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Everything that I have learned at Capri Beauty College is going to help me reach my personal and life-long goal. Everyone in the school is looking out for the students best interest. I would choose to go to Capri over and over and over again. I know I am going to enjoy my time there in the fall.
We do not have online classes. The only thing that we have is or EBook. Which is the paper back books that are included with our tuition, just an only copy. That is conveunte if a student is sick/adsent for the day. They can see what she/he missed that day. Then can email there learning leader if they have any questions about the day they missed. Also online there is access to practice quizzes and tests. Sometimes for class the assignment will be to do a chapter quiz, then submit the grade to your learning leader.
The student body is great. Yes the women somewhat out weigh the men, but that does not effect any learning, actions, and/or responsibilities in the school. Everyone is treated equal no matter what. The school does have level systems, but each level makes you one step closer to graduating. The levels just so how skilled you are, and you have to services so many guests and reach goals to be able to be promoted to the next level. Which makes everything more team work friendly, because everyone is trying to help and compete with one another to get to the next level!
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I think the tuition is reasonable. They give you plenty of ways to get grants, scholarships and loans if needed. They walk you through everything that the student may be unsure of. If you need help with any application process they are very welcoming. The tips I would give would be to get your FAFSA done as soon as possible. Apply for as many scholarships and grants as you possibly can. The worse that can happen is that you do not get accepted for those scholarships and/or grants, but its worth a try! Capri encourages you to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible. They want you to succeed and not be in debt for the rest of your life.
Being a major at Capri is the greatest. You have all your teachers there to help you during the day if you have questions. Also if you do run into a problem that you are having with an actual client, there is learning leaders that are there to help you. The learning leader also have to consult with the designer and the client before the student can perform any coloring, styling, nails, or cutting. That makes it a wonderful environment for the client themselves, and the student. Therefore everyone in the whole college is feeling confident.
The administration at Capri is very helpful. When applying for the college the President of the beauty college will give you a tour,upon request. The President or administration will walk you through the 10 month process and answer any question you may have. Next they explain that the student will receive hands on and book learning through-out those 10 months. There is plenty of time to get homework, models, and client in through each day at school. The full-time students go 35 hours a week and can start interning within 8 months, then graduating in 10 months. While part time students get done in one year. If students have any questions, the President is always available to talk through out the school day.
The environment in Capri Beauty College is very welcoming. The dryers for client to sit under are neat and the salon is kept up on. Also the students are not just lounging around, they are actually looking over there work, working on their manikin heads, or working on an actually client.
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