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I personal don't take any classes online. but starting November after thanksgiving i will. Last spring before the COVID19 we were online it was kind of hard. the teacher were adjusting to work with computer and use zoom. and post assignment it took longer to grade.
great school.
I been at this school for two years , going for the Nursing program. the school may be big but the classes are very small. teachers are always there to help students pass and you can set up an office hour with them.

the teachers are very hands on with the student.

lots of one on one with student when it comes to advisers.
Such a great and supportive university! Thankful I chose this university to prepare me for my future career.
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I took a few online courses in the past. Professors are flexible and always willing to help. There are many resources to assist students.
All of the teachers, tutors and advisors are overall incredibly helpful. They always listen whenever any students have any questions, and are always willing to set up meetings whenever we need more help. The campus layout is easy to remember, and there are plenty of quiet places for you to go to and study for upcoming exams. Everyone will always keep you motivated to keep trying your best and will never give up on a student. All of the other students are respectful with one another, and there has never been any fights on campus during my time there. It is an overall very comfortable place to be and is very easy to adapt.
The instructions are overall easy to follow, and teachers are always willing to answer questions online through email or phone calls. Any time I had a question about any of the online assignments, they would always give me a clear answer. My tutor would help me with many of my writing assignments by reviewing it and giving me some feedback on what I can add or change. It was an overall a decent experience. There were some problems I had with my online experience. These are mostly personal problems because I strongly prefer to be at school physically so I can listen to all the instructions and being able to ask questions easier. It is a lot harder to keep track of multiple classes and assignments online than it is to being able to be there physically and have a much better understanding on what you need to do for every assignment.
It is a small school, but the potential is there. You have amazing teachers and you get to have that one on one connection.
They are well trained on being online. There are minor bumps in the road but the connection isn't always strong. But the educators know how to connect with the students if something goes wrong.
Everyone is welcoming and ready to help when needed. The staff is friendly and typically replies fast.
I enjoy the small classes and personal communication with professors and the ability to work with other students in clubs and events for the school itself. It is a fun and well rounded community and everyone is generally pleasant to be around.
Pros: The student activities department puts on lots of cool events and you can get free stuff at a lot of them. You'll never have an issue finding parking.
Cons: This school is not preparing students to be competitive job applicants. For example, nursing is the most popular degree here, but there is a very low rate of people passing the nursing exam you have to take to be certified. A lot of positions have been cut (making more work for others). The dorms are gross, with trash all over the halls and dated/broken items and shopping carts throughout. Most people leave during the weekends. Food is ok. We are known as a safe campus, but that's because most students are commuters and there are very few students to begin with.
Take your money elsewhere for a better experience and education.
Staff was unhelpful in helping me become a transfer student at Stritch. Process took too long get going and forced me to sign up for classes late. Attended a few classes and decided to drop so I didn't have to deal with them anymore. I got yelled at a few times on the phone for not understanding how their processes work. They talk you in circles and push you off onto someone else. Honestly the worst experience I have had with a college. Going back to my public-technical college was the best decision I made. I suggest you take your money somewhere else.
I am so happy with my school. The professors are knowledgeable and accessible; they know me when the see me in the hallway. The academics are challenging. I’m making some good friends and contacts for the future.
Cardinal Stritch is a fantastic and welcoming place. The professors honestly care about you. The students already there enjoy inviting people in. There are many things to do while your there to relax and have fun. There is a lot of multi cultural programs that bring in different cultures to learn about them and experience them. I would recommend this college to anybody who wants a good start in adult life.
this is not what I expect when I hear the college experience, if you like a super small school then this is great for you but if not definitely don’t go. Also a super cliquey school, athletes and mom athletes do not really associate
I really enjoyed all of the courses and the curriculum. I have attended the school my entire academic career and it has been very beneficial to my growth and preparation for my career goals. When I attend classes or going to work in the labs, it is a great environment to be in at all times.
Everyone here is helpful. Professors are extremely flexible with your schedule. Tutoring is amazing. Tutors really help you out with anything that concerns you. There's great opportunities for students to get involved in campus. This school is diverse and there's no segregation. We welcome all end every person.
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I am a Senior at Stritch. I have throughly enjoyed my time in the Nursing Program. They really do help you succeed at Stritch!
Cardinal Stritch University has a small home-town type of vibe. The class sizes are small which makes it easy to get to know your classmates and professors. The campus is beautiful with lots of grounds to walk on a sunny day. The school is clean and safe and there are many great places to study. The only recommendation I would make is that some of the equipment could be improved. New white dry erase boards are needed as well as some updates to the electrical outlets and plugs. Overall I would recommend Cardinal Stritch University, I was very happy I chose this college to complete my BSN-RN.
I enjoy seeing the diversity in the school and that makes me feel more comfortable since I come from a city of diversity. Having different people that come from different backgrounds makes me feel like I am not so different from them and we have more things in common. I also like that the school has many resources for nursing students to help them succeed in school. I went for a tour this week and they have a big library, free tutors and professors that care for you and want you to succeed.
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