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Capri College is very hands on and attentive to their students. It is very easy to ask questions and for questions to be answered since the trainers are alongside you through the entire thing. The class numbers are small enough that it is easy to get your work done, and that you are able to get the help and knowledge that you need. Capri College also has their students work on each other before the students are open to appointments with the community so that the students are better trained in what they are doing. Capri College offers their students to obtain more hours if , for say, the student needs a day off from class so the student isnt behind. Capri College also allows discounts through the institution to other students. Capri College professors are very much so for their students and want all their students to succeed and graduate.
I will be a student in the Fall of 2018. And already I’m rating it Excellent. Not only from the positive word of mouth reviews but from personally touring and being a customer their on the clinic floor is very very good. You get such a warm inviting feeling when you step inside, like you’re supposed to belong there.
The equipment and books and uniforms are included in the tuition.
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All the resources i need.
I am just having trouble paying the remaining balance that student loans wont cover.
I have not graduated yet.
I have extremely helpful instructors and all the right information to help me succeed.
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