It's not fancy but it's very comfy.
I don't see much of Greek Life on campus but once or twice.
They are cool because they have won some championships while back.
Review Cardinal Stritch University
I have I had lots of ups but I'm impressed with how my school shows my ups.
Do not really hear about it.
Small campus and everyone knows everyone.
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