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Capri College - Cedar Rapids Reviews

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I have enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at Capri. I will be attending in June 2015. I have had nothing but helpful encounters in this process. I am looking forward to being a student.
Almost everyone in the field has went out and got a job!
Most of the things are done in class and if they are not done in class then they are assigned to be homework. But normally they are not due the NEXT day, they are typically given within a week or two, if not longer, ahead of time before the due date. So there should be no excuse on why you did not get something done because you had also two weeks to get it completed.
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Since it is a school for hair, massages, skin and nails there is a little bit of everything. You have your main area for your hair and then upstairs you have your classes. Then in the "basement" you have your massage therapy classes and then you have private rooms where you do full body massages. Down the hall you have private rooms for body waxing, as well as, an area for any kind of nail needs you want! And the best part of the whole building is kind of in a "secret" area. You would not know it was there unless someone showed you: the esthetics room! It is a busy environment, but also a comfortable environment if you let it be. The main floor is where you will always have fun and then you have the classrooms and lunchroom where it is quiet - best of both worlds!
They do not throw people out onto the floor until they feel comfortable with what they have learned and what they are doing. Which is extremely important when you are cutting and styling hair; you want to make people feel good about themselves not horrible about themselves because they simply have a horrible hair cut or hair style.
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